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Effie and Alex McPhail Collection

  • CA DHM 23
  • Collection
  • 1860-1972

The collection contains material accumulated by Effie and Alex McPhail. It is comprised of three series: Photographs and Prints; Documents; and Miscellaneous Items. Each series is described separately. Individual items are described in detail on the Daly House Museum database.

McPhail, Effie and Alex

Multiple fonds collection

  • Collection
  • 1865-2015

Collection consists of records from a wide variety of sources that were acquired by the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada (JHC) and its predecessors and that were arranged and described on an item or file level rather than at a fonds level. In addition to the numerous sources of the material, the format, subject matter and function of the records varies. Records creators include individuals, organizations as well as the JHC itself and its predecessors.

Corporate records creators represented in the collection consist of numerous secular and religious Jewish organizations. These are mostly Winnipeg based but also include some from other communities in western Canada. These organization include: Hadassah, Histradut, the Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA), Zionist organizations, synagogues, I.L. Peretz school, B’nai Brith lodges, the Winnipeg Jewish Community Council, and Mt. Carmel Clinic.

Individual records creators are equally diverse, including politicians, rabbis, business owners, labour activists and others involved in the Jewish communities of Western Canada. These include Max Steinkopf, Saul Cherniack, Leible Hersfield and others.

Records formats include: correspondence, newsletters, programs, annual reports, handwritten books, minutes and financial statements. Many of the records are photocopies of originals. There are also a small number of artefacts such as pins and buttons.

Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

Kenneth Hayes Collection

  • CA UMASC Pc 255 (A.98-15)
  • Collection
  • 1869-1890, 1935-1936

The collection consists of eighteen black and white photographs of figures from the 1885 North-West Rebellion. Fifteen of the photographs are originals (1869-1890) and three are photographs of photographs. Also included are four negatives of death certificates, the Charles Pelham Mulhavey book entitled The History of the North-West Rebellion of 1885, a telegram, a letter, and a photocopy.

Hayes, Kenneth

Mrs. Isabelle Ardiel Collection

  • CA DHM CA DHM 1980.145
  • Collection
  • 1875-1920

Postcard picturing two women in an automobile, postcard picturing the Rouge et Noir Minstrels, postcard picturing Canadian soldiers, an invitation to the Firemen's Annual Ball, and a photograph of the First General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.

Coldwell - Marsden Collection

  • CA DHM 2000.974; 2007.8
  • Collection
  • 1875-1948

The collection consists of material belonging to the Coldwell-Marsden family. The material contains 79 reprints of photographs taken in Manitoba, British Colombia, and Ontario. The majority of the photographs are of family members and other relations. There are photographs of George R. and Annie Coldwell's family, as well as of Phoebe Jane Coldwell and George W. Marsden's family. These include photographs of their children and grandchildren. Also included in this collection are photographs of written notes (addresses, labels, etc.), as well as of furniture previously belonging to the G.R Coldwell family of Brandon. There is one map included in the collection. It is a 1928 copy of a plan for the city of Brandon originally drawn up in 1882. Items in this collection are described in detail at the individual level in the Daly House Museum database.

Coldwell - Marsden Family

Daly House Museum Collection

  • CA DHM 324
  • Collection
  • 1876-2011

The collection is comprised of material donated to and collected by the Daly House Museum. This is an artificially created collection of archival material that does not belong to a particular collection or fonds held at the Daly House Museum. The collection is divided into the following series:

Series 1: Photographs
Series 2: Postcards
Series 3: Books and Magazines
Series 4: Business Documents
Series 5: Event Documents
Series 6: Documents from Organizations
Series 7: Miscellaneous Documents

The following accession numbers are included in the Daly House Museum Collection:
1985.324 - 2013.324
2005.1 - 2008.1

The Daly House Museum

Morris Block Collection

  • CA COWA C4
  • Collection
  • 1876 - 1970

The collection consists of material relating to Winnipeg and includes vintage photographs of local businesses, buildings and civic government employees, works and operations; stereoscopic views published by the T. Eaton Co. Limited, the Keystone View Company and Underwood & Underwood, Publishers; postcards of Winnipeg published by Henry Kalen Ltd., and Alex Wilson Publications Limited; line drawings and sketches extracted from various publications; maps and plans of the City of Winnipeg; publications including telephone directories for the City of Winnipeg and Report on a Future Water Supply for the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1897; ephemera including letterhead of local businesses, stock certificates, invoices, property tax receipts and statements, philatelic items (souvenir stamps created for civic events); miscellaneous artifacts including a souvenir ashtray, pin, sterling silver spoon, and coins.

