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Kelly Houle fonds

  • CA UWA 22.16
  • Fonds
  • n.d.

The fonds consists of the full Indigenous ceremonial regalia worn by Kelly Houle while dancing in powwows and in other ceremony. The regalia includes a blue jingle dress, multi-coloured hair ribbons, leather hide moccasins, a black leather belt, beaded flower earrings, a beaded feather clasp or brooch, and beaded leather tiara that reads "18th International Two-Spirit Princess." In an oral history interview, Houle claimed that she had a vision of dancing in a jingle dress and acquired the regalia shortly thereafter following a consultation with an Elder. She referred to the dress as a "healing dress" in this interview.

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Kern-Hill Furniture Co-op fonds

  • CA UWA UW 20.08
  • Fonds
  • 1998 - 2001

Fonds consists of recordings on Betacam and U-Matic cassettes of television commercials advertising the Kern-Hill Furniture Co-op in Winnipeg, MB. The recordings were produced for several television studios in Winnipeg and Portage La Prairie, MB, and Grand Forks, ND, including Global TV, A Channel, and WDAZ-8, and possibly others. The commercials advertise sales and deals at the business, and feature owners Nick Hill and Nick Hill Junior. The individual cuts for each commercial feature an ISCI code, often identified on the labels on the cassettes themselves. The cassettes in the fonds are arranged chronologically.

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Victor Dobchuk fonds

  • CA UWA UW 21.02
  • Fonds
  • 1983 - 2004

Fonds reflects Victor Dobchuk’s career in the 1990s and early 2000s as a documentary film producer and director. Fonds consists of video recordings on cassettes or DVDs produced by Victor Dobchuk or his production company Malanka Productions Ltd. The recordings were used in the production of educational or documentary films related to labour, activism, and poverty in Winnipeg, Manitoba; either for Dobchuk’s own film projects through Malanka Productions, or on behalf of the activist organization CHO!CES.

The recordings are arranged into eight groupings by Dobchuk according to the subject they depict. The first is comprised of footage from CHO!CES meetings and demonstrations used for CHO!CES-related productions. The second relates to a speech by Judy Rebick on the Federal Bill C-76. The third shows several events related to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Alternative Federal Budget. The fourth is footage used for Dobchuk’s documentary film, “Fairness.” The fifth was used to document the Christmas LITE (Local Investment Towards Employment) Campaign over several years. The sixth documents the 1994 New Directions Conference: The Future of Work from a Socialist Perspective. The seventh is footage used for the 1997 documentary, “Plugging the Holes in the Rusty Bucket.” The remainder of the items are other documentaries by Dobchuk. The items retain Dobchuk’s own arrangement scheme.

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Winnipeg, St Michael and All Angels fonds

  • CA DRL W.033
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1991

The records of St Michael and All Angels held at the Diocese Archives include: Canonical Documents (1904-1947); Titles (1910-1914); Building Plans (1951-1955); Sacramental Registers (1910-1991); and photographs. Research File.

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Charlotte Wright Cochrane fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1948-2009

The Charlotte Wright fonds include the following series: scrapbooks (1948-1954); biographical information (1954-2009); programmes (1952-1959) and photographs (1953).

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Delza Longman fonds

  • CA UWA UW 86.003, 88.036, 88.057, 94.001, 95.013, 96.006, 97.023, 99.024, 00.017, 00.023, 00.059, 00.092, 00.096, 02.014, 02.015, 03.013, 06.008, 06.009, 07.003, 08.008, 08.011, 10.005, 10.006, 10.007, 11.004, 11.012, 12.006, 13.011, IN-15, SC-7, SC-8
  • Fonds
  • 1885 - 2013

Fonds illustrates both Alf and Delza Longman’s ongoing relationship with the University of Winnipeg and its community of faculty, staff, and alumni, particularly Delza’s volunteer work with the Alumni Association. Fonds also reflects their personal lives and interests, particularly Canadian history and travel. Some of the records date from Alf’s early years at Wesley College in the 1910s and onward, and range to Delza’s final donation in 2013, but the majority of the material was generated in the 1960s-1990s when Delza was most active with the Alumni Association.

Fonds is arranged in the order of individual donations from Delza over the years and retains its original order with minimal intervention wherever possible. The records in the fonds include sound recordings of lectures, literature reviews, and interviews; correspondence; scrapbooks; newspaper clippings; photographs; essays; awards; some published items; and ephemera from the University and its historic colleges as well as historical Canadian or Manitoban events. Includes also two of Delza’s rug hookings.

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Peter Tittenberger fonds

  • CA WAF F1
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2000

This fonds consists of 320 slides of buildings and urban landscapes in Manitoba, predominately in Winnipeg, and 98 photographs that document the demolishment of buildings at Portage and Main and the construction of 201 Portage Avenue.

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University of Winnipeg Library fonds

  • CA UWA CA UWA 82.001, 83.001, 86.004, 86.005, 91.006, 97.021, 97.022, 99.002, 99.003, 99.004, 99.010, 99.018, 99.020, 00.018, 00.031, 00.045, 00.046, 00.047, 00.048, 00.049, 00.050, 00.051, 00.052, 01.008, 01.021, 01.026, 02.012, 03.002, 03.010, 03.011, 03.012, 05.023, 06.012, 08.012, 09.004, 11.013, 18.009, 18.022
  • Fonds
  • 1938 - ?

