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Baker's Threshing Outfit

Photograph of the James Baker and Sons Threshing outfit in the Brandon Hills area. The photograph includes a a group of fifteen men with a portable steam engine, straw carrier, a team of horses, and bags of grain.

Davidson Brothers

Brandon College Commercial Class 1908-1909

Composite photograph of the Brandon College Commercial Class of 1908 - 1909.
Top row (l to r): H.L. Courtice, W.A. Morden, S.F. Attridge, H.L. Richard, A. Evans, I. Graham, L. Cunningham, A. Erickson, H.B. Courtice, K. Winton, A. Duncan, R. Rabe
Second row (l to r): L.P. Lopton, W.Morrison, E.S. Canning, J. R. Riches, V. Sinclair, A. McPherson
Third row (l to r): J.W. Forbes, M. I. Chase, E. Thompson, B.A. Moffatt, D. McDonald, D.J. Orris, H. Lurass, L.R. Boorman, W. Courtice, H. Strong, E. Breffett
Fourth row (l to r): N. Miller, S. Fleming, A. Weden, L. Sharp, I. Patton, S.A. Gillis, V. Merrill, R. Smith, B. Moon, E. McDonald
Fifth row (l to r): R. Chapman, T. Henley, F. Chapman, V. Pollock, C.E. Walker C.A., A. P. McDiarmid M.A.D.D., A. Johnson, F. Shield, V. Kyle, W. R. McLachlan
Sixth row (l to r): A. Lane, J.B. Ball, J.A. Cameron, J. Bergstrom, J. Peaslee, V. Speller, H. Evans, C.V.W. Lauder

Davidson Brothers

Brandon Collegiate Institute Students and Staff – 1902

Group photograph of the staff and students of Brandon Collegiate Institute (1902). Pictured: (back row - l-r): Jim Carrick, Harold Woodsworth, W.N. Findley (principal), Eugene Miller, Harry Bedford; (middle row): Roy Gibson, May Hall, R.T. Hodgson (science teacher), Mr. Young (teacher), Edna Perkin; (front row): Mayme Curtis, Bertha Strome, Miss Murray (teacher), Pearl More, Fred Coombe.

Davidson Brothers

Brandon Fire Department, 1904

Composite photograph of the members of the 1904 Brandon Fire Department. Pictured are: J. Poole, N. Currie, J. Melhuish (Captain), J. Waterson, F.A. Harper, A. Partridge, M.P. Say, A.R. Crawford (Engineer), D. Gallagher, L.M. Armstrong (Secretary), J. Wells, J. Henderson, F. Wells, E.G. Wiswell (Chief), J.R. Craig, J.S. Hall, J. Jakson, C.T. Laidlaw, Geo. Wrye, D.J. Anderson, J. Stokes, H. Wills, P.C. Collins, D.A. Sutherland (Hose Foreman), J.F. Barber, C.M. Crofton (Ladder Foreman). Inset photograph of horse-drawn wagons and ladder with the original Brandon Fire Hall at 7th Street and Princess Avenue in the background.

Davidson Brothers

Brandon Fire Department, 1910

Composite photograph of the members of the 1910 Brandon Fire Department. Pictured are: D.A. Buckley, R.S. Caton, G. Taylor, W. Sutherland, Lieutenant R. Daley, Captain C. Hill, T. Clader, T. Murdock, A. Carleton, Chief D. Melhuish, A. Partridge, E. Hoskin, E. Bayes, O. Johnston, A.R. Crawford, E. Way, R. Neilly, C. Donaldson, J. Corness, H. Cargo, A. Griffin, S. Martin, E.W. Kent, D. Daniels, L.S. Adams. There is an inset picture of a horse and ladder wagon in front of the Original Brandon Fire Hall (7th st. and Princess Ave.).

Davidson Brothers

Brandon Hospital Staff, Brandon, Manitoba -1907

Portraits of the Staff of the Brandon Hospital (1907). Pictured Left to Right top to bottom: A. Allen, P.C. Charleton, C. Barlett, B. Nutman, R. Clarke, C. Walsh, B. Moffat, D. Patterson, A. Valens, M.C. Morison, M. Hudson, M. Smith, L. Kettles, L.A. Hortop, E. Honey, R.F. Ashcroft, M. Wotton, M. Gardener, B. Ogily, A. Kennedy, M. Burne, M. Ferris, J. Hood, C. McLeod, M. McGregor, M. McCowan, J. Keating, M. Fleming, I McSpadden, M. St. John, E. Birtles, M. Crake, N. Jackson, A. Knowlton, J. Fenton. Photograph was taken by Davidson Bros.

Davidson Brothers

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