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Zionist collection

  • Collection
  • 1900-1982

Collection consists of various Zionist organizations and individual Zionists collected and compiled by the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada and its predecessor organizations. Records include posters, pamphlets, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, published newsletters and other works. Organizations represented originate in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton and other locations.

Zaporozhe Archives (A.S. Tedeev) Collection

  • Collection
  • 1995

This collection contains records pertaining from at least 6 different fonds in the State Archive of the Zaporozhe Region. They include the Berdyansk Uezd Steppe Forestry Department (Fond 250), the Alexandrovsk Uezd Land Survey Commission (Fond 230), the Melitopol Uezd Statistical Bureau (Fond 255), the Berdyansk Uezd Land Survey Office (Found 263), the A.A. Koop Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Factory (Fond 158) and the Zaporozhe Okrug Executive Committee (Fond 316). The materials focus roughly on four themes – forestry, description of land and estate possessions, business correspondence and emigration.

Winnipeg Theatre Clippings collection

  • CA UMASC MSS 341 (A.02-73)
  • Collection
  • 1921-1929

Collection consists of two ledger-sized scrapbooks of theatre-related clippings from Winnipeg newspapers from 1914 to 1927 and one smaller scrapbook listing, alphabetically, the people profiled in J. B. McGeachy’s “I First Saw” column in the Winnipeg Free Press from 1921-1929.

Winnipeg Press Club Collection

  • CA UWA 15.007
  • Collection
  • 1953, 1956-1960, 1963-1967

The collection consists of eleven programs for a satirical show called "Beer and Skits", which was created by the Winnipeg Press Club (WPC) and the Sock and Buskin Club. The event started as the WPC "Smoker" in 1933-1934 and it adapted the name "Beer and Skits" on its program in 1945. The show provided an important social and professional bridge between newsmen, the judiciary and the constabulary. Nate Zimmerman, a theatre critic for the Winnipeg Tribune, set the rules for "Beer and Skits" which were no smut, no religion and no women. These rules remained in effect until 1983, the show's 50th anniversary, when women picketed the show which attracted national news coverage. When women were allowed to join the club in 1984, "Beer and Skits" went through some evolutionary changes.

"Beer and Skits" ended just shy of its 75th anniversary. However, cast and crew wanted to keep the show going and in 2008, the BS Comedy Players Incorporated, a non-profit group, continued the show. The Press Club claims that "Beer and Skits" still currently stands as North America's longest running revue.

Some of the content found in the collection may be considered offensive.

Winnipeg Press Club

Winnipeg Jets Programs Collection

  • CA UMASC MSS 343 (A.10-64)
  • Collection
  • December 1975 - April 1996

The collection includes 741 ice hockey programs which almost exclusively chronicle the home games of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team.

Turner, Ken

Winnipeg General Strike microfilm collection

  • CA UWA MF-12
  • Collection
  • 1975

Collection consists of eight published works preserved on microfilm. Seven of the works were copied from works in the University of Winnipeg Library's collections, entailing academic historical works related to the Strike; one of the works was a government report on the Strike copied from the Manitoba Legislative Library.

MF-12-1: Winnipeg 1919: the strikers’ own history of the Winnipeg general strike, ed. Norman Penner. Toronto: J. Lewis & Samuel, 1973.
MF-12-2: Robson, H.A. Royal Commission to enquire into and report upon the causes and effects of the General Strike which recently existed in the City of Winnipeg for a period of six weeks, including the methods of calling and carrying on such strike.
MF-12-3: Nordman, Curtis. The Winnipeg General Strike as an aspect of the Red Scare. Winnipeg: s.n., 1970.
MF-12-4: Aloysius, Balawyder. The Winnipeg general strike. Vancouver: Copp-Clark Pub., 1967.
MF-12-5: Magder, Beatrice. Winnipeg general strike. Toronto: Maclean-Hunter,1972.
MF-12-6: Bercuson, David J.; McNaught, Kenneth. The Winnipeg strike, 1919. Don Mills: Longman Canada, 1974.
MF-12-7: Masters, Donald C. The Winnipeg general strike. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1973.
MF-12-8: Rea. J.E. The Winnipeg general strike. Toronto: Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, 1973.

Winnipeg General Strike Collection

  • Collection
  • 1919, 1965

The collection consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Evening Tribune regarding the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. The clippings are from May 27-29, June 2-3, 6, 10-13, 30 and July 1, 1919. One clipping is from November 20, 1965. One complete photocopy of the scrapbook is included.

William John Burchill Family Collection

  • CA DHM 2000.660; 2008.3
  • Collection
  • 1857 - 1994; predominantly 1895 - 1940

The material in this collection belonged to the Burchill/Stoll family. The collection includes photographs, paintings, books, written records, genealogical records, letters, and other documents. The majority of the photographs are of the William J. Burchill family of Brandon, Manitoba. There are many pictures of family and friends, especially of Burchill's daughters in childhood and youth; some are casual photographs and others are formal portraits. Photographs are from family events, weddings, social gatherings, school, and during recreational activities. Also included are photographs of Edith Burchill Stoll's family and friends during her adult life after moving to Illinois. Each photograph is described at the individual level. There are three albums of photographs and the rest are separate. Also included in the collection are portraits of members of the Gibson and McEvoy families. Two of these are oil paintings. There are also prints and needle work. There are books in the collection which belonged to different members of the Burchill Family. These include Bibles, prayer books, a hymn book, an atlas, personal notebooks, and collections of poetry. The collection also contains genealogical records, correspondence, and written histories pertaining to the Burchill family history and to the history of the Canadian Prairies. Other documents include, will and funeral records; birth, marriage and death certificates; letters, postcards, obituaries, and newspaper clippings.

Burchill - Stoll Family

Western Canada Fire Underwriters' Association Collection

  • CA COWA C2
  • Collection
  • 1917 - 1955

Collection consists of fire insurance plans for the City of Winnipeg and the surrounding communities that comprise Greater Winnipeg. Fire insurance plans are maps showing, by colours and symbols, detailed information about each building including structure size and shape, construction materials and detailing, number of floors and lot size. Additional information can include street widths, street numbers, property lines and such fire protection facilities as water pipes or mains, fire hydrants and fire alarm boxes. The plans show streets, churches, hotels, industrial, commercial and public buildings. The plans were originally contained in eight bound atlases. These have been disassembled to facilitate access. Specific locations are accessed through a map key.

Western Canada Fire Underwriters' Association

W. McRae Collection

  • CA DHM 340
  • Collection
  • c.1891-1960; predominant 1900-1920

The collection consists of photographic material (photographs, postcards, and negatives) pertaining primarily to the McRae family. Images include the McRae homestead, various farming activities, show horses, and a portrait of Finlay and Martha McRae. Also included are images of Brandon churches, the Minnedosa Fair Grounds, and South Brandon School No. 596. The collection also contains a negative for a photograph of the Great Northern Railway Station in Hayfield, Manitoba.

William Finlay McRae

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