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Mar, Jacques

The Jacques Mar file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of 5x7 student card
  2. Winnipeg Free Press article "Success of Four Sons Balances Savings Loss for Chinese Minister," July 27, 1936
  3. Copy of graduation photo from 1935 "Brown and Gold" yearbook
  4. Obituary - The Times Colonist

Mar, Jacques Caillard

Mainland, Donald

The Donald Mainland file contains the following material:

  1. Previous catalogue sheet (1)

  2. Faculty questionnaire & brief professional summary incl titles of his books in Manitoba Authors (2pp)

  3. Bibliography (may not be complete) (1p)

  4. First pages of 4 articles, each signed (4 items)
    -"An Uncommon Abnormality pf the Flexor Digitorum Sublimis Muscle." J Anat 62 (Pt 1) Oct 1927 p87
    -"On materials used in marking paraffin blocks for reconstruction." Anat Rec v43 25 June 1929
    -"Uber makroskopische Farbung von Gehirnpraparaten mit Berliner Blau. Anatomischer Anzeiger v65 1928
    -"Notes on Applied Anatomy." Nova Scotia Med Bull 15:275, 1936.

  5. Reprint of “Valedictory address” 1930:3-9. (8pp booklet)

  6. Reprint: “The Ingestion of Sea Water as a Means of Attenuating Fresh Water Rations.” Can Jour Research E, 26:250-264. 1948. See acknowledgment p264 (8pp booklet)
    See also
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    MPC 1.0 #258

Mainland, Donald

Man, Sheung Chi

The Sheung-Chi Man file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ (2000) 162: 1259 (1p)

  2. News articles on his therapy: CentreScope 1(12) August 1973; Tribune Sept 16, 1977 (3pp)

  3. Corres Man/Library re his books (7pp)

  4. Brief biography (1p)
    See also:
    -See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Man, Sheung Chi

Matheson, Elizabeth Beckett

The Elizabeth Beckett Matheson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: MMR 38(2):127, 1958; MMR Feb 1958 p.125; WFP Jul 9, 1958 (3pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Mitchell, RB “Pioneer! Dr. Elizabeth Beckett Matheson” MMR 40(8):617, 619 Oct 1960 (2pp)

  4. "100 Years have passed since first woman graduated from medical school" UM Bull 26(11): 6, 22 Oct 1992 (1p)

  5. Letter found in Minutes of the Faculty 1893-1901 re Mrs. Matheson's application for NWT license (2pp)

  6. Matheson, E “Medical Pioneering in Saskatchewan” Nurses’ Alumnae J [WGH] 1934 p.9-11 (2pp)

  7. Photocopy Buck “The Mathesons of Saskatchewan Diocese. Sask Hist 13(2) 41-62 1960 (22pp)

  8. “Elizabeth Beckett Matheson” handwritten summary of research by Marion Ferguson (2pp)

  9. Corres Currie/ Ferguson/Buck[Matheson’s daughter] CBC 1973-75 (15pp)

  10. Buck, Ruth “Making of a doctor” typescript from Montreal Star week of Feb 13, 1967 (4pp)

  11. Photocopies: Toronto Star June 1948; Regina Leader Post 10 Sept 1952; Saturday Night 23 Oct 1948; MMR v28:397 July 1948; Wpg Tribune ,nd; Wpg Tribune 8 Mar 1980 (7pp)

  12. 2 letters Kerr/Lemieux in connection with her book Indomitable women of medicine (12pp)

12.100 years have passed since first woman graduated...UM Bull 26(11):6, 22 Oct 1992 (1p)

  1. An Album of Canadian Christian Women pub. Faith Today July/August 2004 incl EBM (4pp)

  2. Article on EBM from Manitoba Women’s Directorate website: Women working for healthy communities Oct 2001 (5pp)

  3. Biograph item by CS Houston (MISSING JULY 2011)
    See also:
    -Hacker: Indomitable women of medicine - in NJM Library
    -Buck: The doctor rode sidesaddle - in NJM Library
    MPC 1.0 #106 A-C (with notes by her daughter)

Matheson, Elizabeth Beckett

Medovy, Harry

The Harry Medovy files contain the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obit: typescript by JC Haworth with copy from Prairie Med J 66: 43-44 1996; CMAJ v154:1266, 15 Apr 1996; WFP Oct 12, 1995; G&M 14 Oct 1995; “In memory” Alumni J 56(1) 1996; WFP Nov 1998 (wife); 14 Jan 2005 (sister) (11pp)

