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Edith Cavell and Marie Depage Monument

Photographic postcard of a memorial monument for Edith Cavell and Marie Depage in front of the Edith Cavell Nursing School in Brussels. The monument is comprised of two stone angels laying flowers on a memorial stone for Edith Cavell and Marie Depage.

"Vote for Women"

Photographic postcard of seven women gathered in the reception room of Clark Hall Women's Residence at Brandon University. One of the women is wearing a sash that reads, "Vote for Women."

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Brandon Ladies' Golf Club

Group photograph of the Brandon Ladies' Golf Club golfers at the 1948 Western Open Golf Tour.
Identified are Rhoda Faster and Eva Higgens.

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Cast and Orchestra on Opera House Stage

Photograph of the cast and orchestra for a theatre production at Brandon's Opera House at City Hall.
Identified actors on stage are: Bea Chudley (Benson) and Ted Johnson. Identified orchestra members in front of the stage are: Art Williams (leader), Hildred Smith (pianist), Claud White (violin), Cec Luce (?) (violin), Alf Bridges (saxaphone), Walter B. Lee (Bass), Mr. Haergraves (bass), and Lou Denstedt (piccolo).

Brandon Rugby Team, 1906

Composite photograph of the Brandon Rugby Team, 1906, including portraits of individual team members and an inlaid drawing of a rugby scrimmage. Pictured (left to right, top to bottom): S.M. Tees, F.H. Martin, A.S.M. McCormick, Dr. S.W. McInnis (Pres.), D.A. Grant, S. Reeckie, E. Barton, ?, T.F. Lee, L.H. Pentland, A. Ross, T.A. Taylor, H. Harrington, ?, G.A. ?, R. Markham, C. McKay, J. Dodds, A.W. Harcourt, J. Cameron, and W. Malone.

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Unidentified Rugby Team

Photograph of an unidentified rugby team. Ten men are pictured in team uniforms standing in a line from tallest to shortest.

Manitoba Champion Junior Lacrosse Team, 1891

Photograph of the Manitoba Champion Junior Lacrosse Team, 1891. Pictured (top to bottom, left to right): W. Currie, Tom Lowes, Sandy Fleming, Bob Holden, Frank Wheeldon, Fred Knight, E. Chipperfield, Ed King, Sid Moreland, Bob Brown, Jas Smith, Jas Hamilton, and Willie Blackwell.

Brandon Academy Football Team

Photograph of the Brandon Academy Football Team. Pictured: first row (left to right): E. Bennest, D. Cavanagh; second row: J.W. Curry, J.B. Cain, J. Keeler; third row: J.O. Gunn, Dickson, S. Gothard, E. Graham; back row: Jas Smith, and F. Wheeldon.

Clear Grit Lacrosse Team

Group photograph of the Clear Grit Lacrosse Team. Twelve boys are pictured holding lacrosse sticks with one man (presumably a coach or manager) sitting at the centre.

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