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Allan Albums Collection

  • CMC PHO A-21, PHO A-22
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1905]-1940

The oldest album contains 67 black and white snapshot photographs dating from ca.1905 - 1915. Most of the photographs are exterior shots that appear to have been taken in the St. Boniface area and many feature groups of young women (who are possibly a group of school friends) and what appears to be family groups. The young woman who appears as a subject most often is possibly the album's original owner. The newer album contains 269 snapshot photographs dating from ca.1934 - 1940. Many of the photographs feature as the main subject a young woman who is possibly the creator of the album. The photographs show the creator and her family on vacation in locations as diverse as Vancouver, Banff, Kenora, Winnipeg Beach, Whytewold and Clear Lake as well as many scenic shots of those areas. The creator is also shown on several occasions at the Winnipeg Canoe Club. The album also features several high quality photographs of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their visit to Manitoba in 1939. There is a physical resemblance between the main subject of the older album and the 'mother' in the newer album and it is possible that they are the same person.

Allan, Doris

Dugald Costume Collection Incorporated.

  • CMC See series descriptions.
  • Fonds
  • 1953-1999., predominant 1953-1999.

Records described as part of this fonds date from 1953 to 1999 and include records documenting the acts of the Board of Trustees such as minutes and reports, policy manuals and planning documents, and correspondence. Also described as part of this fonds are records pertaining to museum operations including items pertaining to museum executive management, financial management, collections management, exhibit planning, educational programming, marketing and publicity, and membership and fundraising activities.

Dugald Costume Collection Incorporated

Decker Album

  • CMC PHO-A18
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1875]-1905

The album (designated A18) contained 17 black and white photographs. Of these, most are Cabinet Card and other studio photographs dating from ca.1875 - 1905. Also included is one small contact print (2.5 x 3 cm), ca.1905. Many subjects are unidentified. Identified subjects include Phillip Decker and members of his family. Photographer's imprints from New Jersey and Illinois are found among the collection.

Decker, Philip

Daphne Korol fonds

  • CMC PHO-C29
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1895]-1915

With one exception the subjects of these photographs, all dating from around the turn of the century, are not identified. It is not known if the unidentified subjects have any connection with the donor and the photographs were possibly collected as part of the donor's interest in costume. The photographs are all individual studio portraits. Four are portrait busts of women. One is a full length portrait of a woman identified as Katherine Tupper, the granddaughter of Sir Charles Tupper, wearing her 'coming out' dress, ca.1905 - 1910. There is also a full length portrait of a young girl sitting on a stool wearing a floral wreath in her hair and holding a crook.

Korol, Daphne

Hiddleston Collection

  • CMC PHO-C64
  • Fonds
  • ca.1918

The collection includes: a b&w photograph of the wedding couple and their attendants - the groom and his two attendants wear military uniforms and there are eight bridesmaids in matching dresses; and a b&w photograph of the wedding party and the wedding guests. Both photographs were taken out of doors in a garden.

Hiddleston, M.

Mel and Merran Johnson fonds

  • CMC PHO-C68
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1884]-1910

This collection includes: a couple, possibly Mel and Merran, seated reading at a parlour table, ca.1910; a wedding portrait of Mel and Merran, ca.1904; a carte de visite of Merran as a small child in a mourning dress, ca.1884; and a copy print of this image.

Johnson, Mel and Merran

Guy and Ruth Moore fonds

  • CMC C-20; MSC; Acc. 2005-33/Box 1
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1900] - 1971

Items consist of 8 b&w photographs plus 5 colour photographs. Dates range from ca.1900 for two views of the Marshall, Saskatchewan homestead to 1971 for two photographic proofs Ruth and Guy Moore with their daughter on the day of her wedding. Also included are: a studio portrait of a small boy, ca.1900, identified as Bertram Hall; a postcard print of a soldier, ca.1914 -1918, identified as Angus McRae; two snapshots of Ruth Hall in skating costume, ca.1935-40; Ruth Hall and her father, J.B. Hall, on the day of her wedding to Guy Moore on March 28, 1941; and two colour photographs of Ruth Hall and one of Guy Moore wearing the clothing they wore to attend a dinner in honour of Queen Elizabeth at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on June 29th, 1959. Also part of this fonds are a number of documentary items including 1 newspaper clipping, dated March 29, 1941 and consisting of a captioned photograph of Ruth and Guy Moore outside the church following their wedding.

Other documentary items include: five Toronto Skating Club Carnival Programs dating from 1929 to 1941; a Granite Skating Club Carnival program dating from 1935; an "Ice Cycles" program dating from 1952; two RCMP Christmas cards signed by Sergt. & Mrs. Heacock of Vegreville, Alberta; a program for a dinner in honour of Queen Elizabeth II in Toronto in 1959; an Easter card addressed to Guy Moore, Vegreville, Alberta; two invitation cards to an 'At Home' and an afternoon tea addressed to Miss Ruth Hall; and a wallet with identification card which had belonged to Mr. J.B. Hall, Ruth Moore's father, and gives the name of his WW I regiment.

Moore, Guy and Ruth

T.J. Lockhart fonds

  • CMC PHO-A7; PHO-C13
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1865]-1918

The holding consists of a Cartes de Visites album containing 12 photographs which date from ca.1865-1885. The subjects of the Cartes are adults, adolescents and children and they are identified as Gillanders relatives. Also included with this holding is a collection of 14 loose Cartes de Visites (designated C13) and larger studio photographs dating from ca.1870-1918. Subjects include individuals, couples and groups of all ages. Many are identified as Lockharts and Gillanders. One is a group photograph identified as Maryburgh School.

Lockhart, T.J.

Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Mann fonds

  • CMC PHO-C78
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1890]-1914

The collection consists of two copies each of a contemporary copy print enlargement of a cabinet card full length portrait of a man and a woman, possibly a wedding portrait, ca.1890; and a contemporary copy print of a wedding party of seven posed in a garden, ca.1914. The 1914 wedding party is possibly that of Chrissie Elizabeth Isabella Martin and Percy Mann, Mr. W. F. Mann's parents, who were married in Montreal on April 25, 1914.

Mann, Mr. & Mrs. W.F.

Helen Billings fonds

  • CMC PHO-C50
  • Fonds
  • ca.1900

The collection consists of two small prints, ca.1900, mounted on white card featuring head and shoulder shots of two women in elaborate hats. Also included is a small circular portrait of what appears to be the same two women, ca.1900, mounted on a gray card.

Billings, Helen

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