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Manitoba College fonds Manitoba College Series
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Cash books

Ledgers documenting the financial activities of Manitoba College in a variety of contexts, including student payments for room & board and tuition, donation records from presbyteries, salary paid to faculty & staff, transactions of specific Funds, and others.

Manitoba College

Library Records

File consists of records of the holdings of Manitoba College and their use, including accession registers, loan records, and inventories.

Manitoba College

Correspondence and Miscellaneous Documents

Series consists of the correspondence of faculty members of Manitoba College, both incoming and outgoing [in copy], primarily on behalf of various college affairs with a small inclusion of personal correspondence. Series is arranged by the topic of the correspondence, with incoming and outgoing files for each topic, and alphabetized by sender or recipient, respectively, within. The final two files contain some documents which are not precisely correspondence -- reports, newspaper clippings, memos, and property deeds, including a brief manuscript by Dr. A.B. Baird on the history of the College and a list of the contents of the Manitoba College cornerstone enclosure.

Manitoba College

Class rolls

Series consists of ledgers kept to record student information, including registration, Arts or Theology enrollment, grades and attendance, and membership in the Manitoba College Theological Society. Ledgers are ordered chronologically.

Manitoba College

Accounts & Receipts

Series consists of receipts for all kinds of college expenses -- from renovations & repairs, to sundries, to wood for heating. Includes also some outlying documents regarding insurance appraisals, mortgages, and property management that might better belong in MC-6. Series is arranged somewhat arbitrarily into by date into six chronologically overlapping boxes, and alphabetized within by the individuals or corporate body issuing the receipt.

Manitoba College

King Memorial Fund

Series consists of correspondence and financial records of the King Memorial Fund. Series is arranged into two boxes: the first contains incoming correspondence about subscription to the Fund, arranged alphabetically by the name of sender. The second box contains the reports of Rev. Joseph Hogg, who travelled around Canada soliciting subscription, particularly from Presbyteries; the memos and incoming and outgoing correspondence of the King Memorial Fund Committee; and a list of subscriptions from Presbyteries, arranged alphabetically.

The King Memorial Fund began in May 1902 as an effort to raise $50,000 in order to endow a Chair in New Testament Exegesis called the King Memorial Chair. The Chair was meant to honour Manitoba College's first Principal, Dr. John Mark King, who had passed away in 1899. The second Principal, Dr. William Patrick, was appointed to the Chair in 1905 and by the following year the fundraising goal had been surpassed.

Manitoba College

Theology Hoods

File consists of academic hoods for the Bachelor of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity at Manitoba College. The first hood [violet] belonged to Rev. John Phillips Jones, D.D. The remaining four hoods are of unknown provenance: two are for the Bachelor of Divinity, one is for the Doctor of Divinity [all violet], and the fourth [red] is unknown.

Manitoba College

Minute Books

Minutes of the meetings of various administrative bodies and committees of the College.

Manitoba College

Library Papers

Box consists primarily of the correspondence of Dr. Andrew Browning Baird on behalf of the Manitoba College Library: receipts, advertisements, and communication both outgoing [copies] and incoming, with library patrons, booksellers, bookbinders, stationary suppliers, other libraries, museums, and publishers. Includes a small number of other documents related to the library such as inventory lists, a draft of library rules, and a brief biography of Dr. Baird clipped from an unknown newspaper. Documents are sorted [seemingly arbitrarily] into five boxes, and within each box are divided into files: in which the papers are alphabetized by the name of the corporate body or individual generating the document.

Manitoba College

Loans and Mortgages

Series consists of correspondence concerning the assets of Manitoba College, including insurance, property appraisals, payments made on mortgages and loans issued by the college, and accounts held with various financial institutions. Files are arranged somewhat arbitrarily by date into six chronologically overlapping boxes, and alphabetized within by the individual or corporate body to whom the correspondence pertains.

Manitoba College

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