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Friends of Sam Waller Museum fonds

  • CA SWM RG5
  • Fonds
  • 2000-ongoing

The fonds consist of eighteen series: correspondence, meeting minutes, administration, financial records, and reports. These series describe the administration, operation, and financial health of the Friends of Sam Waller Museum. Correspondence records comprise of both inward and outward correspondence as well as notes pertaining to the organization. Administrative and board records include board meeting minutes and resolutions, forms, bylaws, policies, and press clippings.. This series also includes research involving the giftshop. The financial records take up the bulk of the fonds with information returns for every year that the Friends of Sam Waller Museum has been operation. Finally, there is a report that contains a proposal for the development of an endowment fund for the museum and the creation of the Friends of the Sam Waller Museum to facilitate this. As of right now the fonds are solely text based and on paper. The fonds comprises the dates of 2000 until the most recent accrual of documents from 2016.

Friends of Sam Waller Museum

The Pas Community Manuscript collection

  • CA SWM RG4
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1886- ca. 2011

The Pas Community Manuscript collection consists of a variety of material and media received from past or present community members, organisations and local businesses in the Town of The Pas and surrounding area, or other former residents, relating to the political, cultural, social, and economic life of The Pas and the Northern Manitoba region. Fonds and collections encompassed by this record group include:

The Pas Scouts collection – Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival collection – Reader family collection – The Pas Rotary Club Little Northern Museum project collection – Tom Lamb fonds – Kathleen Rice fonds – J.A. Campbell collection – Miscellaneous/Unknown provenance – Jim James fonds – John Duncan Robertson fonds – William Harris fonds – Karl Kobel fonds – W.A. “Caribou Bill” Anger fonds – Guymer family fonds – Harry Trager fonds – The Pas Social Welfare Commission fonds – The Pas Civic Association fonds – Ben Dembinsky Ltd. Collection – Hugo Mortsell fonds – G. Arthur Williams fonds – Carl Berger fonds – Manitoba Hydro collection – Brotherhood of the Maintenance of Way Employees (No. 1801) fonds – The Pas Musical Festival Association fonds – The Pas Board of Trade fonds – Kathleen Hill collection – Northern Manitoba’s 75th Anniversary fonds – Canadian National Telegraph collection – Henry Budd 150th Anniversary collection – Ed Johanson collection – The Pas Lumber Company collection – Media collection – John Wade fonds – Kelsey Tri-centennial Committee fonds – Kelsey Time Capsule fonds – Alfred Richardson fonds – Ross Navigation Company collection – George Lindsay fonds – John Kerr fonds – Vern Walker fonds – The Pas Postal Directory collection – Provincial Building fonds – Fleet G. Whitakers fonds – Finger Lumber Company fonds – Bridle family fonds – Tom Paquette fonds – Ted Tadda collection – R.H. Bagshaw fonds – Community Oral Histories collection – Armand & Florence Dupas collection – Vaughn Wadelius collection – Scrapbook – Sheldon McLeod collection – Bert Hutton fonds – Gladys & Walter LaJambe fonds – Robert Nero fonds – John A. Nelson collection – Pat Langlois collection – La Vérendrye: La Père du l’Ouest Canadien – Roy H. Johnston Arena collection – Gertrude Johnson fonds – Dr. William & Helen Sinclair fonds – Daniel Wilton Klemm fonds

Sam Waller Museum fonds

  • CA SWM RG3
  • Fonds
  • 1978-2011

The fonds consists of the administrative and operational records of the Sam Waller Little Northern Museum and the Sam Waller Museum from the death of its founder in 1978 to the most recently accessioned museum records (2011) as well as Oral History records from 1985 to 2010. Administrative and operational records include inward and outward correspondence, Sam Waller Museum board meeting minutes, reports generated by or for museum staff, administration records including marketing, research requests and programming, financial records including financial statements and budget statements, and temporary and permanent exhibit related textual records and compact discs. Series 5 Oral Histories consists of oral histories of local residents conducted by Sam Waller Museum staff and volunteers for the purpose of adding to the Museum archives. Oral History records include transcripts, audio cassettes, compact discs, floppy disks and minidisks.

Sam Waller Museum

Sam Waller fonds

  • CA SWM RG2
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1978

This fonds, established by Sam Waller throughout his career, consists of materials accumulated on areas of interest to Sam, including taxidermy, natural history, stamps, religion and education. This fonds consists of correspondence, both written and received by Sam Waller from 1919 – 1978; notes written and observed by Sam on nature from 1923 – 1977; items regarding the Cree language, including dictionaries, correspondence and church-related materials; diaries written during his travels and missionary posts; literary works, spanning from short stories to anecdotes by Sam; as well as sermons and religious items. The Sam Waller fonds also includes museum notes and various other documentation, including legal documents and museum records from the inauguration of the Little Northern Museum until Sam’s death; and ephemera, including numerous pamphlets and guest books.

Waller, Sam

Town of The Pas fonds

  • CA SWM RG1
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1999

The fonds consists of the administrative and operational records of the Town of The Pas from its incorporation in 1912 to the most recently accessioned town records from 1999 (a few maps are from 1909). Administrative and operational records include financial records, town council records, minutes, by-laws, ledgers, reports, correspondence, planning records, agreements, court records, departmental records, library records, planning records for commemorative anniversaries, receipts, Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) records, maps and plans. The Town of The Pas records contain a nearly complete set of documents which are mandated for permanent retention according to the Retention and Disposition of Municipal Records regulation, under the Municipal Act. In addition, some other non-mandated records have been retained because of their inherent, historical, or other interest.

Town of The Pas