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The Winnipeg Art Gallery Archives

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Kenlyn Collins



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300 Memorial Blvd





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R3C 1V1


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The Winnipeg Art Gallery's mandate as spelled out in the 1963 Articles of Incorporation is to collect, preserve and exhibiting works of art. The mandate is put into action by two separate but mutually dependent forces; governance is provided by the Board of Governors, and management is provided through gallery staff.

Structure administrative

As part of the professional staff of the gallery, the Director is the link between the Board of Governors and the gallery staff. Departments within the institution carry out the activities of the Winnipeg Art Gallery under the supervision of the Director. Most recently these have included Finance and Administration, Curatorial, Development, Human Resources, Education and Public Programs, and Communications. The Clara Lander Library is part of the Curatorial Department.

Gestion des archives courantes et intermédiaires et politiques de collecte

Playing a vital role in the community, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, the Winnipeg Art Gallery thrives as a creative and accessible place for learning, discovery and inspiration through art, with a particular focus on Inuit art and culture. The Clara Lander Library supports this mission through the library holdings and through an archival program that preserves the administrative, curatorial, and educational programs of the WAG. The Library also accepts donations of records deemed vital to the WAG’s educational mandate including artists’ records, donors’ records, and research collections related to western and Inuit art.



The archival holdings in the Clara Lander Library at the WAG consist of administrative, curatorial, and educational records related to the WAG's mandate to collect, preserve and exhibit works of art. Holdings also include records related to the WAG's previous incarnations, The Winnipeg Museum of Fine Arts, The Winnipeg Gallery and School of Art, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery Association. As well, there are several private collections related to various artists and donors including George Swinton, Arnold Brigden, Christianne Pflug, and Elizabeth Maude Macvicor.

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File level inventories are available.

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The Clara Lander Library is open Tuesday to Friday (except public holidays) 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. Use of the archives is by appointment only.

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A written application is required prior to access materials. Access through the library is free of charge. Please inform the front desk upon arrival.


The WAG and the Clara Lander Library is wheelchair accessible. Access to the mezzanine where the library is located can be made by elevator.

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Services d'aide à la recherche

If you have a research request, please contact us! Use of the library is free and if you know the materials you wish to view, we will provide acces to those for free. Research based on our holdings can be conducted for you. The service fee for research is $20 for the first hour and $15 for each additional hour. Due to staff time constraints, researchers may be referred to a local student or researcher if the request will involve a significant investment in time.

Services de reproduction

Researchers may photocopy library materials themselves. The price is 8x10 @ 15c.; 8 1/2 x 14 @ 20c; 11 x 17 @ 30c.
Scans are carried out by library staff. The price is $1.00 per page.
Archival materials must be photocopied by library staff. The price is 50c per item.

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23 March 2015


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