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Interview with Clarence Gould

Oral history interview (2h 36mm 42ss) with Clarence Gould, conducted by Sarah Story in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2015. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Sarah Story interviews Clarence Gould of Winnipeg, Manitoba about his career at Cavalier Candy. Gould begins by briefly describing his life story. Gould was hired by Cavalier’s predecessor Bond and Ronald in 1954. Gould discusses in detail the history of the company from its establishment as Bond and Ronald to its change to Cavalier Candy under Charles Fletcher. Gould also discusses in depth the process of making hard candies and jellies, along with Cavalier’s product line. Other interview topics include automation/machinery, employee/management relations, and candy retailing. Gould also provides and describes a variety of documents related to Cavalier’s history.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Everill Goff

Oral history interview (1h 21mm 45ss) with Everill Goff, conducted by Janis Thiessen and Sarah Reilly in Truro, Nova Scotia, 2013. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Janis Thiessen and Sarah Reilly interview Everill Goff of Truro, Nova Scotia about his role as a manager for Brookfield Creamery. Goff was raised on a dairy farm, and upon graduation, was recruited by the general manager for an entry level job. Goff then worked his way up in the company to become second in command before his retirement in 1989. Goff describes the tasks associated with his role, including shipping, and receiving. Goff also provides a history of both the Brookfield Company and general trends in the dairy industry between the 1960s and 1980s. Other topics include unionization, workplace health and safety, employee/management relations and Goff’s personal relationship to snack foods.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Doug Goff

Oral history interview (1h 15mm 41ss) with Doug Goff, conducted by Sarah Reilly in Guelph, Ontario, 2013. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Sarah Reilly interviews Dr. Doug Goff of the University of Guelph about his involvement in the ice cream industry. Goff describes his life story from working at an ice cream plant to pursuing degrees in food science. Goff now teaches Food Science at the University of Guelph. Goff explains the structure of the plant as it relates to labour practices, employees, and management. Goff also discusses the changes in the ice cream industry since his entry in the late 1960s. New developments include an increased attention to employee health and safety, food safety, increased automation of production, size of the companies in the ice cream industry and the socio-cultural developments that inform consumer purchases.

Thiessen, Janis

Snack Foods: A Canadian Social History

This oral history collection includes the interviews that resulted in the book Snacks: A Canadian Food History (University of Manitoba Press, 2017). The Series includes interviews with owners, managers, workers, and consumers of independently owned Canadian snack food manufacturers including Old Dutch Potato Chips, Hawkins Cheezies, and Paulins, among others.

A Project Documents File includes all documentation submitted with the project including: the original project proposal, interview protocol and question guide, consent form and archival release agreement, and a project description (written after completing, including resultant publications).

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Ross Metcalfe

Oral history interview with Ross Metcalfe (01h 44mmm 25ss), conducted by Janis Thiessen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2016. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed. A Related Interview Documents file contains three photographs of Judge Metcalfe, and one of Judge Metcalfe's gavel.

Ross Metcalfe was born in 1954 in Winnipeg. He taught history and physical education, as well as having various administrative roles in Winnipeg schools. He has also been involved in various sports, cultural, and motorcycle organizations. Ross’ great-uncle was Justice Thomas Llewellyn Metcalfe, who tried the 1919 strikers. The family settled in Manitoba in the late 1800s. Ross’ grandfather and his family lived near the judge, and his father was a young teen during the trials. The family had to have guards escort them to and from school because of threats received by the judge. Justice Metcalfe was fluently bilingual, and enjoyed hunting, lacrosse, and hockey. Ross believes that Justice Metcalfe has been unfairly depicted in history books, and that he was a fair and extremely diligent judge who wanted to help the strikers while still following the letter of the law. The name Metcalfe caused trouble for some of his family members following the strike. Ross has preserved many artifacts and records passed down from his grandfather and great-uncle, and plans to organize them all. Ross does not feel affected by the strike but more so by his family’s pioneer history, and has never been on strike himself.

Thiessen, Janis

Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

1 series comprised of 6 interviews (05hh 08mm 40ss) conducted as part of the Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Project. The interviews have been indexed and transcribed in full. Some interview files include photographs, correspondence, and archival material.

The project began in response to Janis Thiessen’s involvement on the planning committee for the 1919-2019 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference. In late 2016, she interviewed six descendants of those involved on both sides of the 1919 Strike, asking them to share stories they heard about the strike from their relatives, the lessons they learned from those stories, and how those stories shaped their own understandings of labour issues, unions, and social and economic justice.

Thiessen, Janis

Janis Thiessen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2011–

Fonds consists of oral history projects completed by Janis Thiessen as the Primary Investigator, or projects/interviews completed by students under Dr. Thiessen's supervision as a Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg. Research areas include Food History and Labour History in Canada.

Thiessen, Janis

Amalgamation Saint-Boniface-Winnipeg

  • CA ASHSB 0048
  • Fonds
  • 1947 à 1960

On y trouve des mémoires présentés à la Ville de Winnipeg par différentes municipalités environnantes. Ces municipalités étaient visées par le fusionnement du Winnipeg métropolitain. On y trouve aussi un rapport de zonage pour le Winnipeg métropolitain de 1947.


Josaphat-Alexandre Donat McDougall

  • CA ASHSB 0046
  • Fonds
  • 1917 à 1964

On y trouve de la correspondance, des certificats, un titre de concession de terre, des feuilles de compte de l'Union nationale métisse de Saint-Vital, différentes version de la chanson de la Grenouillère. On y trouve aussi des documents relatifs à des anniversaires y compris des cartes de souhait, des bouquets spirituels (plusieurs peints à la main) et des mots de circonstance. Certaines cartes mortuaires font partie des documents. Des cartes postales du Québec et du Collège de Saint-Boniface sont inclues. Les photographies documentent la ville de Saint-Boniface et le village de Saint-Jean-Baptiste au début du XXe siècle et les endroits où a vécu et oeuvré Donat McDougall.


Pierre-Émile-James Prendergast

  • CA ASHSB 0045
  • Fonds
  • 1880 à 1979

Le fonds documente l'histoire de la famille Prendergast, contenant plusieurs renseignements généalogiques. On y trouve de la correspondance, des écrits et des documents sur l'histoire de la famille. Malgré le nombre limité de documents ce fonds permet de connaître certains traits de ce personnage.


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