  2. CV 1967 (17pp)

  3. Annual questionnaire; copies of student & faculty cards; Previous catalogue sheet (4pp)

  4. Items re DSc: Presentation -typescript 3 p; Announcements UM Bull v10(30) May 1976; WFP 14 May 1976; UMMJ 46(2):55 1976; CentreScope June 1976; Wpg Tribune 14 May 1976 (8pp)

  5. Officer, Order of Canada: HSC Chronicle 3(7):8 1990; gg website; Man Med v61(1)1991; letter from Chair, HSC Board (4pp)

  6. “Medovy’s Memories” UM Alumni J 38(4): 4-7 Summer 1978 mentions: Chown, Day, Rorke, Popham, Shapera, Boyd, Hunter, Gilmour, Stewart, and others (6pp)

  7. Published letter to Marion Ferguson from UMMJ 48(2) 98-99 1978 (1p)

  8. Clipping from Gerrard’s “Child Health Research in Manitoba” 1993 (2pp)

  9. “Profile. Harry Medovy” CMAJ 129: 375-6 1983 - with note from HM to John Wade, Dean (2pp)

  10. Copy of programme “Piano Recital Harry Medovy” September 1980 (2pp)

  11. Pediat Symposium honouring Chown & Medovy CentreScope 1979; CMAJ 121:678-9 1979 (3pp)

  12. Prof Emeritus: corres re appt; UM Bull 10(14) Jan 14, 1976 UMMJ 46(1) 1976; (5pp)

  13. Testimonial Dinner 1970: program; invitation; news items: Child Hosp Newsletter; Tribune 18 July 1970 (2 items), 1 item nd & no source; mentioned Harry Medovy House; corres & minutes re Dinner Jan-July 1970 incl arrangement for portrait (30pp)

  14. Announcement of appt as Chair of Dept of Pediatrics 8 June 1954 (1p)

  15. Ross Award of the Canad Pediat Soc 1980; (3pp)

  16. Letters 1984 from Wm Norrie, LL Desjardins, L Sherman: re report on Health Registry for Children in Wpg School Div No 1 & immunization; also article WFP 1984 (4pp)

  17. List of Medovy Lectures 1971-84 (see also 21.7.7) (1p)

  18. Letter to Mrs M Medovy thanking her for Bound papers (in Manitoba Authors); incl copy of book forward by JC Haworth (2pp)

  19. Letter thanking HM for his book A Vision Fulfilled with copy of his written comment “To the most important department in the Medical School with affection and appreciation Harry Medovy 1979” (also in Manitoba Authors in NJM Library); review of this book & forward by Bruce Chown (4pp)

  20. Description of Medovy papers in the Provincial Archives (23pp)

  21. “Harry Medovy-doyen of Manitoba pediatrics” JC Haworth (read before Man Hist Med Soc 199?) (4pp)

  22. “Medical staff specializes in child care” Wpg Tribune Dec 1, 1956 (1p)

  23. Transcript of interview by GC Roland for oral history, 1982; mentions William Boyd, David A Stewart, Bruce Chown and others (11pp)

  24. Inaugural Address UMMJ Oct 1953 (reprint leaflet of three joined pp)

  25. Photo page of “One Foundationn, One million hearts”; see file 17.1.11 for brief biog from this booklet; (1p)

  26. News items: Speaker at Pharmacy dinner at Rosh Pina Jewish Post Sept 1984(?); "Smoking reduces size of infants?" Tribune 24 Oct 1968 (2pp)

  27. Reprint: "Adolescents: Past, Present and Future" Can J of Public Health v62: 199-204 (3pp)

  28. Various honors: Harry Medovy Fellowship Established” Child Hosp Fdn Focus Fall 1987; corres re PARIM Distinguished Med Ed Award 1985 incl HM's reply; Teddy Award, 1984; CMA Senior Membership 1983; Guild’s 50 year Service Pin 1979, UMMJ v49(2) 1979; Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal 1977; MMA 1st Distinguished Service Award 1975; Asklepios dedication by medical students 1970 (12pp)
    Folder 2
    Staff record: restricted access (50pp)
    See also:
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

