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Beautiful Plains School Division Sous-fonction
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268 registers,
Arden 341 1887 –
1921/22 – 1983/84
The School district of Arden was formed 1n 1884 but it was not until June 1887 that the first school in Arden opened, with Mr. H. D. McCamis, formerly of Nova Scotia, as the first teacher. It was destroyed by fire several years later and a new 2-room one built in 1900.


attendance registers for the years that Neepawa bussed special classes after division amalgamation had closed Inkerman school.

Orange Ridge

attendance registers
Orange Ridge 576 1889 – 1968
Brydges S.D. #576 was formed in 1889. Two buildings on three different sites served this small school district which was carved out of the much larger postal community of Orange Ridge. In 1929 Brydges School District was changed to Orange Ridge so it could be identified with the community from which it developed. The first teacher was Miss Minnie Glennie.
Final site of the school was on SE 18-17-14

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