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Truth and Reconciliation Web Collection

  • Collection
  • 1993, 2006, 2008-2016; predominant 2015-2016

The Truth and Reconciliation Web Collection consists of 285 archived websites pertaining to Manitoba’s ongoing involvement in the reconciliation process as defined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The collection content pertains to a diverse range of topics, including Survivors’ stories, apologies, responses, cultural events, and more. The media captured in the collection includes web pages, blogs, news coverage, and PDF files. The collection will continue to grow as Manitoba witnesses new forms of reconciliation. The collection is curated using the University of Winnipeg’s subscription to the Internet Archive service Archive-It. Captures of archived websites are created using the Internet Archive’s Heritrix and Wayback Machine tools. All captures of the archived web sites are hosted on Internet Archive servers.

University of Winnipeg. Library

Patricia Martens Collection

  • Fonds
  • 1952-2015

The Patricia Martens collection is divided into thirteen series:

  1. Research
  2. Grants and Funding
  3. Committees
  4. Awards
  5. Conferences
  6. Historical (Manitoba Centre for Health Policy)
  7. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy Reviews
  8. Correspondence
  9. Graduate School
  10. Calendars
  11. Church Directories
  12. Photographs
  13. Legacy Media

Martens, Patricia Joan

Eva Fritsch fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 344, PC 283 (A.10-103)
  • Fonds
  • 1973-1986, and 2011

The fonds is separated into 10 series: biographical material, correspondence, minutes and other documents from literary organizations, design work, newspaper clippings, the Bird’s Hill Park Series exhibition, sketches, artwork by Denis Nokony, and Turnstone Press publications for which Eva Fritsch did design work, photographs and negatives. The fonds also includes a photograph collection featuring 234 photographs, 499 negatives, 125 sketches, and 2 oversize materials.

Fritsch, Eva

Timothy E. Anna fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 342
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2011

The fonds is separated into 13 series. They include: C.V., articles, MSS chapters ; book reviews, University of Manitoba Committees, University of Manitoba material, research grants, manuscript assessments, conferences, publisher's correspondence, correspondence, student correspondence, Royal Society of Canada , research material, photographs & electronic records.

Anna, Timothy E.

Ely Bronstein fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 348, Pc 303, Mf 33, TC 170 (A.10-97, A12-16)
  • Fonds
  • 1936-2010

The fonds consists primarily of photocopies of articles, documents, correspondence, photographs or artwork that the donor has acquired from various magazines, newspapers, books, associates and other archives and libraries. The vast majority of the collection relates to “Lost Horizon”, with a much smaller, though still significant, percentage relating to "Helen of Troy". Some of the collection falls outside the scope of either of the two aforementioned movies, being a collection of writings, photos and artwork relating to Hollywood and the movie industry in general, as well as California travel information and info on Tibet. The fonds is divided into the series “Lost Horizon” articles, “Lost Horizon” documents and research, personal effects, "Lost Horizon” publicity stills, “Lost Horizon” production photographs, “Lost Horizon” negatives, “Lost Horizon” art, “Helen of Troy”, related interests, oversized items, "Lost Horizon" microfilm, correspondence about “Lost Horizon”, “Lost Horizon” biographies, oversized photos of “Lost Horizon,” video collection associated with “Lost Horizon,” and audio cassette collection associated with “Lost Horizon”.

The "Lost Horizon" articles series contains newspaper, magazine and journal articles, as well as book excerpts, related to various "Lost Horizon" subjects, such as production, reception and cast and crew biographies. The "Lost Horizon" various articles series also features articles discussing James Hilton's other works. The “Lost Horizon” documents and research series contains various primary sources such as interviews, scripts, theatre programs and legal documents. The personal effects series contains content related to Ely Bronstein’s personal life such as correspondence and ephemera, though the vast majority of this material relates to “Lost Horizon”. The video collection associated with “Lost Horizon” series contains films based on other works by James Hilton or starring Ronald Colman, as well as information on Frank Capra’s life and his American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. The audio cassette collection associated with “Lost Horizon” series contains various primary sources such as interviews, theatre programs, soundtracks, prayers, and news reports. The next three series contain photographs of “Lost Horizon”, both publicity stills - scenes from the movie -slides, and production photos – pictures taken of the production processes or of members of the production crew. The negatives relating to “Lost Horizon” are reproduced photographic negatives, while the artwork contains movie posters and concept art. The “Helen of Troy” series contains material relating to that film, including articles, documents and publicity stills. The related interest series contains various articles and pictures related to Hollywood and the movie industry, as well as information about California and Tibet. All oversized items requiring larger boxes are included in the oversized items series. Lastly, the "Lost Horizon" microfilm series contains press books and visual representations of the film on 35mm microfilm. The items are all paper photocopies of their original formats, with the exceptions of a few original correspondences, a few original newspaper clippings, the negatives and the microfilm.

Bronstein, Ely

Joan de Peña fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 329
  • Fonds
  • 1890-2009

The fonds consists of Dr. Joan Finkle de Peña’s manuscripts, articles and lecture notes pertaining to her academic teaching career at St. Louis University, and the University of Manitoba. The fonds also consists of material pertaining to her research in Puerto Rico when she was a graduate student, as well as a her academic research work with her studies of the Inuit of the North, during her tenure as a faculty member with the Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba. In addition there are textual records pertaining to her involvement with various national and international professional associations, including the Sigma Xi Scientific Society. The collection also contains a total of 4624 photographs, 90 negatives, and 1,125 photo slides.

de Peña, Joan

Roslyn Stanwick fonds

  • CA UCAWA 08.05
  • Fonds
  • 2008

The digitized material from the Roslyn Stanwick fonds consists of several digital photographs of the Lourdes Grotto and the Ukrainian Catholic church in Cook's Creek, Manitoba. Both structures were designed by Father Philip Ruh.

