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Paul Moist fonds

  • CA UWA 21.09
  • Fonds
  • 1974 - 2019

Fonds reflects Paul Moist’s career as a Canadian labour activist and longtime member and President of both CUPE Local 500 and CUPE National. The majority of the fonds is comprised of his speeches and presentation notes, and also includes personal and professional correspondence, administrative and organizational documents from CUPE, and personal research on the 1919 General Strike. The records are primarily textual but also include audio-visual material and ephemera such as buttons.

Fonds is arranged in 6 series: speeches and presentations; personal files; CUPE Convention files; CUPE internal files; audio/video and day planners; and 1919 General Strike research. The speeches and presentation series include the speeches and speaking notes Paul Moist used at conferences and meetings around Canada. There is also a box of day planners and calendars that Paul Moist used during his time in CUPE Local 500 and as CUPE National President. The box of CUPE internal files cover various CUPE internal documents and meeting notes. The personal files cover letters, correspondence, and news clippings from Paul Moist’s time with CUPE 500 and CUPE National. The 1919 General Strike series are all the files related to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike that Paul Moist collected over the last 30 years.

Moist, Paul

Allen Mills fonds

  • CA UWA 04.002
  • Fonds
  • 1970-1972

The fonds consists of records, mostly publications, pertaining to the Waffle Movement, a radical-left political movement that grew in popularity in the early 1970s. The fonds is divided into eight categories:

1 For an Independent Socialist Canada - articles on the benefits of an Independent Socialist Canada
2 Public Ownership - the benefits of nationalizing industries and natural resources
3 Quebec - How the movement would deal with the sovereignty issue
4 Policy Issues - various political policies the movement promotes
5 Waffle in the New Democratic Party - dealing with the larger political party of the NDP
6 Waffle-Ontario - the Waffle movement in Ontario
7 Waffle-Saskatchewan - how a socialist Saskatchewan would work in a socialist Canada
8 Oversize - oversized copies of the 'Waffle News', the 'Ontario Waffle', and assorted news clippings

Mills, Allen

Bev Ridd fonds

  • CA UWA 11.008
  • Fonds
  • 1989-1995

The fonds consists of material regarding women and gender issues in the University of Winnipeg, particularly around sexual harassment, the development of a sexual harassment policy at the University of Winnipeg, and related meeting minutes of the Board of Regents, the highest governance body at the University of Winnipeg. In addition to the minutes and agendas, the fonds includes publications, reports, pamphlets, and newsclippings pertaining to issues such as the status of women, sexual harrassment, student accessibility, and gender disparity on boards and amongst academic staff (including salary disparities).

Ridd, Bev

Amanda Kindzierski fonds

  • CA UWA 18.006
  • Fonds
  • 2017

Digital video recordings and group release forms of the C2C: Two Spirit and Queer People of Colour Call to Conversation with LGBT and Allies conference sessions held October 20-22, 2017 at the University of Winnipeg.

Kindzierski, Amanda

Albert McLeod Fonds

  • CA UWA 11.011, 13.006, 18.017
  • Fonds
  • 1983-2013 ; predominate 1988-1998

The collection is arranged into eight series. The first series contains published textual records, the second series contains non-published textual records, the third series contains records from various two-spirited organizations and gatherings, the fourth series is comprised of graphic material, the fifth series consists of a scrapbook composed of photographs and news clippings, the sixth series includes photographs, and published and non-published research on traditional Aboriginal clothing and adornments, the seventh series consists of four films, and the eighth series consists of a CBC News Manitoba video news item.

Series 1: The first series consists of published textual materials related to the Two-Spirited Movement, including books, journals and magazines, newsletters from two-spirited organizations, reports and pamphlets on AIDS, reports and articles on the Two-Spirited Movement, and newspaper clippings. Materials were published predominately from 1990 to 1996 and were created in both the United States and Canada, but were predominately created in Manitoba.

