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Aikenhead, David Campbell

The David Campbell Aikenhead file contains the following materials:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 108:1162, May 5 1973; ? prob WFP incl partial publications' list (1p)
  2. Student and faculty cards (copies) (2pp)
  3. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  4. Picture of Dr & Mrs Aikenhead WFP Oct 7, 1958 (1p)
  5. Photo of DCA and another surgeon UMMJ v47(1) 1977 (1p)
  6. Staff record - restricted access (2pp)
  7. Short biog by MH Ferguson (original in 2.21.2(1)) (1p)
    See also:
    21.9 G Fahrni file: Folder 3 #9 p.6 recollections

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Allison, Frederick Gerard

The Frederick Gerard Allison file contains the following materials:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 141:981 1989 (incl title of publication) (1p)
  2. Copies of faculty and student cards (2pp)
  3. Faculty questionnaire, nd, (1p)
  4. President MMA 1959-60: biography: MMR 39:691 1959; photo: Tribune 9 Oct 1958; Presidential remarks MMR 45:421, 1965 (2pp)
  5. Biography from Program 103rd AGM of Can Med Assn 1970
  6. Note about himself addressed to Marion Ferguson
  7. "Class of '29-50 Years Later" UMMJ v49(3)1979 (2pp)
  8. Staff record - restricted access (9pp)
  9. Brief biography from Man Hist Soc website (1p)

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Armstrong, James W

The James William Armstrong file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: MMB 79:10 1928 (1p)
  2. Biographical note from A Medical History of Manitoba
    by Ruth Monk(?) (original in file #21.10.3) (1p)
  3. Brief biography from Man Hist Soc website (1p)
  4. Notes on JWA and IMA taken while talking to R Malaher; scjb (1p)

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Armstrong, Ida

The Ida Manning Armstrong file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: UMMJ 53:46 1983; newspaper n.d. (2pp)
  2. Review of her radio broadcasts 1942 by Rosemary Malaher (9pp)
  3. Brief biography from Man Hist Soc website (1p)
  4. Notes on JWA and IA taken while talking to R Malaher; scjb (1p)

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Baker, Charles Edward

The Charles Edward Baker file contains the following material:

  1. CMAJ v170(5):911, 2 Mar 2004 (1p)
  2. E-mails and information on CEB sent to DCE Robinson by Medical Archives (10pp)
  3. “Of mortars and morphine: one physician’s D-Day” letter written by CEB as report on his participation with 3rd Can Division in D-Day landings on beaches of Normandy, 6 June 1944;
    • incl biographical note “Memories of a swashbuckling father” by his daughter JB Gerhart; CMAJ 167(12) 10 Dec 2002; incl picture with RCHA 1st Field Regt Officers, 1941 (4pp)
  4. Copy of student card from card file (1p)
  5. Letter from Cecil E Robinson to the Dean 27 Feb 2002 (1p)

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Baragar, Charles Arthur

The Charles Arthur Baragar file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: CMAJ May 1936; two others prob from Wpg & Brandon papers (1p)
  2. Baragar,CA: Prevention of Mental Breakdown CMAJ: 542- , Aug 1921 (title page) (1p)
  3. Baragar, CA: John Wesley & Medicine, Ann of Med History, 10(1):59-65, 1928 (booklet of 7pp)
  4. 3 Practical Anatomy class tickets, 1910 (incl marks)
  5. 5 Practical Anatomy class tickets, 1912 (incl marks)
  6. Brief biography with info on location of records (1p)
  7. Photocopy from History of BMHC Brandon Mental Hlth Ctr 1971 (15pp)
  8. Photocopy of Chapter 21 from Heritage of Service, Alberta Assoc Registered Nurses (7pp)
  9. Photocopy of handwritten notes on gas poisoning 22 May 1919 (5pp)
  10. "John Wesley and Medicine" by CAB, reprint, Annals of Medical History v10(1) (7pp-booklet)
    See also:
    Alberta's Medical History: "Young and Lusty and Full of Life" by Robert Lampard; Call no: HISTMED WZ 70 DC2 L237a 2008

    MPC 1.0 #233 A,B; MPC 2.0 #087;

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Barwinsky, Jaroslaw

The Jaroslaw Barwinsky file contains the following materials:

