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William Hespeler fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1847-1907

This fonds contains documents pertaining to the life of William Hespeler, such as confirmation of attending the Polytechnic Institute in Karlsruhe (1847-1849), of deferment from military service in 1850, of immigration to Canada, and of naturalization as a British subject. The fonds includes the items taken to Russia in 1872 (i.e. responses from Ottawa to the Russian Mennonite inquiries about priveledges been sought such as exemption from military service). The fonds also contains various items with the autographs of individuals such as Otto von Bismark, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia, and the British monarch, Queen Victoria. The documents pertain to Hespeler's service to Canada or Germany.

Hespeler, William, 1830-1921

Pugh Family fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 289, PC 140 (A.99-33)
  • Fonds
  • 1847 - 1998

The collection was created by Margaret Pugh who organized and preserved the family's history. The fonds consists of materials from four families linked to the Pugh Family: Broderick, Wilson, Stewart and Pawling. The fonds includes a large amount of correspondance and other textual material dating back to the mid 19th century up to 1998. A large quantity of Postcards from the late 1800s to the post-war period make up the niche portion of the collection. Margaret's father, Frederick Pugh, worked in the Research Bureau of the T.E. Eaton Company through the early 1900s until 1938, included in the collection is correspondance between him and executives of the company. Also contained in the collection are textual records of Margaret's career at Deer Lodge Hospital. These records provide some insight into the administrative activities of the dietary department at the veteran's institution. In addition, Margaret's collection of cookbooks and recipes provide a comprehensive insight into gendered domestic consumption and advertising in the post-war period. Overall, the records provide a vivid illustration of the activities of a family clan that lived in Southern Ontario during the 19th century and Winnipeg during and after the Edwardian period.

Pugh, Margaret

Joyce Walters fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1929-1999

The Joyce Walters fonds includes an Alumni questionnaire (2009); correspondence (1997-2009); RWB Programmes (1939 - 1940); scans of photos (1939 – 2007); and photographs (1929-1939).

Robert Bruce fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 346, Pc 302, El 28 (A.11-26)
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1996

The fonds is divided into five series. They include diaries, personal, drawings, sketchbooks and oversize drawings. The fonds consists of letters, personal records, postcards, photocopies of Bruce’s published artwork, 9 notebooks, 7 photographs, 119 sketchbooks, 183 drawings, 51 prints, 109 oversize drawings and prints, 13 negatives of drawings, 3 slides of paintings, 21 colour reversal film of drawings, 42 photographs of drawings, 53 drawing reproductions, 191 news clippings of drawings, 275 oversize reproductions of drawings, 136 oversize magazine clippings of drawings, and 44 oversize reproductions, clippings and photographs of drawings.

Bruce, Robert, 1911-1980

Paddy Stone fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1932-1986

The Paddy Stone fonds includes the following series: dance programmes (1932-1986); newspaper articles (1946-1986); Kismet (1984); correspondence (1975); The Hands (1987); and photographs (1941-1983).

Stone, Paddy

Joan Chasney Johnston fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1934-[1990].

The Joan Chasney Johnston fonds includes the following series: scrapbooks (1940-1989); articles and programmes re: dance career (1934-[1990]); and a photograph (1947).

Casimir Carter fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1934-2001

The Casmir Carter fonds includes the following series: biographical information (1955-2001); essay (1976); scrapbooks (1934-1955); Canadian Dance Festival [1977]; correspondence (1970-1987); reviews [1969-1981]; programme (1947); and photographs (1941).

Roy Maley fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1938-1970

The Roy Maley fonds consists of scrapbooks (1938-1970).

Maley, Roy

Arnold Spohr fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1938-2010

The Arnold Spohr fonds includes the following series: artifacts; biographical information; awards (1970-2004); family (1953-1999); personal collections; newspaper articles (1958-2008); correspondence (1957-2005), scrapbooks (1945-1951); Egyptian Tour (1982); RWB Administration (1974-1986); annual reports (1980-1988); writings (1950); speeches; invitations (1983-2002); ballet information/notes; Banff Centre School of Fine Arts (1975-2000); Arnold Spohr Gala (1982-1983); Dance Congress (1969); International Competitions (1961-1980); Competition Judge (1987-2003); guest teacher (1991-2003); Alberta Ballet School (1993-1999); Rainbow Stage (1957-2007); RWB Alumni Association ([1989]-1994); Ballet Jorgen (1991-1994); Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers (1991); film (1979-1990); Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (1983); obituaries/memorials (2010); a Celebration of Dance (2003); Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (1979); Manitoba Arts Council (1986); retirement (1988); photographs (1938-2004); moving images; and slides [1984-1987].

Joan Anderson fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1938-1951

The Joan Anderson fonds includes scrapbooks (1938-1951) and a photograph (1945).

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