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Dugald Ladies Fashion Review fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1953-1999

Records date from 1953, when the first review took place to 1998 and include minutes and other administrative records as well as records documenting shows and reviews. Also found here is documentation of clothing donations made to the review and records pertaining to the manufacture of reproductions for wear by review participants.

Dugald Ladies Fashion Review

Coltart Collection

  • CMC PHO-C26.
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1860] - 1920.

The bulk of the collection, 24 photographs, consists of cartes de visites portraits of men and women, alone and in groups, and one child. All are ca.1865 - 1875. Some of the subjects appear in more than one photograph. None of the subjects of these cartes are identified. The remaining photographs are Cabinet Card, ca.1885 – 1890 and smaller studio portraits, ca.1890 - 1920. Some of the photographs have notes written on the reverse identifying the subjects but it is not known who wrote the notes. Several of the studio photographs feature women graduates and academics.

Coltart, Isabelle

Laura (Jackson) Cronsberry fonds

  • CMC PHO-C21
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1927]-1974, predominant 1959-1974

Included in this collection are two snapshots of Elizabeth (Chalmers) Jackson, ca.1927 and 1930. In one, Elizabeth is shown wearing her 1930 wedding dress and head piece (which was also worn by Laura 44 years later). There are four snapshots showing Laura and other members of the wedding party at her 1974 wedding to Ivan Cronsberry in Aurora, Ontario. Also included are three other snapshots of Laura, ca.1959 - 1974 and which show her wearing other items of clothing donated to the Museum.

Cronsberry, Laura

Bull Collection

  • CMC PHO-C52
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1865]-1882

Items include: a carte de visite portrait bust of an unidentified woman, ca.1878; a carte de visite portrait of a woman, ca.1865, identified as Mrs. Thomas Swan and standing full length; a cabinet card portrait of a woman, ca.1882, identified as Willumine Maitland Swan and seated on a studio wall.

Bull, Janet and Bill

Ruth Drew fonds

  • CMC PHO-C58
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1985

The collection contains: two snapshots of Beverly Clark Whatcott, ca.1985, daughter of Helen Jessie (Drew ) Clark and grand-daughter of Mrs. John Drew, wearing the dress worn by Merran Nicol McLean for her wedding in 1883; and two snapshots of Beverly Clark Whatcott, ca.1985, wearing the white satin dress worn by Merran Logie Anderson for her wedding in 1911.

Drew, Ruth

Cameron Album

  • CMC PHO A-15
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1880]-1915

This album (designated A-15) contains 18 leaves with openings to insert 64 Cabinet Card photographs and 12 Cartes de Visites (for a total of 76 photographs). Eighty-six photographs were found in the album dating from ca.1880-1915.

Cameron, Angus

McLeod's Shoe Store fonds

  • CMC PHO-C72
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1912]-1922

The collection consists of two large black and white photographs depicting the interior of the McLeod's Shoe Store, ca.1912 - 1922. One view depicts the front of the store and the other is oriented towards the back. Two staff members can be seen in the photographs.

McLeod, W.A. McLeod

Eleanor Mae (Thomsen) MacLachlan fonds

  • CMC PHO-C76
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1956]-1961

The collection includes: a contemporary copy print of a black and white photograph of the wedding party at the Thomsen/Cook wedding, ca.1956; a contemporary copy print of a black and white photograph of Eleanor and her friends at the Tri-Service Ball, ca.1959; two contemporary copy prints of colour snapshots showing Eleanor and Doug on their wedding day, ca.1961.

MacLachlan, Eleanor Mae (Thomsen)

Elspeth Newton fonds

  • CMC PHO-C23
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1804]-1922

Seven of the photographs are contemporary copy prints of older originals which depict the donor's ancestors in the female line beginning with her g.g. grandmother. These include: a portrait of the donor's g.g. grandmother, Anna Barbara Andrassy, ca.1804; the same woman, ca.1860-65; the donor's g. grandmother, Mary (Hope) Hespeler, ca.1870; the donor's grandmother, Georgina Hope (Hespeler) Nanton, ca.1885; the donor's mother, Mary Georgina (Nanton) Cameron ca.1905; and two photographs of the wedding party at the wedding of the donor's parents, ca.1912. The other three photographs are studio portraits including one of the donor's mother, ca. 1900 and two of the donor as a child , ca.1918 and ca.1922.

Newton, Elspeth

Lillian McMillan fonds

  • CMC PHO-C30
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1889]-1930

The donors state that the subjects of these photographs are not known to them, however, they hoped that the photographs would have value as reference materials. The collection consists of two Cabinet Card photographs, ca.1890. One features a couple identified in a caption verso as Harrison's oldest daughter and son-in-law. The other of a young woman is identified as Harrison's daughter-in-law. Also in this collection are two postcard portraits, ca.1930, one of two women and the other of two men in winter coats. There are also four snapshots, ca.1925 - 1930. One is of a couple, one of a man holding a dog and one is of a child. The only identified subject of these snapshots is of a man holding an infant identified as Rev. Mathews at an Indian Reserve South of Erikson.

McMillan, Lillian

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