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Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women

  • CA UWA 11.002
  • Fonds
  • 1971 - 1999

Fonds consists of records gathered or generated by the Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women. The records fall into two broad categories: the first being printed media, information resources, publications, and correspondence collected from the political activities and topics in which MACSW was involved; the second being the minutes, reports, and other documents produced by MACSW itself. The records reflect MACSW’s campaign of activism on a range of related topics, both locally in Manitoba and internationally: feminism, domestic violence, sexual harassment, reproductive rights, poverty, homelessness, children’s welfare, indigenous rights, and social services. The fonds also includes issues of the newsletter Action, published by MACSW from 1978-1999.

Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women

Snack Foods: A Canadian Social History

This oral history collection includes the interviews that resulted in the book Snacks: A Canadian Food History (University of Manitoba Press, 2017). The Series includes interviews with owners, managers, workers, and consumers of independently owned Canadian snack food manufacturers including Old Dutch Potato Chips, Hawkins Cheezies, and Paulins, among others. The project received funding through: SSHRC Insight Development Grant, Government of Canada; James Burns Oral History Pilot Project in Business (via University of Winnipeg Oral History Centre); Faculty of Arts Research Grant Seed Money Fund, University of Winnipeg.

Research Assistants included: Aaron Moseley-Williams (2012–13); Sarah Reilly (2011–15); Elizabeth-Anne Johnson (2012–15); Sarah Story (2014–17).

A Project Documents File includes all documentation submitted with the project including: The original project proposal, interview protocol and question guide, consent form and archival release agreement, and a project description (written after completing, including resultant publications).

Thiessen, Janis

Snack Foods: A Canadian Social History, Confectionery

The "Confectionery" Subseries contains 11 Oral History Interviews (11hh 56mm 41ss) conducted by interviewers Dr. Janis Thiessen, Sarah Story, Sarah Reilly, and Elizabeth Anne Johnson in various Canadian cities between 2012 and 2014. The interviews are with persons who worked in various capacities within confectionary sales and manufacturing in Canada including at manufacturers: Paulin’s, Cavalier, Scott-Bathgate, Brookfield, and Purity. 11 interviews (of the original 13 conducted) are fully transcribed and indexed; 11 files include the original audio.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with David Ingram

Oral history interview (0h 34mm 07ss) with David Ingram, conducted by Janis Thiessen in Winnipeg, MB, 2012. The interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

The interview begins with Mr. Ingram describing his childhood and teenage years, growing up in a working-class family. Ingram began working at Paulin’s in 1981 when he was sixteen and stayed with the company for a year. He describes his job at Paulin’s as an entry level job with a variety of tasks associated with it, like stirring melted chocolate, pulling toffee, and sugaring spearmint leaves. Ingram does not recall any specifics about Paulin’s advertising. He describes the factory as non-unionized with many recent immigrants as employees, as well as a gendered division of labour. Ingram also recalls that workplace health and safety was minimal in both training and protective guards on machinery.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Clarence Gould

Oral History interview (2h 36mm 42ss) with Clarence Gould, conducted by Sarah Story in Winnipeg Manitoba, 2015. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Sarah Story interviews Mr. Clarence Gould of Winnipeg, Manitoba about his career at Cavalier Candy. Gould begins by briefly describing his life story. Gould was hired by Cavalier’s predecessor Bond and Ronald in 1954. Gould discusses in detail the history of the company from its establishment as Bond and Ronald to its change to Cavalier Candy under Charles Fletcher. Gould also discusses in depth the process of making hard candies and jellies, along with Cavalier’s product line. Other interview topics include automation/machinery, employee/management relations, and candy retailing. Gould also provides and describes a variety of documents related to Cavalier’s history.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Lynda Howdle

Oral History interview (1h 26mm 46ss) with Linda Howdle, conducted by Sarah Story in Winnipeg Manitoba, 2014. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Sarah Story interviews Mrs. Lynda Howdle of Winnipeg, Manitoba about her time as a packer at Paulin’s from 1979 to 1991. Howdle begins by briefly telling her life story, including growing up in the West End, her marriage and work history before Paulin’s. Throughout the interview Howdle describes the layout of the Paulin’s factory, as well as the day-to-day operations of making and packing candy. Topics of discussion include Paulin’s product range, machinery/automation, employee demographics, and relations between employees and management. Howdle also discusses her personal relationship with snack foods.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Bunn Cooze

Oral History interview (40mm 20ss) with Bunn Cooze, conducted by Janis Thiessen in St. John's Newfoundland, 2013. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Dr. Janis Thiessen interviews Mrs. Bun Cooze of St. John’s Newfoundland about her work at Purity. Cooze begins with her life story. She began her work at Purity after she graduated from high school and has remained there. Cooze then describes her evolution from biscuit packer to syrup maker. Cooze also discusses the other roles she fills including shipping, bakery and candy making. Throughout the interview, Cooze describes the way the Purity factory operates, including the role of automation, number of employees, the gender ratio of employees, health and safety, and unionization in the workplace. Cooze also provides detailed descriptions of Purity’s product line including new products and discontinuations.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with William Burbine

Oral History interview (49mm 48ss) with William Burbine, conducted by Sarah Reilly in Truro Nova Scotia, 2013. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Roy Robertson

Oral History interview (58mm 06ss) with Roy Robertson, conducted by Janis Thiessen in Truro, Nova Scotia, 2013. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Dr. Janis Thiessen interviews Mr. Roy Robertson of Truro, Nova Scotia about his company Robertson’s Candy. Robertson begins with a brief description of his childhood, his previous careers and taking over the company from his father in the 1970s. Over the course of the interview, Robertson discusses the products Robertson’s produces, the methods of production and briefly touches on the employees who work there. Throughout the interview, Robertson emphasizes that Robertson’s is a small scale producer and explains in depth how cost analysis is key to the company’s survival. Robertson also gives insight into the trade show and business relations side of the candy industry.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Everill Goff

Oral History interview (1h 21mm 45ss) with Everill Goff, conducted by Janis Thiessen and Sarah Reilly in Truro Nova Scotia, 2013. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Janis Thiessen and Sarah Reilly interview Everill Goff of Truro, Nova Scotia about his role as a manager for Brookfield Creamery. Goff was raised on a dairy farm, and upon graduation, was recruited by the general manager for an entry level job. Goff then worked his way up in the company to become second in command before his retirement in 1989. Goff describes the tasks associated with his role, including shipping, and receiving. Goff also provides a history of both the Brookfield Company and general trends in the dairy industry between the 1960s and 1980s. Other topics include unionization, workplace health and safety, employee/management relations and Mr. Goff’s personal relationship to snack foods.

Thiessen, Janis

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