  1. Biographical article Promin Nov 1990 (1p)
  2. Biographical entry, Pioneers of Cardiology in Canada:1820-1970, Willowdale, Hounslow, 1988:423 (1p)
  3. Cardiac surgery for children eagerly awaited - Wpg newspaper (2pp)
  4. 2 articles in Ukrainian, Ukrainian Voice/Canadian Farmer 10 Nov 1986:6; Zboriv Lands along Seret, Strypa and Zolota Lypa Rivers, History and Memoirs, Shevchenko Scientific Society, Ukrainian Archives, v38, 1985 (4pp)
  5. “History of cardiac surgery in Manitoba” read before Man History Med Soc 199?; incl earlier version (not complete but different) (13pp+9pp)
  6. Recognition of services to medicine & the community at Osvita Fdn UM Bull 26 June 1997 (1p)
  7. Awarded title of Professor Emeritus 2001 (2pp)
  8. Distinguished Alumni Award WFP 27 Jun 27 2001; UM Bull v35(11) 4 Oct 2001; v35(12) 18 Oct 2001; On Manitoba v61(3)Dec 2001 (6pp)
  9. CV 2004 (17pp)
  10. Entries in the following publications: (18pp)
    • Directory of Medical specialists 24th edition 1989-90:4822
    • ABMS Compendium of Certified Medical Specialists 1st ed 1986-87, v6:58,
    • Who’s Who in the World 4th ed 1978-79:64
    • Men of Achievement 1980 v7:44
    • Ukrainians in North America Assn for Advancement of Ukrainian Studies 1975:12
    • Thoracic Surgery in Canada B.C. Decker Inc 1989:441-443
    • Vertical Development: A New Generation of Ukrainian Canadians v2:24-29
  11. Entries in the following Ukrainian language publications: (17pp)
    • 900th Jubilee of nobility in the city of Terebowla and 80th anniversary of Ukrainian Central Council Ternopil1997: 672-673
    • Centennial Book of the Ukrainian Gymnasium in Ternopil 1898-1998
    • Biographical Dictionary to the History of Ukrainian Canadians 1986:44
    • Commemorative Book celebrating the 25th Anniversary of UMANA (1950-1975):358-360
    • Zboriv Lands, along Seret, Strypa and Zolota Lypa Rivers, History and Memoirs 1985:914-917
  12. “Doctor put his heart in his work..." WFP 20 Dec 2004 (1p)
  13. Caritas Award from the Catholic Fdn of Manitoba 2005, from Carita website; OnManitoba Apr 2005 (3pp)
  14. JB recognized by Manitoba Legislature for contributions to Manitoba etc. Hansard minutes 24 Mar 2005 (10pp)

    MPC 1.0 #288

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Beddome, Henry Septiums

The Henry Septimus Beddome file contains the following material:

  1. TF Bredin’s Biography of HS Beddome for Dictionary of Canadian Biography & accompanying 2 letters (11p)
  2. Letter from E MacDonald to Ross Mitchell re Dr Beddome (2pp)
  3. Biographical notes from A Medical History of Manitoba by Ruth Monk(?) (For original see file #21.10.3) (1p)
  4. Short biographical note incl in JB Morison’s The Earliest Prairie College of Physicians: The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba; incl JC Schultz, JH O’Donnell, CJ Bird, DH Harrison, JS Lynch, W Cowan, JB Campbell, A Codd, D Young, JS Gray, EW Montgomery, H Byers, Dr. McTavish, Dr. Vanstone, Dr. Whyte, J Patterson, AH Ferguson. (7pp)
  5. Brief biography from Man Hist Soc website (1p)
    See also:
    Certificate: Medical School, Guy’s Hospital:
    "It is hereby certified that Mr. Beddome has attended two courses of lectures on the Theory and practice of Medicine by which he hath had an opportunity of being made acquainted with the principles of this science” signed by Thomas Addison Physician to Guy’s Hospital Southward London 11th May 1852

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Bell, Annie Sinclair Keith

The Annie Sinclair Keith Bell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: WFP 6 Jan 1990; Man Med v60 1990:44 (2pp)
  2. Dedication from MMSA Yearbook 1975 (with picture) (3pp)
  3. Sample letters of thanks from S McGinnis (1974), E Engen(1983) (2pp)
  4. Note on Nan Bell fund 1990 (1p)
  5. Staff record - restricted access (1p)

    MPC 1.0#329(A-C)

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