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Laying Street Car Tracks on Rosser

Men laying street car tracks at 10th Street and Rosser Avenue. Photograph was taken looking south down 10th street. The Bank of Montreal (left) and Singer Sewing Machine Co. (right) are visible in the background. Other visible businesses include the YMCA Central Reading Room, George Café, and the Ione Cigar Factory.

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Street Cars on Rosser Avenue

Photograph of street cars on Rosser Avenue (looking east between 9th and 10th Streets). Visible businesses include: W. Thompson Fit-Rite Clothing, Wheat City Furniture, and Clement's Drug Store.

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Model T Ford in Brandon's 75th Anniversary Parade

Photograph of a Model T Ford in Brandon's 75th Anniversary Parade. An unidentified woman is s sitting at the wheel and a man is working the crank at the front; spectators are standing in the background.

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Wheat City Business College – 1920

Portraits of students and staff of the Wheat City Business College Class of 1920.
Pictured (l to r) top row: C. C. Stewart, C. Young, N. Tompkins, M. Mansfield, L. Bray, M. Aitkinson, E. Braybrook, M. Forsythe, W. Dunbar, E. Plaice, R.B. Dunsire, E. Saras, W. Barr, E. Doughty, A.W. Meadows
Second row: H. Hallatt, E. Robinson, A. Dalglish(?), B. Crane, H. Scott, J. Maclan, C.A. Stewart, A. Rogerson, W.A. Dodd, E. McMunn, N. McDonald, J. Dutton, M. Bennett, F.W. Woodley, H. Wren, A. Chesley
Third row: A. Boyd, E.A. Howell, G. Murgatroyd, E. Wallace, J. Paterson, E.E. Sararos, V. Sharp, J.S. Wood, R. Cristall, N. McAuley, J. Day, J. Scott
Fourth row: K.W. Beck, I. Aberdeen, M. McConnell, M. Winteringham, H.A. O'Neil, Jno. D.S. Forsyth, Miss. J.H. Snider, Mr. F.A. Wood (Principal), Miss M.D. Cowan, Miss I.E. McKewer(?), W. Harrison, M. Coates, H.E. Hotham, G. Gordon, R.E. Greames(?)
Fifth row: K. Calladon, F.P. Burton, H. Foote, D. Wilson, N. Morris, T.A. Quigley, S. Gerry, E. Speers.
Sixth row: E. Beaty, R. Markle, D.H. Hunn, H. Griffith, E. Pugh, S. Chester, A.B. Dobbyn (?), L. Vaccari, Z. Bosman, C.S. Hanford, P. Gardiner, C. Freedman
Seventh row: E. Graham, B. Campbell, R.W. Cowie, G. Roddick, E. Stone, N. Carager, P. Mayfield, M. Dunsire, A.B. Olive, L.G. Minions, I. Lawrence, R.H. Deans, J. Machen, L. Crawford, R. Harris, H. Hassack(?)
Eighth row: K. Schwaritz, B. Pottinger, M. Mains, T.C. Cunningham, M. Mattson, J.P. Connolly, D. Dixon, C. Smith, M. Buchanan, R. Hoey, E. potter, E. Minions, D.G. Cooke, C. Simmons
Ninth row: A.E. Williams, E. Johns, S.C. McLend(?), L. Kennedy, W.L. Lee, M. Roddick, E. Connell, B. Philip, E.E. Simmons, F. Anderson, L. Turner, B.K. Stratford, E. Hawkins, L. Simpson, A. Beatty, H.C. Edonthy(?)

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Brandon City Council, 1931

Composite photographof the members of the Brandon City Council in 1931. Pictured are: J. Giddings, A.B. Patterson, H. Spafford, F.H. Young, H.R. Davis, Dr. P.C. Hughes, W.V. Oglesby, D.E. Clement, B.L. Patterson, J.H. Donnelly, Mayor H.W. Cater, A.M. Carnahan (asst city clerk), and Geo. F. Sykes (city clerk).

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