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Manitoba--Brandon Avec objets numériques
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Brandon City Council - 1970

Composite photograph of the 1970 Brandon City Council members. Pictured are: J.M. Mitchell, M. Kotyk, Mayor Wm. Wilton, E. Lyons, F. Foster, H.H. Nikkel, F.H. Gibson, N.V. Campbell, P. McDuffe, J.E. Purdie, City Clerk I.L. Thomson, City Manager D. Scott, and Treasurer F. Woodmass, and J.E. Brockest.

Brandon City Council - 1969

Composite photograph of the 1969 Brandon City Council members. Pictured are: Ald. J.M. Mitchell, City Clerk I.L. Thomson, Mayor S.A. Magnacca, City Manager G. Darychuk, Ald. A.D. Burneski, Ald. G.Box, Ald. H.H. Nikkel, Ald. F.H. Gison, Ald. N.V. Campbell, Ald. D. Scott, Ald. Mrs. M. Kotyk, Ald. Mrs. E. Lyons, and Ald. Mrs. F. Gowan.

Lawrence Stuckey

Inaugural Meeting of the 1967 Brandon City Council

Photograph of the inaugural meeting of the 1967 Brandon City Council Members.
Standing: Mr. I.L Thomson, Acting City Clerk, Alderman G. F. Brown, T. Penton, A.G. Mckenzie, H.H. Nikkel, A.D. Burneski, J.M. Mitchell, G.D Box, P. Neufeld, and G.J. Darychuk, City Manager.
Seated: Alderman Mrs. Marie Kotyk, Mayor Stephen A. Magnacca, and Alderman Mrs. Flora Cowan.

Lorne Q. Chapple

Brandon City Council - 1967

Composite photograph of the 1967 Brandon City Council members. Pictured are: Ald. J.M. Mitchell, Treasurer F. Woodmas, City Manager G. Darychuk, Mayor S.A. Magnacca, City Clerk A.J.M. Bell, Assistant Clerk I.L. Thomson, Ald. G. Brown, Ald. P.J. Newfeld, Ald. A.D. Burneski, Ald. G.D. Box, Ald. A.G. McKenzie, Ald. H.H. Nikkel, Ald. M. Kotyk, Ald. F. Cowan, and Ald. T. Penton.

Lawrence Stuckey

Brandon City Council Inaugural Meeting, 1965

Photograph of the 1965 Brandon City Council at their inaugural meeting at the original City Hall (Princess Avenue; demolished 1971). Pictured are: Alderman G.D. Box, H.H. Nikkel, T. Penton, City Clerk A.J.M. Bell, Alderman R.G. Stewart, Mayor S.A. Magnacca, Aldermen T.H. Collister, F. Cowan, A.D. Burneski, D.S. Weiss, R.K. Armstrong and J.M. Mitchell.

Brandon City Council - 1964

Composite photograph of the 1964 Brandon City Council members. Pictured are: Ald. A.D. Burneski, Ald. T. Penton, Mayor S.A. Magnacca, Ald. T.H. Collister, Ald. F. Cowan, Ald. D.S. Weiss, Ald. J. M. Shurb, Ald. J.M. Mitchell, Ald. W.H. Boreskie, Ald. G.D. Box, City Clerk A.J.M. Bell, and Ald. C.R. Wilson.

Lawrence Stuckey

Daly Overpass

Photograph of the 18th Street Daly Overpass. Kane Equipment Ltd. is visible to the left and the International Harvester Company of Canada is on the right.

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