Stanwick, Roslyn

Jasper McKee fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 350, PC 305, MF 135 (A.09-88, A.12-14)
  • Fonds
  • 1959-2008

The first accrual of the fonds includes awards, correspondence, Physics Department material, Cyclotron material, Candu Reactor material, Flywheel Electric Bus material, McKee’s edited, written and professionally published works, Canadian Association of Physicists material, photographs, and videocassettes. The photograph collection consists of 88 photographs and one album. The videocassette collection consists of 2 videocassettes.
The second accrual (A.12-14) consists of nine series. They include: Mckee articles, Physics Department material, Cyclotron material, committees, grants, conferences, research material, photograph collection, and microfiche collection.

McKee, Jasper

Rémi Bouchard

  • CA ASHSB 0383
  • Fonds
  • 1922-2008, predominant 1940-2008

Ce fonds documente la vie et l'oeuvre de Rémi Bouchard depuis ses années d'écoles et ses études en musique jusqu'à sa retraite en passant par sa carrière de professeur de musique, de compositeur et de membre de jury dans le cadre des Festivals de musique. Le fonds contient donc les notes et cahiers de cours de Rémi Bouchard alors qu'il était étudiant avec les Soeurs de la Présentation de Marie, Gerald Death, Phyllis Holtby et Alfred A. Zimmerman. On y trouve aussi une copie de l'autobiographie de Rémi Bouchard qui s'intitule Distant Voices: Memoirs of My Youth. Le fonds documente en plus des prix et honneurs remportés par le compositeur, ses premières années d'enseignement de piano à Neepawa au Manitoba. Ce fonds documente en outre, les concerts soit donnés par Rémi Bouchard, ou ses élèves, soit ceux où l'on a joué ses compositions. Ces concerts sont à la fois documentés par des documents textuels et audio. On trouve aussi de la documentation (programmes et évaluations) sur les festivals de musique auxquels Rémi Bouchard a participé, surtout en tant que juge. Le fonds comprend aussi de la correspondance avec plusieurs organismes liés au monde de la musique tels le Conseil des Arts du Manitoba, l'Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals, le Royal Conservatory of Music ou la Canadian Federation of Music Teacher's Association. On trouve aussi deux lettres de Margaret Laurence, ainsi que de la correspondance d'Henry Engbrecht (directeur de la chorale de l'Université du Manitoba), les étudiants de Rémi Bouchard, Marcien Ferland, la Société Radio-Canada, plusieurs universités canadiennes et américaines, Leslie Bishop, Claude Bourgie (Père Blanc), Victor Davies, Lionel Dorge, William Dyer (flutiste), William Gillock (auteur-compositeur et pédagogue américain), Hiroko Yasuda (pianiste) et les Soeurs de la Présentation de Marie. Le fonds contient en outre un grand nombre de lettres et de cartes d'amis et d'admirateurs. Rémi Bouchard avait aussi un correspondant au Ceyland (Sri Lanka) nommé A. Somaskandan, avec qui il a correspondu à partir de 1952 jusqu'en 2001. Cette correspondance documente donc une partie de l'histoire du Sri Lanka. Il y a aussi une correspondance importante avec les maisons d'édition qui ont publié ses oeuvres, en particulier la Boston Music Company et qui documente le processus de publication d'oeuvres musicales. Le fonds contient en plus presque tous les manuscrits des oeuvres de Rémi Bouchard ainsi que toutes ses publications. On y trouve en outre des articles, une thèse, de la publicité, des critiques et des coupures de presse au sujet du musicien. Ce fonds documente donc, en plus de la vie de Rémi Bouchard, l'enseignement de la musique au Manitoba durant la seconde moitié du vingtième siècle. Il contient en outre de la documentation sur les activités musicales de la province, surtout en région rurale, durant ces années (programmes de festivals, concerts, correspondance avec des musiciens locaux, publicités, notes d'évaluation). Certains documents témoignent de plus de la participation de Rémi Bouchard à la diffusion d'émissions musicales radiophoniques du poste de radio CKDM. On trouve aussi de l'information sur le monde de la musique canadienne, américaine et internationale. Ces documents nous renseignent sur la vie d'un compositeur d'envergure internationale au Canada. Ce fonds est donc essentiel à la documentation de l'histoire de la musique et de l'enseignement de la musique au Canada et aux États-Unis au vingtième siècle.

Bouchard, Rémi, 1936-

Walter Rudnicki fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 331, Pc 301, Tc 157, El 26, Mc 36, A.10-38; A.10-38.1
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2008

This fonds consists of material on the aboriginal history, culture, education, health, housing, and politics. Walter Rudnicki was an active participant in many of the subjects collected by him in the course of his life. In the most cases, this material is organized into themes and contains correspondence, government documents, reports, press releases, newspaper clippings, and documents of many aboriginal organizations and their leaders.

Rudnicki, Walter, 1925-2010

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