The records in the University of Winnipeg Library fonds contain:
• administrative records of the United College and University of Winnipeg Library, including those of the library's committees that served the Senate and the Board of Regents
• letters of thanks from the Chief Librarian to donors to the University of Winnipeg Library's acquisitions’ collection
• correspondence related to the changes to the National Library of Canada's online database
• drawings of the mezzanines in the library, possibly created by students as part of a class project
• correspondence regarding the library’s proposal for housing and cataloguing playwrights’ work, published or unpublished, into the Library's Rare Book Room
• the Stimpson Science Fiction Collection Inventory, prepared by The University of Winnipeg Library
• records related to the Library and Policy and Planning Group including policies and the Library Mission Statement
• manuals for the University of Winnipeg Library’s automated periodicals systems and resources for professional development
• correspondence related to the donation of books to the University of Winnipeg library records related to Archives Day 1983 and records related to the storage of library materials off- site
• University of Winnipeg telephone directory from 1999/2000 and a memorandum about Emergency Procedures agreed upon by the Library Policy & Planning Group
• contacts sheets and 30 negatives related to the library ceremony for the unveiling of the Rutherford Plaque
• records related to a library review survey and Library Board/Committee agendas and minutes
• Collective Agreement for 1995-1997 between the Board of Regents of the University of Winnipeg and the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association
• histories of Manitoba College, Wesley College and United College and material dealing with Copyright and Intellectual Property
• materials related to the Western Canada Pictorial Index; brochures and pamphlets of the University of Winnipeg, administrative records of the Library Board and the Library Policy and Planning Group
• records of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA), papers written by Dr. William R. Converse
• correspondence, newspaper clippings and reports by Dr. Marsha P. Hanen and Dr. Constance Rooke
• records related to Library Information Systems, Watfile Data Base Management Software and Quattro Pro
• records related to the Religion and Life Week lecture series
• minutes of the United College Senate and the University of Winnipeg Senate (open and closed), Board of Regents, Library Board and the Faculty Council of Arts and Sciences Library Committee.

A. Lee Gibson fonds

  • CA UWA 15.002, 16.008
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1954, 1977-1979, 2003-2004, 2014-2016

The fonds reflects Gibson's involvement in United College as a student and an alumna. The 2015 accession consists of a songbook written by Gibson's 1954 classmate, Gilbert Munroe. The 2016 accession consists of publications, pamphlets, a script, letters, newspaper clippings, photographs, programmes, maps of the University of Winnipeg campus, and pins. The fonds include correspondence and financial records with the University of Winnipeg pertinent to the activities of the Entrance Scholarship Program. Photographs consist of Lee Gibson's time as a student at United College and as an alumna.

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Robert Young fonds

  • CA UWA 17.029, 19.014, 22.03
  • Fonds
  • 1942 - 2021

Fonds is comprised of three accessions. 17.029 reflects Dr. Young’s career as an academic historian. In that role, he taught and lectured as a Professor, both at the University of Winnipeg as well as academic conferences or lecture series; he published a breadth of scholarly literature and research, and served to review the drafts of his peers for publication; and he involved himself in administrative, educational, and community issues at the University of Winnipeg. For his outstanding teaching and research, he also received a number of awards both from the University of Winnipeg and beyond. Fonds includes records produced by all of these activities. Dr. Young’s specialty as an academic historian was Interwar French History, and 20th Century European History more broadly; the majority of his teaching, research, and writing focused on this topic. Fonds also includes correspondence – written or email – with a wide variety of present and former students, fellow scholars and Professors, University administrators, editors, politicians, archivists, and other individuals. To a lesser degree, the fonds also documents Dr. Young’s early life and education prior to his hiring by the University of Winnipeg in 1967, and the continuation of his career after retirement in 2008.

Fonds is arranged in seven series that represent different facets of Dr. Young’s career. The first, University Career, represents Dr. Young’s involvement with the University of Winnipeg through activism on University issues, service on committees, awards he received for his work as a Professor, and administrative documentation such as his annual activity reports or his curriculum vitae. It also contains some of his coursework from his undergraduate and graduate programs. The second, Books, is related to his published monographs: primarily in terms of their editing, publication, and promotion, but also Dr. Young’s using them in class assignments. The third, Teaching, contains teaching material from his various courses; several extracurricular lectures he gave; and correspondence with former students. The fourth, Scholarly Pursuit contains records from his published scholarly articles, book chapters, participation in academic conferences, and book reviews written by him or about his work. The fifth is Scholarly Correspondence and contains the exchanges, by print or email, he carried on with other individuals or institutions related to his ongoing research on France in the Interwar Period and other European history. The sixth is UW Institutional, which documents Dr. Young’s involvement with University programs (such as the European Studies Group). And finally, the seventh, Artifacts, contains some of his academic diplomas, his bound PhD and Masters theses, video and audio recordings of his lectures, and albums and scrapbooks commemorating aspects of his life and career.

19.014 reflects Dr. Young’s involvement with the administration and activities of the University of Winnipeg Club, particularly as its President and Past-President. Fonds includes records from the Club Board and Annual General Meetings; its financial and corporate records; material from its various promotions, fundraisers, and seasonal events; and correspondence, primarily Dr. Young’s email correspondence.

22.03 is primarily comprised of email correspondence between Dr. Young and University of Winnipeg faculty, staff, alumni, and students during his post-teaching career as a Senior Scholar. The emails were printed and organized by Dr. Young. Includes also several of his earlier awards and degrees.

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