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Grand Marais, St. Jude fonds

  • CA DRL OW.032
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1995

The records of St Jude held at the Diocesan Archives includes Canonical Documents; Property records; Sacramental Registers; Record of Service (Vestry Books); Photographs, and a research file.

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Middlechurch, St Paul fonds

  • CA DRL OW.057
  • Fonds
  • 1850 - 2002

The fonds consists of Canonical Documents (1852-1919); Titles (1893-2001); Maps and Plans (1886-2002); Sacramental registers (1850-1960); Minutes of Vestry (1866-1907,1938-1987); Record of Services (1903-1916, 1943-1998); records of the Senior WA (1901-1966); records of the WA Branch of the Missionary Society of Rupert's Land (1927-1962); Minutes of the WA Evening Branch (1959-1970); Minutes of the WA Afternoon Branch (1963-1967); WA Cash Book (1964-1974); records of the Solicitor (1930-1958); Electromagnetic Ground Conductivity Studies; Preacher's Book (1880-1889); Burial records; photographs; and research.

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Abraham Cowley fonds

  • CA DRL Acc: Unknown
  • Fonds
  • 1840-1877

The fonds consists of significant historical documents: personal papers, photographs, canonical documents and instructions from the CMS, and some research material apparently collected by TCB Boon. One letter signed by William Cochrane dated [1845].

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Allen Mills fonds

  • CA UWA 04.02, 23.30
  • Fonds
  • 1911 - 2014

The 2004 accession of the fonds consists of records, mostly publications, pertaining to Canada Waffle, a radical-left political movement within the NDP that grew in popularity in the early 1970s. Included are newspapers, position papers and research reports on social, economic and political issues of the day.

The 2023 accession of the fonds consists of research material, correspondence, and records related to Dr. Allen Mill's career as a University of Winnipeg Political Science professor. Included is correspondence with historian Ramsay Cook about Mills’ biographies of Pierre Trudeau and J.S. Woodsworth; correspondence with David and Joyce Milgaard; the controversies around Mills’ review of David Matas’ book and animal testing on campus; correspondence regarding Mills’ appeal of being refused tenure; political files related to Mills’ run for office with the NDP in 1979; notes from an interview with Ed Schreyer; presentations to government including voting rights for inmates; records related to his effort to construct a monument to Marshall McLuhan; records and research material about J.F. White and Fred Dixon; and Mills’ involvement in the controversy over the results regarding Israel "Izzy" Asper's election to the Manitoba Legislature.

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Steven Schipper fonds

  • CA UWA UW 20.01, 20.04
  • Fonds
  • 1968 - 2019

Fonds reflects Schipper’s career in Canadian Theatre as a director and artistic director in several venues across Canada, with a particular focus on his role as Artistic Director of the Royal MTC from 1987-2019 in Winnipeg, MB. The records pertain to the multidisciplinary aspects of the role of an Artistic Director, including a mixture of administrative, dramaturgical, technical, and personal material, related to the production of individual shows, the planning of theatrical seasons, and the day-to-day business of the theatre’s box office. The records also pertain to Schipper’s extramural research and awards and early education.

Fonds is divided into three series. Two series divide 20.01: records from Schipper’s life and career prior to, and those during his tenure at the Royal MTC. The former is primarily comprised of records related to his work as Artistic Director at Huron Country Playhouse, 1985-1987, but also includes documents from his early education and other dramatic projects. Both series include personal notebooks, working scripts, production notes, design drawings, correspondence, reports, awards and certificates, and ephemera from various theatres and dramatic productions. The third series, 20.04, consists of audio recordings used in the dramaturgical process of the Royal MTC’s productions. They primarily include interviews between Schipper and psychiatrist Dr. Michael Eleff discussing the psychology of plays and their characters, but also some music, other interviews, and radio programs.

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Scanterbury, St Philip fonds

  • CA DRL OW.085
  • Fonds
  • 1892 - 1986

The records of Scanterbury, St. Philip held at the Diocese of Rupert's Land Archives include: Canonical Documents (1903); Titles (1914-1985); Sacramental registers (1892-1981); and Record of Services (1932-1970). Research file.

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Sandy Bay, St Mary fonds

  • CA DRL OW.083
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1984

The records of Sandy Bay, St Mary held at the Diocese of Rupert's Land archives include: Titles (1928); Sacramental Registers (1928-1983); Record of Services (1919-1980); and Diocesan correspondence (1928-1984).

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Interview with Connie Merasty

Oral history interview with Connie Merasty (01hh 05mm 38ss) in Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Manitoba, conducted remotely by Nicole Murdock in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Friday 11 November 2022. Records include wav and mp3 recordings of the interview and digital textual records including the interview summary, transcript, index, and waiver and consent form.

During the interview, Connie Merasty discusses how as a teenager she left the intolerance of Northern Manitoba for Winnipeg, and found community. She tells how after engaging with political and social movements, and learning about Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ histories, she returned to Opaskwayak Cree Nation to learn ceremony with her family. Major themes discussed in the interview include social activism, spirituality, remembrance of friends lost to AIDS, an emphasis on health, and a career in community engagement.

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Interview with Marjorie Beaucage

Oral history interview with Marjorie Beaucage (00hh 29mm 25ss) in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, conducted remotely by Jenny Foidart in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Monday 31 October 2022. Records include wav and mp3 recordings of the interview and digital textual records including the interview informed consent form, summary, transcript, index, and waiver and consent form.

During this interview, Marjorie Beaucage briefly shares the story of her life with the interviewer, starting with childhood in a Metis community in Manitoba, and the languages she learned to speak. The interview's focus is on questions regarding Two-Spirit identity, to which Beaucage speaks about the term's origins, her own identity, and her work as an independent filmmaker and advocate. Beaucage emphasizes the importance of community-based resources and supports for the physical and mental health of Two-Spirit individuals.

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