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Dossier Human services
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Grant, W Wallace

0. Obit.: WFP 17 & 18 Dec 2003; CMAJ v170(12):1879, 8 June 2004 (3pp)1. Copy from student and faculty card files (1p)
2. Updates (with family picture) sent in for 55th anniversary reunion of ‘44 class, 1999 (7pp)
3. Copies of t...

Grant, W. Wallace

Biohazard information files

  • UMCMA 10.2.13.
  • Dossier
  • 1977 - 1994

File contains the following materials: : (1) Biohazards Control Cte. corres, minutes, 1977-86; (2) Biosafety approval summaries 1994-

Research Department


Records of cheques donated to various non-profit organizations by Margaret Pugh.

Walton, Frederick A'Court

The Frederick A’Court Walton file contains the following material:0. Obits.: CMAJ v148(4):632 15 Feb 1993 (1p)1. Copies of student and faculty cards 2pp2. 1933 Faculty questionnaire (1p)3. Letter to Marion Ferguson undated but c1982-1983Notes:Fred...

Walton, Frederick A’Court

Cadham, Roper Galloway

The Roper Galloway Cadham file contains the following material:
0. Obit.: newspaper Apr 22, 1988; CMAJ 139(1):77, July 1988; also his wife’s from 1976 (2pp)
1. Faculty questionnaire, 1948 (1p)
2. Copy of faculty and student...

Cadham, Roper Galloway

Hildes, John Arthur

The John Arthur Hildes file contains the following material:0. Obits.: WFP 30 Nov 1984; WFP obit nd (incl description of memorial service by MH Ferguson); "Son of Paratracks" Cdn Paraplegic Assn Feb 1985 p6; CMAJ 132:63, 1 Jan 1985; Cent...

Hildes, John Arthur

Ferguson, Robert George

The Robert George Ferguson file contains the following material:
0. Obits.: CMAJ v90 18 Apr 1964; v90 9 May 1964; UM Alumni J 1964 p14; MMR 44:239 1964; Lives Lived G&M 1 Aug 2003 (re son), Lives Lived G&M 19 July 2005 (re daughter...

Ferguson, Robert George

Cadham, Frederick Todd

The Frederick Todd Cadham files contain the following materials:Folder 1:
0. Obits.: WFP Jan 30/61; WFP Jan 31/61; MMR 41:193 Mar/61; CMAJ 84:673 1961 (4pp)
1. Faculty questionnaire, copy of faculty card and previous file sheet; ca...

Cadham, Frederick Todd

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