Block, Morris

McLean Family Collection

  • CA DHM 1986.358
  • Collection
  • 1877-1930

The collection consists of photographs of the Presbyterian Church at Strathclair, Manitoba, wood cutting at Grandview, Manitoba, a woman washing clothes with a wringer washing machine and cribbing a well

James Anderson Collection

  • CA UMASC PC 101
  • Collection
  • 1877-1962

The collection consists of seven postcards that depict early Winnipeg and Winnipeg Beach.

Anderson, James

Raymond Wright Papers

  • CA UWA IN-25
  • Collection
  • 1877 - 1979

Raymond Wright (1917-2002) served as the chief librarian of the University of Winnipeg from 1961 until his retirement in 1982. During his tenure, the library underwent tremendous growth and change in terms of its number of holdings, size of staff, technology, services provided and the library building itself. The Raymond Wright Papers contain a myriad of documents from the University of Winnipeg’s founding colleges, as well as a variety of individual items with no apparent connection beyond the fact that Wright collected them. While at the time of accessioning no series were made, the records themselves tend to fit within three series, including College records, miscellaneous items and the collected papers of individuals.
The first series contains records from United College, Wesley College, Manitoba College and the University of Manitoba. The first file contains a United College recruitment brochure from 1942, the 1937 Bill to unite Manitoba College and Wesley College, a variety of correspondence, including details of the acquisition of A.S. Cummings A History of Wesley College in 1957, histories of Wesley College and the department of Hebrew language and literature written by W.C. Graham in 1953, an address from 1938-1939 arguing for United College’s independence, United College’s Board of Regents meeting from 1958 discussing the future of United College, and United College’s constitution from 1940.
The second file mainly contains documents on the “Uknighter Affair” from 1968, when the editor of the Unighter was fired after publishing the satirical article “Collegiate students hang Dean by balls.” File 3 contains a copy of the University of Manitoba Statutes and Ordinances from 1877. File 4 includes two copies of “Manitoba College 1871-1921” a 50th anniversary commemorative history of the college, which includes biographies and photographs of prominent people. File 5 contains “Golden Jubilee of Wesley College 1888-1938” a 50th anniversary commemorative history of the college, which includes photographs and lists of staff members. File 6 contains the minute book for the Joint Committee of Council and Historical Library Committees from 1888-1902.
The second series includes miscellaneous items. File 1 contains a handwritten diary by an unknown author written in 1892, which details their journey through Southern Alberta. File 2 contains the “Hastings Observer 1066,” a souvenir mock newspaper from 1966, which commemorates the Battle of Hastings. File 3 contains a tribute to Canada’s centennial written in 1967 by E.J. Thomas, a graduate of 1906, and G.R. Brunet. File 4 contains a birds-eye view map of Winnipeg created by W.G. Fonseca in 1884.
The third series contains records created or related to David Owen, John Mark King, and Elin Salome Halldorson. File 1 contains articles collected and written by David Owen, who joined the faculty of Wesley College in 1932 and retired in 1971. During his tenure he served as chair of the philosophy department and taught in multiple departments. His papers, written from 1937 to 1948, mainly concern the Second World War, and include a postcard urging for the embargo of Japan in 1937, an article published in the 1947-48 edition of the Bulletin of the Manitoba Civil Liberties Association on Hutterites, and a memorandum on “Canadian Freedom in Wartime” and why liberty should be limited. File 2 contains the biography of Dr. John Mark King, the first Principal of Manitoba College, written by Principal John MacKay. File 3 includes the 1946 autobiography of former Wesley College student Elin Salome Halldorson (1887-1970), one of the first women to serve in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.

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