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Rosser Avenue c. 1912

Photograph of Rosser Avenue, Brando, Manitoba. Businesses: Martel's Ltd., Johnson & Co. (Johnson Hardware), Nation & Shewan, the clock for Reesor's Jewellery, dentist's office, etc..

Brandon Fire Department, 1904

Composite photograph of the members of the 1904 Brandon Fire Department. Pictured are: J. Poole, N. Currie, J. Melhuish (Captain), J. Waterson, F.A. Harper, A. Partridge, M.P. Say, A.R. Crawford (Engineer), D. Gallagher, L.M. Armstrong (Secretary), J. Wells, J. Henderson, F. Wells, E.G. Wiswell (Chief), J.R. Craig, J.S. Hall, J. Jakson, C.T. Laidlaw, Geo. Wrye, D.J. Anderson, J. Stokes, H. Wills, P.C. Collins, D.A. Sutherland (Hose Foreman), J.F. Barber, C.M. Crofton (Ladder Foreman). Inset photograph of horse-drawn wagons and ladder with the original Brandon Fire Hall at 7th Street and Princess Avenue in the background.

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First Spike of Brandon Street Railway

Photograph of Mayor Fleming driving the first spike for the Brandon Municipal Street Railway on 10th Street. Visible in the background are the Bank of British North America, the Canadian Bank of Commerce, the Smith Block, the Cecil Hotel, and the Sun Building.

Daly Overpass

Photograph of the 18th Street Daly Overpass. Kane Equipment Ltd. is visible to the left and the International Harvester Company of Canada is on the right.

St. Paul's United Church Session

Composite photograph of the men who attended the St. Paul's United Church Session. Pictured are: J.A. Glover, J. F. Cumming, J.A. Martin, A.W. Shaw, R.J. Stevens, H. Mills, J.R. Reid, J.R. Dobbie, J.B. Beveridge, J.E. Matthews, Dr. J. McDiarmid, Rev. Philip Duncan, David Shirriff, W.A. Robertson, J.F. Howard, W.H. Dunbar, Alex Trotter, Dr. W.J. Elliot, R. Macpherson, J.D. Ross, C.W. McCurdy, Harwood Duncan, and A.J. Irving.

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