Series 2: The second series contains non-published textual records related to the Two-Spirit Movement, including obituaries and memorial service programs for two-Spirited Manitobans, drafts of poems written by a number of two-spirited individuals, and correspondence mainly addressed to Albert McLeod or the organizations he co-founded and pertaining to the creation or description of Two-Spirited organizations. The materials were created from 1988-2008, but predominately from 1990 -1996.

Series 3: The third series contains records from various two-spirited organizations and gatherings in North America, including programs, budgets, and notices of gatherings and conferences. As well as mandates, meeting minutes and job postings of many two-spirited organizations.

Series 4: The fourth series is comprised of graphic material including 9 photographs, 3 prints and drawings and 8 posters. Much of the photographs are printed in colour on computer paper and show two-spirited people at gatherings, likely held in either Vancouver or Manitoba. Many of the posters display colour photographs, and are likely from a 2007 campaign promoting condom use among two-spirited people, while others advertise gatherings. The series also includes 330 images on DVD of the 22nd Annual Two-Spirit Gathering 2010, three t-shirts and one embroidery. As well as, two ribbons and a painted rock from the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission sharing circle in 2010.

Series 5: The fifth series is comprised the contents of a scrapbook; it contains a variety of both graphic and textual materials, including 151 photographs, as well as newspaper and magazine clippings, gathering notices, and poetry related to the Two-Spirit Movement in Manitoba and across North America. The photographs consist mostly of unidentified people related to the Two-Spirit Movement in Manitoba, but also two-spirited gatherings like the Basket and the Bow, Spirituality in the ‘90’s, and Two-Spirits and HIV in New York City. Items contained in the scrapbook predominately date from 1988 to 1993.

Series 6: The sixth series is comprised of both graphic and textual materials in a variety of formats related to textile and clothing research. Graphic materials include 7 photographs, 14 pages of photocopied drawings, 1 painting and 1 magazine clipping. Textual material includes drafts and notes on Aboriginal clothing and adornment by Albert McLeod written in 1988, and photocopies of published articles.

Series 7: The seventh series consists of four films. Produced in 1990 by Mona Smith for the Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force, Honored by the Moon is a documentary on gay and lesbian aboriginal peoples and their place within their community historically and presently. It contains footage of interviews and gatherings. Also included in this series is unedited film from Manitoba Aboriginal AIDS Conference in 1992, PTAM Dress Rehearsal Shoot in the early 1990s, and Passing of the Legacy in Vancouver in July 2002.

Series 8: The seventh series consists of a DVD copy of a CBC Manitoba news item dated August 2, 1987 and titled "Gay Pride March." Depicts footage of the first Winnipeg Gay Pride March including shots of Albert McLeod.

Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc. fonds

  • CA UWA 11.003, 15.014, 16.015, 17.008
  • Fonds
  • 1973, 1980-2015

The fonds documents the organizational history of the Congress of Black Women of Manitoba and the recent social and cultural history of Black women in Manitoba. The fonds consists of four separate accessions: 11.003, 15.014, 16.015, and 17.008. Accession 11.003 consists of 6 series: minutes and agendas, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, events and workshops, internal publications, and external publications. Accession 15.014 includes one series containing 345 photographs. Accession 16.015 includes 10 series: meetings and reports, correspondence, events and workshops, grant applications, research materials, internal publications, external publications, electronic records, moving image records and photographs. Accession 17.008 consists of one series of presentations.

Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc.

Henry Sandham fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1842-1910

The items described here consist of personal correspondence and documents pertaining to Sandham's artistic commissions, photographic and print reproductions of Sandham's works, and a scrapbook of news clippings.

Henri Lacerte

  • CA ASHSB 0142
  • Fonds
  • 1911-1947

Le fonds est constitué de textes de discours prononcés par Henri Lacerte sur des thèmes aussi variés que la citoyenneté, la colonisation, la culture canadienne, le patriotisme, le bilinguisme, les Caisses Populaires, l'Université de Bâton-Rouge en Louisiane, la Loi du cadenas, Les Mennonites, Edmond Rostand, Roosevelt, "The French-Canadian view point" et la survivance française en Amérique. Le fonds contient aussi des notes de procès ainsi que des documents juridiques d'affaires traitées par Henri Lacerte. On y trouve aussi un certificat de Barreau de la province de Québec et un disque intitulé "The man under the calhoun hat".


