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Interview with Kelly Houle

Oral history interview with Kelly Houle (01hh 04mm 20ss) conducted by Jenny Foidart in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Wednesday 19 October 2022. Records include wav and mp3 recordings of the interview and digital textual records including the interview informed consent form, summary, transcript, index, waiver and consent form, and metadata.

In this interview, Kelly Houle narrates her life story, beginning with childhood in residential schools, then a move to Winnipeg, where she endured abuse at home and in public school. She recounts how as a teenager, Houle began working in the sex trade on Winnipeg's streets. She explains how she transitioned from a client of community outreach services to a provider of outreach. Houle details how her cross-Canada travels lead her to Two-Spirit self-realization, celebration, and continued advocacy for trans and Two-Spirit people, leaving a profound and lasting impact for generations to come.

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Abe Arnold Oral History Project

Oral history interview with Nolan Reilly interviewing Abraham Arnold in 2006–2007. The interview (8h 59mm 52ss) was conducted in Winnipeg primarily between 2006 and 2007 with a final session in January 2010.

The Interview file contains 8 individual interview sessions.

The Related Interview Documents file contains all documentation submitted with the project including digital copies of:
Unpublished Manuscript (Abe Arnold Memoire); Interviewer Notes; Newspaper Clippings; Unpublished MS (Biography by Nolan Reilly); Photographs; Transcripts for OH Forum; Archival (Unedited) Audio Files.

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Community Mental Health Activists/Advocates in Manitoba

  • Collection
  • 2017

Collection consists of one oral history project for which Karen Clements was the Primary Investigator. The Community Mental Health Activists/Advocates in Manitoba Oral History Collection consists of 18 interviews (from a total of 25 interviews in the overall project) with mental health activists/advocates in Manitoba, conducted between August and October, 2017. All interviews are fully transcribed, and 17 have available audio. The research project was funded through a Brandon University, Faculty Health Studies Research Grant. The definition of activist/advocate for the purposes of recruitment was an individual who identifies (by self or others) as a mental health activist/advocate in Manitoba working for social and system change in the area of mental health. This did not include individuals whose advocacy is limited to advocacy for conventional services for one individual or individuals whose advocacy is limited to advocacy for clients as part of professional clinical work.

Interviews are conducted by various interviewers who were part of the research team:
• Principle Investigator - Karen Clements (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatric Nursing, Brandon University or DPN BU) – conducting interviews and data analysis
• Research investigators – Debra Dusome (Assistant Professor, DPN BU); Kristen Hardy PhD (c) York, (instructor at University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, and Teaching Affiliate, Centre for the Support of Teaching, Learning & Technology); Dana Naismith (Assistant Professor, DPN BU); Stan Rossowski (peer support worker, community activist) - conducting interviews and data analysis
• Transcriptionists – Sara Groleau; Jacqueline Saurette; Kirsten Surovy
• Copy editor – Sara Groleau

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Paul Moist fonds

  • CA UWA 21.09
  • Fonds
  • 1974 - 2019

Fonds reflects Paul Moist’s career as a Canadian labour activist and longtime member and President of both CUPE Local 500 and CUPE National. The majority of the fonds is comprised of his speeches and presentation notes, and also includes personal and professional correspondence, administrative and organizational documents from CUPE, and personal research on the 1919 General Strike. The records are primarily textual but also include audio-visual material and ephemera such as buttons.

Fonds is arranged in 6 series: speeches and presentations; personal files; CUPE Convention files; CUPE internal files; audio/video and day planners; and 1919 General Strike research. The speeches and presentation series include the speeches and speaking notes Paul Moist used at conferences and meetings around Canada. There is also a box of day planners and calendars that Paul Moist used during his time in CUPE Local 500 and as CUPE National President. The box of CUPE internal files cover various CUPE internal documents and meeting notes. The personal files cover letters, correspondence, and news clippings from Paul Moist’s time with CUPE 500 and CUPE National. The 1919 General Strike series are all the files related to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike that Paul Moist collected over the last 30 years.

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Edith Cavell and Marie Depage Monument

Photographic postcard of a memorial monument for Edith Cavell and Marie Depage in front of the Edith Cavell Nursing School in Brussels. The monument is comprised of two stone angels laying flowers on a memorial stone for Edith Cavell and Marie Depage.

"Vote for Women"

Photographic postcard of seven women gathered in the reception room of Clark Hall Women's Residence at Brandon University. One of the women is wearing a sash that reads, "Vote for Women."

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Brandon Ladies' Golf Club

Group photograph of the Brandon Ladies' Golf Club golfers at the 1948 Western Open Golf Tour.
Identified are Rhoda Faster and Eva Higgens.

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Cast and Orchestra on Opera House Stage

Photograph of the cast and orchestra for a theatre production at Brandon's Opera House at City Hall.
Identified actors on stage are: Bea Chudley (Benson) and Ted Johnson. Identified orchestra members in front of the stage are: Art Williams (leader), Hildred Smith (pianist), Claud White (violin), Cec Luce (?) (violin), Alf Bridges (saxaphone), Walter B. Lee (Bass), Mr. Haergraves (bass), and Lou Denstedt (piccolo).

Brandon Rugby Team, 1906

Composite photograph of the Brandon Rugby Team, 1906, including portraits of individual team members and an inlaid drawing of a rugby scrimmage. Pictured (left to right, top to bottom): S.M. Tees, F.H. Martin, A.S.M. McCormick, Dr. S.W. McInnis (Pres.), D.A. Grant, S. Reeckie, E. Barton, ?, T.F. Lee, L.H. Pentland, A. Ross, T.A. Taylor, H. Harrington, ?, G.A. ?, R. Markham, C. McKay, J. Dodds, A.W. Harcourt, J. Cameron, and W. Malone.

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Unidentified Rugby Team

Photograph of an unidentified rugby team. Ten men are pictured in team uniforms standing in a line from tallest to shortest.

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