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Gerhard David Huebert (1906-1981) fonds

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal Papers
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1976, predominant Gerhard David Huebert (1906-1981) fonds

The Gerhard David Huebert fonds consists of various papers written by Huebert during his student years, including his master's thesis and his doctoral dissertation. In this fonds are sermons, teaching notes, and editorials created as a result of Huebert's preaching, teaching, and work with Christian Press. Bibliographic materials and various conference programs are also part of this fonds. Not in the fonds, but at Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies are the following printed materials by Huebert: "Our Concept of Biblical Eschatology" (1958), located in the study papers and essay collection 5-B-6; Botschafter an Christi Statt (no date), two copies in the J.A. Toews library; Brot des Lebens (1975), two copies in the J.A. Toews library; and a bound copy of "Mennonite Distinctiveness" Doctor of Theology dissertation submitted to Northwestern Seminary (1948), in the J.A. Toews library.

Huebert, Gerhard David, 1906-1981

Hermann Jantzen (1866-1959) fonds

  • CA CMBS Small collections J, files 5-6.
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1951

The Hermann Jantzen fonds consists of a 34-page letter by Hermann Jantzen (Holland) and his experiences in Turkestan related to his mission, as well as correspondence with Ernst Kuhlmann of Omaha, Nebraska during 1949-1951, and an autobiography written by Jantzen at the age of 85, in 1951.

Jantzen, Hermann, 1866-1959

Benjamin B. Janz (1877-1964) fonds

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal Papers
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1965

The Benjamin B. Janz fonds was created as a result of his interest and active participation in the emigration of the Mennonites from Russia to Canada in 1923 and 1924, alternative service, church and conference work and committees, and the Mennonite Central Committee. It consists of photocopied materials, original correspondence, copies of letters, conference or committee minutes, and other records. Some of the people who wrote, or to whom Janz wrote, are A.A. Friesen (Mennonite Land Settlement Board), David Toews( Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization), C.F. Klassen (All-Russian Mennonite Agricultural Society), B.H. Unruh (Study Commission), A.J. Fast (working with B.H. Unruh), Jacob Janz (All-Russian Mennonite Congress), Alvin J. Miller (Mennonite Central Committee), and Orie O. Miller (Mennonite Central Committee). The number of documents and their organization is amazing, when we remember that Janz was a prairie farmer and pastor in the first half of the twentieth century, likely without the aid of a secretary and good office equipment. Most of the letters are typed and bound in duotang binders.

Janz, Benjamin B., 1877-1964

Heinrich H. Janzen (1901-1975) fonds

  • CA CMBS Photographs: NP10-1, NP10-2, NP108-1, NP108-2, NP108-3, NP108-4, NP108-5, NP108-6, NP108-7, and NP108-8; CMBS Personal Papers: Klassen
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1988

The Heinrich H. Janzen fonds consists of autobiographical material, sermons written by Janzen, typed in the German language, correspondence regarding his mission work in Europe, and with conference leaders and committees. Janzen's books, available in the J.A. Toews library, are: 1. Die heutige Weltlage in biblischer Sicht. -- 1957. 2. Die Mennonitische Bruedergemeinde. -- 1957. 3. Der Roemerbrief. -- 1975. 4. Und ich sah--Eine Auslegung der Offenbarung. -- 1961. 5. Die Sendschreiben aus dem Buch der Offenbarung. -- 1961. 6. Wort des Lebens. -- 1961. 7. Jesu Rede ueber die Letzte Zeit. -- 1958. 8. Glaube und Heiligung. -- 1951. 9. A Brief Outline Study of the Seven Churches. -- 1949. 10. Meine Lebensgeschichte. Edited by Erich Ratzlaff, editor of Mennonitische Rundschau. Janzen's papers in the study papers and essays collection (20-M-1) are: 1. "Carl F.H. Henry's `A Christian Philosophy of Social Action.'" -- 1967. 2. "Church Evangelism in the Community." -- 1967. Sixteen of Janzen's books are included in this fonds. 21 reel to reel tapes and 9 cassettes of sermons by Janzen are located in the CMBS tape collection.

Janzen, Heinrich H., 1901-1975

Abram Abram Klassen fonds.

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal Papers
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1998]

The material in this collection consists of one item. It is a translation of Abram Klassen's diary including some letters written by Klassen to friends and relatives.