Allan Waisman fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2018

The Allan Waisman fonds includes an obituary (2018)

Association d'Éducation des Canadiens-Français du Manitoba (AECFM)

  • CA ASHSB 0042
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1968

Le fonds comprend les séries et sous-séries suivantes : A. COMITÉS On y retrouve les procès-verbaux des réunions du Comité exécutif. Suivent ensuite les rapports , circulaires et documents extraits des procès-verbaux. Ce sont tous des dossiers ayant été présentés au Comité exécutif par les différents comités de l'organisme. Viennent ensuite la correspondance et les documents ayant servi à l'étude et à la constitution des dossiers relevant des différentes fonctions de l'A.E.C.F.M. B. DIRECTIONS Cette série est divisée en quatre (4) sous-séries représentant les principales fonctions de l'A.E.C.F.M. Ce sont : 1. ADMINISTRATION Tous les documents concernant le côté purement administratif se trouvent dans cette série. Ils y sont regroupés sous Secrétariat interne (concernant surtout le personnel); Assurance-vie Desjardins; le local de l'A.E.C.F.M.; le Drapeau national du Canada (la correspondance concernant l'achat d'un drapeau constitue ce dossier). 2.RELATIONS PUBLIQUES Trois (3) subdivisions ont été apportées à cette sous-série : les dossiers documentant les relations avec les organismes ayant un lien avec l'éducation au Manitoba et ailleurs; les relations avec les médias contribuant pour beaucoup dans la promotion du français; et, les congrès régionaux de pédagogie (pour les instituteurs) et le Rallye du Manitoba français regroupés sous la rubrique Congrès. 3.FINANCES Cette sous-série est formée de livres-cocomptables, de documents concernant les opérations bancaires, les rapports financiers, les déclarations d'impôt, les prêts et les bourses, enfin tout ce qui permettait à l'A.E.C.F.M. de subsister et de promouvoir le français en aidant par des prêts et des bourses les institutrices en quête d'emploi et de perfectionnement. 4. FONCTIONNEMENT SCOLAIRE Cette sous-série est constituée de documents se rattachant aux études comme telles. Ils documentent la formation des enseignants (Programme d'études et Cours d'été); la visite des écoles et les commentaires du visiteur (Rapport du visiteur); la législation et les études l'entourant (Grandes unités scolaires); les concours pour stimuler et encourager les élèves à mieux connaître le français (Concours de français, Ordre du mérite scolaire, Festival de la bonne chanson, Consulat de France, Concours oratoire du Canada, Concours de diction); les institutrices (Normaliennes); et enfin la vérification technique des écoles (Statistiques et informations scolaires). C. DOCUMENTS COMPLÉMENTAIRES Spicilèges, photographies, cartes et sceaux. Les comités suivants sont documentés : le Comité d'administration, le Comité d'administration scolaire, le Comité d'arts ménagers, le Comité de constitution, le Comité de construction, le Comité de coordination, le Comité de fonctionnement scolaire, le Comité de forum écolier, le Comité de la presse, le Comité de liaison, le Comité de perception, le Comité de publicité, le Comité de réception, le Comité de révision pour l'organisation du concours de français, le Comité de vie française, le Comité de vigilance, le Comité d'enquête, le Comité des finances, le Comité des présidents des comités permanents, le Comité des questions, le Comité des questions légales, le Comité des résolutions et nominations, le Comité des visiteurs, le Comité d'organisation et de propagande, le Comité du banquet, le Comité du Club des 200, le Comité du concours, le Comité du festival, le Comité du film, le Comité du vingt-cinquième (25e) anniversaire, le Comité en charge de la préparation du festival de la bonne chanson, le Comité exécutif, le Comité spécial, les Comités conjoints. Les photographies documentent la chorale sous la direction du père Martial Caron s.j. dans le cadre du Festival de la bonne chanson de l'A. E.C.F.M.


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