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This U-matic tape contains two episodes of the Coming Out! cable access tv program produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective:

Cut 1: Interview with Shawna Dempsey, award-winning lesbian filmmaker and performance artist. Taped August 31, 1992. 27:45 minutes.
Cut 2: Interview with Jackie Haywood, Vancouver lesbian comic who performs as "Love Sizzle," Part 2. Taped April 7, 1990. 28:00 minutes.

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective


This U-matic tape contains two episodes of the Coming Out! cable access tv program produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective:

Cut 1: Interview with Vito Russo, author of “The Celluloid Closet,” Part 1 of Interview. Taped November 11, 1989.
Cut 2: Interview with Dr. Lilian Esses, University of Manitoba, on gay families. Taped 1985.

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective

Janet Louisa May More Collection

  • CA MCK 02-2003
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1947

Collection contains curriculum materials related to the study and teaching of Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics, English and French language studies in Manitoba dating mostly from the 1940s. Collection also contains Christmas concert and dramatic materials. Fonds also includes notes from the Manitoba Fine Arts Committee, April 1939, and notes concerning the Manitoba Camera Club, the Manitoba Drama League, Manitoba Society of Artists, Manitoba Adult Education Association, Winnipeg Sketch Club and the Manitoba Handicraft Guild.

Janet Louisa May More

George Thorman Textbook Collection

  • CA MCK 11-1999
  • Fonds
  • 1801 - 1967, predominant 1875 - 1940

Collection consists of textbooks covering the subject areas of: Agriculture, Art, Business Education, Economics, Composition, Grammar, Rhetoric, Literature, Plays, Poetry, Prose, Readers, Spelling, Phonics, Stories, Geography, Health, History, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry, General mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Logic, Psychology, Religion, Research, Methods, Manuals, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, General science, Zoology, Cooking, and Gardening. Includes two notebooks. The works found in the collection were published primarily between 1875 - 1940, although they range from 1801 - 1967, with an emphasis on History, all areas of Mathematics, Research and topics related to English or Language Arts. There are a number of works published in the nineteenth-century dealing with most of the collection's subject areas. The majority of the collection focuses on public and high school textbooks, particularly in relation to the province of Ontario, with some attention to university education.

Thorman, George

Brandon - Great Depression Project fonds

  • CA MCK 15-1997
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1986, predominant 1929-1939

This fonds contains clippings from the Brandon Sun, correspondence between Brandon officials and federal and provincial authorities, statistical data, minutes and various documents from the records of the City of Brandon relating to the administration of the City during the Great Depression. Topics include work relief policies and programs, and the impact of financial constraint and crisis. Also included are various papers written on topics related to Brandon during the 1930s.

Great Depression

Robert Bruce fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 346, Pc 302, El 28 (A.11-26)
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1996

The fonds is divided into five series. They include diaries, personal, drawings, sketchbooks and oversize drawings. The fonds consists of letters, personal records, postcards, photocopies of Bruce’s published artwork, 9 notebooks, 7 photographs, 119 sketchbooks, 183 drawings, 51 prints, 109 oversize drawings and prints, 13 negatives of drawings, 3 slides of paintings, 21 colour reversal film of drawings, 42 photographs of drawings, 53 drawing reproductions, 191 news clippings of drawings, 275 oversize reproductions of drawings, 136 oversize magazine clippings of drawings, and 44 oversize reproductions, clippings and photographs of drawings.

Bruce, Robert, 1911-1980

Winnipeg Theatre Clippings collection

  • CA UMASC MSS 341 (A.02-73)
  • Collection
  • 1921-1929

Collection consists of two ledger-sized scrapbooks of theatre-related clippings from Winnipeg newspapers from 1914 to 1927 and one smaller scrapbook listing, alphabetically, the people profiled in J. B. McGeachy’s “I First Saw” column in the Winnipeg Free Press from 1921-1929.

Ely Bronstein fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 348, Pc 303, Mf 33, TC 170 (A.10-97, A12-16)
  • Fonds
  • 1936-2010

The fonds consists primarily of photocopies of articles, documents, correspondence, photographs or artwork that the donor has acquired from various magazines, newspapers, books, associates and other archives and libraries. The vast majority of the collection relates to “Lost Horizon”, with a much smaller, though still significant, percentage relating to "Helen of Troy". Some of the collection falls outside the scope of either of the two aforementioned movies, being a collection of writings, photos and artwork relating to Hollywood and the movie industry in general, as well as California travel information and info on Tibet. The fonds is divided into the series “Lost Horizon” articles, “Lost Horizon” documents and research, personal effects, "Lost Horizon” publicity stills, “Lost Horizon” production photographs, “Lost Horizon” negatives, “Lost Horizon” art, “Helen of Troy”, related interests, oversized items, "Lost Horizon" microfilm, correspondence about “Lost Horizon”, “Lost Horizon” biographies, oversized photos of “Lost Horizon,” video collection associated with “Lost Horizon,” and audio cassette collection associated with “Lost Horizon”.