Klassen, Abram, 1885-1949

Cornelius Franz (C.F.) Klassen fonds

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal papers collection (textual), Audiocassettes: NA-18-07, NA-16-5, NA-16-3. NA-16-4. NA-18-08,Photographs: NP10, NP52-01, and NP51-02
  • Fonds
  • 1922-1964

The materials in this fonds consists of correspondence, reports, and minutes to and from Klassen in his role as an administrator and advocate for Mennonite refugees. There is lengthy correspondence with Cornelius A. DeFehr (C.A. DeFehr) and Benjamin H. Unruh (B.H. Unruh). Correspondence is with M.C.C. board members such as H.S. Bender and Orie O. Miller. The documents reflect Klassen's activities with relief organizations, settlement of Mennonites in Paraguay, Brazil, and Mexico, travel debt repayment, world conferences, and his involvement with such issues as non-resistance. Also included are documents to and from important organizations such as the Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization, Mennonite Central Relief Committee Canada (MCRC), Canadian Mennonite Relief and Immigration Council (CMRIC), which later joined to form the Mennonite Central Committee Canada (MCC) in 1963. This material shows the difficult situation the refugees in Russia faced and how Mennonites in Canada, the United States, and to a lesser extent in Germany and Holland tried to help them through financial and material as well as emigration to Canada and South America. Some of the material is dated well after Klassen's death and this material tends to be connected with C.A. DeFehr and to a lesser extent G.H. Sukkau. The fonds also contains some bibliographic material of a personal and family nature such as a fiftieth birthday celebration event, tributes, funeral, and articles "Er Kann" by H.F. Klassen, written about C.F. Klassen, Mennonitische Rundschau 27 September to 13 December 1972 The photographs are of churches that Russian Mennonite immigrants had erected or acquired in Canada after 1923 and of the occasion of Sir Edward Beatty's and Colonel J.S. Dennis's visit to the Mennonite settlement at Coaldale on September 19, 1937. (See Mennonite Brethren Herald 4 February 1977, p. 18). Other photos are of Klassen's work in Europe. Located in the CMBS tape collection is a tape that Klassen sent to his family in North America for Christmas, 1952. Another tape consists of reports from MCC workers in Germany. Reporting are Martha Thiessen, Helen Janz, Sigfried Janzen, Margaret Janzen, and C.F. Klassen, 1950. There are also cassettes in the form of tributes to Klassen.

Klassen, Cornelius F.,1894-1954

Elizabeth Klassen

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal Papers
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1998

This collection contains one item. It is an English translation of Elizabeth Klassen's story written in Roverstein, Holland in 1946, about her experience of fleeing Russia during World War Two, living in Germany, and then making her way to Holland. Also included is a two-page account of how Evangeline Matthies, as an MCC worker in Holland, met her great aunt Elizabeth Klassen. This was published in the Mennonite Historian September 1998, p.1-2.

Klassen, Elizabeth

Abraham Kroeker

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal Papers, small collections K, File 11
  • Fonds
  • 1901, 1909, 1930, 1944

The material in this collection consists of selected short books and articles that Kroeker wrote. His records demonstrate his concern for Mennonites in Russia and his involvement with Raduga. Kroeker's book, My Flight from Russia published in 1932, is available in the J.A. Toews library both in the English and the German languages.

Kroeker, Abraham

Abram Arthur Kroeker (1892-1981) fonds

  • CA CMBS Photographs: NP117; CMBS Personal Papers: Kroeker; Audio Cassettes NA-15-004 to NA-15-133-146
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1987, predominant 1913-1976

Included in the Abram A. Kroeker fond are 3 tapes, 1972 interviews between Harold Jantz, editor of the Mennonite Brethren Herald, and A.A. Kroeker. Subject content is Winkler Bible Institute, conference affairs, and family life. The tapes, available in transcript form in the A.A. Kroeker fonds, are confidential. Kroeker also donated 38 negatives called "Excerpts of Diary of Jacob Wiens, Exodus from Russia" 1876. Jacob Wiens was the father to A.A. Kroeker's mother; two microfilm reels about Camp Arnes (1952) and Ashern: Church Baptism (1959); 8 slides of unveiling of cairn to commemorate the first Mennonite Brethren Church in Canada (1963); 50 photographs. All of these materials have been placed in appropriate places in Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies. Textual materials in this fonds demonstrate Kroeker's love for the Bible School and the Sunday School, for people, and for farming. Interesting historical and genealogical materials are also part of this fonds. Most of the sermon notes are Kroeker's notes taken from presentations by other speakers. Many of the records in this fonds are undated. The printed materials that came with this fonds are dispersed in the CMBS library.

Kroeker, Abraham Arthur, 1892-1981

Katherina Loewen fonds

  • CA CMBS CMBS Personal Papers
  • Fonds
  • 1951-1980

The material in this collection consists of letters from twenty-seven different missionaries to Katherina Loewen. The missionaries were working in many different regions such as Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe etc. from 1951-1980. Some of the missionaries include Willie and Margaret Baerg, Agnes Esau, Katy Penner, Sally Schroeder, and Ruth Wiens.

Loewen, Katherina

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