    • LG Bell file 21.9 #1 for further info on HM from previous Heart Fdn booklet
      -Awards: Allan Ross Award, Canadian Pediatric Society (see Guyda file for criteria)

Medovy, Harry

Meltzer, Sara

The Sara Meltzer file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: - newspaper source unknown; MMR v22:229 1942; CMAJ v47(6), 1942 (3pp)

  2. Faculty questionnaire and 5 x 7 card (2pp)

  3. Note from “Early Jewish Physicians of Manitoba” UMMJ 44: 19 1974 (1p)

  4. First pages from 2 of her published articles: (2pp)
    -The Effects of Certain Diets on the Production of Tar Carcinoma in Mice Amer J of Cancer v30(1), May 1937
    -The Production of Skin Carcinoma ib the White Rat by Ordinary Gas-works Tar Amer J of Cancer v30(1) May 1937

  5. Note on the Sara Meltzer prize 1944 (1p)

MPC 1.0 #167 A-B

Meltzer, Sara

Menzies, James Campbell

The James Campbell Menzies file contains the following material:

  1. Letter of thanks re his work as Coordinator of CME for Family Physicians (Associate Director of Programming, Dept of Continuing Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, Univ Man 1990-94) (2pp)

  2. Copy of student file card (1p)

  3. Reg Perkin Award from College of Family Physicians of Canada 1973 WFP 31 Oct 2002 (1p)

  4. Presentation by J and R Menzies at Man Med Hist 5th Symposium - 3 generations giving medical service to one community: (14pp)
    -biog of Adam Fisher Menzies mentions CL Blight, WM Colert, DL Epp, CC Everson, SE Holmes,CW Wiebe; describes early country practice (pp1-4)

    • biog of JCM mentions JO Boxall, WM Colert, DG Irving, JG Lohrenz, DW Penner, JR Stratton, Dr. Unruh, describes changes to AFM’s country practice (pp5-10)
    • biog of RJM mentions Dr. Jacob, Dr. Unruh and more changes to practice and a piece of advice (pp11-13)
      -outline of paper (p14)
      -Reg L Perkin Award from the College of Family Physicians of Canada, 1973
      -President, Manitoba Chapter, College of Family Physicians 1975-76
      -Elected a Fellow, College of Family Physicians in 1977
      -Retired, 1994
      -Son of Adam Fisher Menzies
      -Father of Robert J. Menzies

Menzies, James Campbell

Mitchell, James Rosslyn

The James Rosslyn Mitchell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit. of wife c16 Nov 2000; (1p)

  2. Short CV 1976; longer one 2001 (5pp)

  3. “Dr. Mitchell leaves hospital after 25 years of service” St. B. Hosp Intercom 21(2): 5 1981 (1p)

  4. “Desjardins appoints new director” photocopy from newspaper (WFP?) 1983 (1p)

  5. Typescript 1992 Mitchell, JR “Manitoba medical graduates and undergraduates in war 1914-18”. (15p)

  6. Typescript 1992 alphabetical list of medical graduates and undergraduates by JR Mitchell. (15pp)

  7. Typescript Mitchell JR “Early obstetrics in Manitoba” [nd] (11p)

  8. Photocopy of picture from Tribune Oct 9, 1958 (with CB SSchoemperlen) (1p)

  9. Short appreciation [source unknown] (1p)

  10. Unpub paper on Digby Wheeler read to History of Med Club (6pp)

  11. Corres JRM to Anne Thornton-Trump 15 Jan 2007 (1p)

  12. "Flashback fun" WFP nd (1p)

  13. Alumni Memorial Days Update in Ob/Gyn: Preliminary notice, program, Alumni Memorial Introduction (by JRM); presentation, 22-35mm slides; (slides incl J Kerr, HH Chown, JS Gray, A McDiarmid, DH McCalman, O Bjornson, DS McKay, FG McGuinness, JD McQueen, RB Mitchell, EFE Black, BD Best, WJ McCord, AM Goodwin, TM Roulston, A Majury plus WGH Maternity Hosp; 1st St Boniface Hosp (7pp+ 22 slides)
    See also:
    -Confinements in the Over 35 Years Age Group (presented to SOGC annual meet. Tor 1963
    -Am J Obs & Gyn (St Louis) 88(3), 1964 pp336-341
    -Alexandra Park-Johnston Park “One Man’s Fight to Save a Park”UMMJ 51(2) 1981, (copy in RB Mitchell 21.9 file)
    -presented to Man Hist Soc. 17 Mar 1981 and later to Hist of Med Soc
    -Son of Rosslyn B. Mitchell
    MPC 1.0 #247

