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Photographs and Other Textual Records

This series is comprised of records collected by the Assiniboine Historical Society. The series contains 78 photographs of early Brandon and the surrounding area. The majority of the photographs were taken between the years 1885 and 1920. Photographs include, local businesses, farms, homes, schools, and construction of roads and buildings. There are also group photographs taken of families, threshing gangs, and groups at town events. Textual records in the series are medical certificates and licences; property, mortgage and insurance documents; education booklets; and teachers' contracts. There are also family histories, books about areas and place names, and a souvenir book of photographs. Additionally the series contains a map of the Nipissing area in Ontario and a print of a painting of Western Canada's first shipment of wheat.

Series 1: Photographs and Prints

The series contains photographs, newspaper prints, art prints, and negatives collected by Effie and Alex McPhail. The majority of the photographs were taken in Western Manitoba. These include pictures of farms, businesses, city streets, houses, the Brandon Council of Women, as well as graduating classes from Brandon College and Normal School. Photographs include family and friends of the McPhail and Weir families. There are also multiple portraits of unidentified children and adults. Additionally, there are pictures from Ontario of bridge construction, mining, and the Algoma shipwreck. There are photographs printed in newspapers of log cabins and farming. The collection contains five negatives. There are five artistic prints of paintings or drawings in the collection.


The series contains a wide variety of photographs, the majority of which are of the City of Brandon and Brandon residents. This includes streets, buildings, businesses, houses, and bridges. Also included are photographs taken of the 1920 arena fire at the Winter Fair Building. The series contains 29 slides of pictures taken at the demolitions of the Prince Edward Hotel. Portraits in the series include those of individuals and of families, many of which were taken near the turn of the twentieth century. Additionally there are pictures of community groups, schools, and sports teams. Photographs taken outside of Brandon comprise of mountains, the seal industry in Newfoundland, the opening of the International Peace Gardens, as well as photographs from Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg. There are 22 negatives in the collection made of both glass and plastic. Items are described in detail at the individual level.

Series 3: Miscellaneous Items

The series is comprised of miscellaneous items in the Effie and Alex McPhail collection that do not fit with the other two series. These items include metal plaques inscribed with the dates of death for Archibald and Margaret Weir, a ribbon commemorating the 25th anniversary of Brandon’s incorporation as a city, and a souvenir napkin commemorating Brandon’s 75th Anniversary.


The series consists of photographs of the Trotter family and other Brandon residents between 1880 to 1943.

Series 2: Documents and Publications

This series contains personal and business correspondence records, as well as other documents relating to Roy Brown's life and research. These documents include letters, certificates, sheet music, articles, newspaper clippings, and maps. The series also contains books and small publications collected and annotated by Roy Brown for his research about local history. These include magazines, booklets, biographies, and regional histories.

Roy Brown

Books and Magazines

The series contains various publications, including magazines and books. The majority of the series consists of magazines. There are 25 magazines for Sunday school teacher published between the years 1880 and 1897. These include, The Home Study Teachers Monthly, The Westminster Intermediate Quarterly, The National Sunday School Teacher, Comprehensive Quarterly, The Presbyterian Record, Pocket Quarterly, and the Bible Class Scholar. The series also contains copies of Celebrity News, a magazine about visiting musicians, published in Brandon during the 1950s. Other magazines in the series pertain to fashion, beauty, sewing, housekeeping, and Manitoba history. Books in the series include historical books about Brandon, Medina School, and Peachland, BC; one cookbook; short plays; and stories. There is also a publication with information about farming in Manitoba to recruit new settlers. Items are described in detail at the individual level.


Series contains photographic portraits of individuals and families from Brandon, Manitoba and surrounding areas from between 1880-1970


Photographs in this series fall under the general heading of Association or organizations that operated in Brandon and surrounding area.

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