The "Lost Horizon" articles series contains newspaper, magazine and journal articles, as well as book excerpts, related to various "Lost Horizon" subjects, such as production, reception and cast and crew biographies. The "Lost Horizon" various articles series also features articles discussing James Hilton's other works. The “Lost Horizon” documents and research series contains various primary sources such as interviews, scripts, theatre programs and legal documents. The personal effects series contains content related to Ely Bronstein’s personal life such as correspondence and ephemera, though the vast majority of this material relates to “Lost Horizon”. The video collection associated with “Lost Horizon” series contains films based on other works by James Hilton or starring Ronald Colman, as well as information on Frank Capra’s life and his American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. The audio cassette collection associated with “Lost Horizon” series contains various primary sources such as interviews, theatre programs, soundtracks, prayers, and news reports. The next three series contain photographs of “Lost Horizon”, both publicity stills - scenes from the movie -slides, and production photos – pictures taken of the production processes or of members of the production crew. The negatives relating to “Lost Horizon” are reproduced photographic negatives, while the artwork contains movie posters and concept art. The “Helen of Troy” series contains material relating to that film, including articles, documents and publicity stills. The related interest series contains various articles and pictures related to Hollywood and the movie industry, as well as information about California and Tibet. All oversized items requiring larger boxes are included in the oversized items series. Lastly, the "Lost Horizon" microfilm series contains press books and visual representations of the film on 35mm microfilm. The items are all paper photocopies of their original formats, with the exceptions of a few original correspondences, a few original newspaper clippings, the negatives and the microfilm.

Bronstein, Ely

Georges Langelier

  • CA ASHSB 0006
  • Fonds
  • [1904] et 2000

Les documents comprennent 2 fusains représentant Joseph Gélineau, époux de Rose de Lima Morin, et Alma Gélineau, soeur de Eugénie Gélineau Marchesault. Le photographies et négatifs ont été faits à partir des fusains originaux. Joseph Gélineau était le père d'Eugénie Gélineau Marchessault et le grand-père de Marguerite Marchessault Langelier. L'artiste du fusain de Joseph Gélineau est Q. Chauvin.

Langelier, Georges

J. R. Léveillé

  • CA ASHSB 0348
  • Fonds
  • 1933-2007, predominant 1969-2006

Le fonds comprend des manuscrits, des notes de recherche et de voyages, des ébauches et des copies de corrections d'épreuve d'oeuvres récentes publiées et non publiées de Roger Léveillé. On a dit de l'écriture de Roger Léveillé qu'il a fait 'éclater les formes réalistes de la fiction qui, jusqu'à la fin des années 1960 ont dominé la prose littéraire du Manitoba français tout comme celle qui se publiait au Canada en dehors du Québec. Roger Léveillé s'est beaucoup intéressé à l'histoire de la littérature franco-manitobaine et a maintenu des relations épistolaires avec plusieurs écrivains ou artistes franco-manitobains dont Paul Savoie, Annette Saint-Pierre, Guy Gauthier, Louis-Philippe Corbeil, Jean-Pierre Dubé, Pauline Morier, Bernard Mulaire et Suzanne Gauthier. Cette correspondance fait partie du fonds. Il a participé aussi à des associations d'écrivains ou d'éditeurs provinciaux et nationaux. Un certain nombre de dossiers documentent cette activité. Roger Léveillé a maintenu des liens étroits avec Louis-Philippe Corbeil (1917-1993). Il a reçu de nombreux textes de ce dernier, dont l'essentiel de son oeuvre poétique, y compris les manuscrits de poèmes publiés aux Éditions du Blé et une partie de sa correspondance personnelle en plus des documents qui font partie de sa succession. Il est dit de Louis-Philippe Corbeil qu'il est le premier des poètes franco-manitobains à vivre et à pratiquer la poésie dans la grande tradition du XIXe siècle. Le fonds comprend des textes de Guy Gauthier (1939- ), romancier, dramaturge et poète natif de Saint-Norbert, Manitoba, qui a fait carrière à New York. Le fonds comprend aussi des textes de Robert Prenovault (1946- ), artiste qui a étudié entre autres, en 1970, les beaux-arts à Regina sous Joe Fafard. On y trouve aussi des textes de Marc Prescott, dramaturge franco-manitobain, et un texte de Denis Combet. On y trouve des dossiers de publication de titres des Éditions du Blé et de Ink Inc. En plus, le fonds comprend les documents de recherche entourant la production d'une émission spéciale de Radio-Canada sur Marie-Anna Adèle Roy. En 2009, des documents ayant appartenus à Jacques Gérard Léveillé, père de Roger Léveillé, ont été ajoutés au fond. L'ensemble de ce fonds documente l'activité des écrivains francophones du Manitoba et de l'édition franco-manitobaine de la deuxième moitié du XXe siècle.

Léveillé, J. R. (1945- )

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