Mitchell, James Rosslyn

Moore, Keith Leon

The Keith Leon Moore file contains the following material:

  1. Previous catalogue page and faculty card (2pp)

  2. CV with bibliography c1984 (14pp)

  3. Appointment as Head of Anatomy MMR (nd) (2 pieces)

  4. Biographical information with publications list cut from unknown source (3pp)

  5. Miniaturized copy of cover of MMR Feb 1967 with a good picture (1p)

  6. Short bio from Canad Fed News 11:32 1969 (1p)

  7. Clipping from Mitchell’s “Manitoba Anatomists” Can J Surg Apr 1968 (1p)

  8. Typescript of Presentation by Ruth Grahame on occasion of KLM's leaving Manitoba for Toronto, 1976 (1p)

  9. Photocopy of “New Faces of 1956: Dr. Keith L Moore” UMMJ 28: 15-16 1956 (2pp)

  10. Copy of letter and Certificate for Excellence in Medical Publications from the Amer Med Writers Assoc for “The Developing Human” as the Best book for the medical profession by an individual author” 1974 (2pp)

  11. Corres re “The developing human” incl Kerr to Moore as chapters were read; also Embryology text picked best medical book Bull v9(7) 23 Oct 1974 (13pp)

  12. Ad and reviews (with handwritten notes from KLM) of The Developing Human published by Saunders 1973; notice re Before We are Born: Basic Embryology and Birth Defects Bull v30(8) 17 Apr 1974 (9pp)

  13. Note from KLM accompanying Med Communications 3(4) 1975 in which is “Interview with Keith L. Moore, Author” by BG Cox pp 19-21 (1-24pp booklet+1p)

  14. Corres KLM/Kerr 1976, 1980 (14pp)

  15. Ad for his book Clinically Oriented Anatomy; incl 2 reviews Lancet 29 May 1981, Medical Post 8 Sept 1981 (3pp)

  16. Photocopy from The Tribune 12 Oct 1968 on sex chromatin testing of athletes (2pp)

  17. Reprint “Sex chromatin and development of females” J Amer Med Women Assoc 22: 838-47 1967 (5pp)

  18. “City tests startled medical world” photocopy Wpg Tribune 2 Feb 1959 (1p)

  19. Note on his retirement UMMJ 46: 50 1976 (1p)

  20. “Symposium honours Dr. KL Moore” Prairie Med J 65: 200 1995 (1p)

  21. Cover with picture MMR 47 Feb 1967 (1p)

  22. Notice from Bulletin vii(3) 29 Sept 1973 of KLM’s becoming Chairman of Anatomy, Univ of Tor (1p)

  23. Postcard KLM to Dr IM Thompson re Rembrandt's "The anatomy lesson" (1 card)
    See also:
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

MPC 1.0 #172 A-C

Moore, Keith Leon

Musgrove, Wilfred Merle

The Wilfred Merle (Bud) Musgrove file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: CMAJ v106:1110-1111, 20 May 1972; 2 no source newspapers, 1972; (4pp)

  2. Copy of student card (see 0(4) above) (1p)

2 Faculty questionnaire [nd] (1p)

  1. Faculty card (1p)

  2. Copy of “Memorial tribute” by TA Pincock (2pp)

  3. Corres Lansdown/Kerr re material in this folder (1p)

  4. “Program from the Opening Ceremony of the LCol WM Musgrove, OBE, MM, ED Health Services Centre, Shilo Manitoba, 19 Oct 2004”. Incl CV, end-notes, bibliography, biogs of William G Hobbs, MD, FRSH; Brig-Gen Hilary F Jaeger, MSM, CD; and Lieut-Col TA Doucette, CD; Lansdown letter with more info (15pp booklet+4 photographs (MPC4.3#403C)

  5. Military Health Services Centre at Canadian Forces Base Shilo named in Honour of Manitoba War Hero: Remembrance Day article for the Winnipeg River Echo by GD Bayly, 22 Oct 2004. (incl Opening Ceremony program booklet, Oct 19, 2004 (5pp)

  6. Staff record: Restricted access (3pp)

MPC 1.0 #403 A-C

Musgrove, Wilfred Merle (Bud)

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