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Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk fonds Ladyka, Basil, 1884-1956
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Ukrainian Catholic Institute, Edmonton

In this class photo, dated 1928-1929, Rev. Father Ladyka is listed as Chaplain of the Ukrainian Catholic Institute in Edmonton, Alberta. Rev. Bro. Rogation is listed as Director, while Rev. Bro. Wladimir and Rev. Bro. Atanasey are featured but their duties are not listed. The students are identified. Top left quarter: W. Kalawski, S. Kalawski, A. Petruk, K. Saskiw, D. Nykolaychuk, W. Zaichkowski, J. Zubyk, M. Petruk, M. Lukawiecki. Bottom left quarter, to centre: S. Palamar, J. Wispinski, A. Dzenkiw, J. Wambeke, W. Wynnyk, P. Kostyshyn, P. Korchinski, F. Chanas, P. Ewaskiw, J. Puchaluk. Top right quarter: J. Kokolski, M. Horon, D. Kobylnyk, S. Sereda, S. Kasper, A. Huculak, A. Fedoruk, J. Sereda, T. Horon. Bottom right quarter: J. Yaceyko, M. Ogonowski, J. Wendzynowski, J. Andrusiw, M. Tatarchuk, P. Genik, M. Skowronski, W. Ewaskiw, J. Sawchuk.

Passport Photo for Maxim Hermaniuk

Passport photo, in six prints, two of which are certified. MMHP0070i says, "His Exc. Bishop Maxime Hermaniuk CSSR", and has "Coadjutor to the Apost. Eparchs of Winnipeg" vigorously stroked out in pencil; "1/2 col" is in pencil and is circled; and written beneath, also in pencil, is "return to M?????" MMHP0070ii says "I certify this to be a true photograph of Most Rev. M. Hermaniuk" in blue ink, and signed beneath it in black ink: "Basil V. Ladyka Arch." All four of the other prints are clean on the back; three have several tack punctures.

Fiftieth Anniversary of Ukrainians in Canada, Group Photo in Mountain Road

A large group, including adults of all ages and children, are gathered close to the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church, known at the time as St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Mountain Road, Manitoba. Father Joseph Pulak stands behind the children, slightly left of centre. An unidentified priest stands to his right. Superimposed above the crowd are Bishop Nykyta Budka, to the left, Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskyj, centre; Bishop Basil Ladyka, to the right. Superimposed in the bottom foreground are the word printed in Ukrainian: "Fiftieth Anniversary Jubilee of Ukrainians in Canada, Mountain Road, Man. 1941". The black and white print is in excellent condition.

Consecration of Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk, CSsR

Archbishop Basil Ladyka elevates candles as he stands before the altar of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the consecration of Auxiliary Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk, who holds the poimantike rabdos, and stands to the left of Archbishop Basil. Bishop Isidore Borecki (Borecky), also holding his rabdos and wearing his mitre, stands behind Bishop Andrew Roborecki who holds his rabdos, with no mitre. Reverend Semen Izyk stands at the right of the clergy around the altar. June 29, 1951.

Consecration of Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk

During the Consecration ceremony of Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop for Archbishop Basil Ladyka, Bishop Neil Savaryn stands to the right, behind the Apostolic Delegate. Proceeding around the altar of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral in Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 29, 1951. Bishop Hermaniuk leads, followed by Bishop Andrew Roberecki, and Archbishop Basil Ladyka.

Consecration of Bishop Hermaniuk

Consecration of Reverend Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop, led by Archbishop Basil Ladyka, on the altar of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Reverend Semen Izyk stands to the left of Bishop Isidore Borecki, who holds the mitre, left of Archbishop Ladyka.

Consecration of B. Maxim Hermaniuk

Consecration of Reverend Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop to Archbishop Basil Ladyka, Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 29, 1951. Archbishop Basil Ladyka stands before the altar, with Bishop Andrew Roborecki directly behind him, and Bishop Hermaniuk behind Bishop Andrew. There are seven prints depicting the consecration ceremony. This one alone bears some identification. Typed on the back, at the top edge of the print in Ukrainian is the description: "Consecration of Auxiliary Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk".

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