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Kitchen Plans

Series consists of architectural drawings and proposals for new space at Women’s pavilion, café bar, the report from the dietetics department on the operations and functionality of the Kitchens and cafeteria. The department of Dietetics provided and consultant and supervisory capacity when planning the expansion or creation of new kitchen spaces. The plans have been inscribed by the department with the proposed changes from Dietetics are written in to illustrate the department’s notes on space allocation, foundations and equipment needed for an expansion and modification of the space. Series also contains the original WGH cafeteria plans from 1961.

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Pan Am Games

Series documents the correspondence of the Alva Gross, Director of Dietetics and her role as Vice-Chairman of the Athletes Feeding Committee. Project included menu planning and completed nutritional guides for the athletes of the Pan Am Games held in Winnipeg in 1967. All records were produced in the year of the Pan Am games 1967. Several articles by the media detail the work of the director as vice-chairman were kept in the file.

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Diet Manuals

Series documents the three editions of diet manuals produced by the Department of Dietetics of the Winnipeg General Hospital. The three editions produced by the department were 1960, 1966, and 1970 respectively. The manual was used by all arms of the dietetics department and was revised only by the department administration. The therapeutic dieticians of the Department of Dietetics created diet manuals intended to be used by the attending physicians, medical students, dietetic interns, nurses and nursing students for patient meals. The manuals are based in Canada’s food guide for proper nutrition and provide the menu plan for three meals a day. The manual covers standard hospital meals as well as the modifications made for specific patient diets such as a low sodium or diabetic meals. The diet manual provides a hospital wide standard for the meals and methodology of implementing the specific dietary requirements of the patients.

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Diabetes Education Centre

Series consists of the materials relating to the foundation of the Diabetes Education Centre and Diabetic Daycare Centre which was opened on March 1966 in the Winnipeg General Hospital. Body created to educate diabetic patients on how to better manage their condition. The patients were accepted by physician referral only and were given medical and dietary instruction by the attending medical director and dietician. A guidebook prepared in the centre was available for patients and family members that provided instructional information using food charts and other information to adjust to every day living. The centre also served as a teaching unit for the dietetic interns, student nurses and public health nurses. The importance of Diabetes education was a primary role for the dietetics department who also participated in diabetic day camps for children patients. The hospital sponsored camps were an attempt to provide education as well as a more traditional childhood activity for Diabetic patients. Series contains the policy manuals and educational materials from the Diabetes Education Centre created and kept by the department of Dietetics. The Diabetes Education Centre is now the Diabetes ER a seperate entity still residing on the grounds of the Health Science Centre. Records in this series relate only to the period when the Dietetics Department was involved with the Education Centre.

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Policy & Procedure Manuals

Series documents the policy and procedure manuals created for various organizations within the department of dietetics. They have been created as separate manuals with all the information relating to specific areas. Each manual contains operational procedures, examples of forms and correct method of procedures for employees. The series consists of the original manual kept by the department for reference for best practices and job classifications. The file provides the organizational chart for the department, general policies and procedures, future objectives, job classifications work schedules, daily cleaning lists as well as educational materials for student nurses for their rotation in the cafeteria. The departmental policy manual covered the main kitchen and the expectations for the entire department where the other manuals attempt to provide the same standardization to the satellite areas of the dietetics department including the diet Kitchen, formula room and the newly built cafeteria. All the areas covered were under the direct supervision of the Dieticians and the Dietetics Department.

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The series documents many of the functions such as the Centenarian tea celebrating the WGH centenary of 1972 and the role the Department of Dietetics played in those celebrations. The department was also able to compile a history of the department and the internship program in anticipation of the anniversary. The appointed committee produced an official history which was used in a centennial presentation and tea within the department. The project group articulated the methodology as well as the questionnaire that would define the scope of the project. They were also in charge of the coordination of the alumni responses used in the history presentation.
Projects include the centennial project committee and the correspondence relating to the history project which was compiled by Miss Bessie McCuaig as well as the original presentation note cards. Files contain several artifacts form the centenary such as buttons, stickers and souvenir menus from the events.

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Chinese Cooks

The series records the history of the Chinese cooks at the WGH as part of the history project undertaken by the Dietetics Department for the centennial anniversary of the hospital. The records were arranged by subject matter and were compiled for a narrative presentation on a unique aspect of the department’s history. The project files contain recorded personal memories, compiled lists of first employees and correspondence with the descendants of Joe Mar.

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Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements for the Winnipeg General Hospital and the Health Sciences Centre after its creation in 1973 were used as reference by the Dietetics Department. The series encompasses the booklets produced by The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) for the collective agreements reached with the Winnipeg General Hospital (WGH) and subsequently the Health Sciences Centre (HSC). The original agreements were made between the Winnipeg General Hospital and the Winnipeg General Hospital Employees Union, Local 56 as a division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). The union changed organization with the creation of the Health Sciences Centre in 1973. All Dietetics employees were now under The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local No. 1550. The Union is still present in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Health Sciences Centre Site and represents more than 2900 employees. Series is an artificial creation consolidated by the archivist.

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Food Service Management

Series consists of notes and a published handbook for health care facilities. The records were written by R. Alva Gross and provide information on organization, personnel and financial management, distribution, sanitation, safety, security, education. The handbook was used by Health Care Food Services across Canada.

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Facility Contracts

Series is a collection of contracts between WHLL and various customers to whom WHLL provided laundry and linen services.

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