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Kitchen Plans

Series consists of architectural drawings and proposals for new space at Women’s pavilion, café bar, the report from the dietetics department on the operations and functionality of the Kitchens and cafeteria. The department of Dietetics provided and consultant and supervisory capacity when planning the expansion or creation of new kitchen spaces. The plans have been inscribed by the department with the proposed changes from Dietetics are written in to illustrate the department’s notes on space allocation, foundations and equipment needed for an expansion and modification of the space. Series also contains the original WGH cafeteria plans from 1961.

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Interview with Carlos Sosa

Oral history interview (00h 54mm 40ss) with Carlos Sosa conducted remotely by Emily McPherson in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2021. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Emily McPherson interviews Carlos Sosa about his experience as a participant in disability rights activism and advocacy. The interview begins with Sosa detailing his family history and some childhood memories. He then discusses his early experiences in the school system and the pressure he felt to pursue a trade rather than attend university. He speaks about beginning to participate in activism, involvement in the New Democratic Party, and mentorship by the late Jack Layton. He details some of the activist projects that he has been a part of such as the efforts to save the Kelvin Community Centre, affordable university tuition, and efforts to ensure the operation of public services such as libraries and swimming pools. Sosa describes his current work at the CBC and his own experiences with disability and the stigma surrounding it. He discusses his initial perceptions of the MLPD, his involvement in the organization, as well as his choice to create an oral history project based on that organization. The interview concludes with Sosa connecting the human rights movement to oral history and commenting on the impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable in society.

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Carlos Sosa Interview

This series consists of 1 interview with Carlos Sosa, conducted by Emily McPherson in 2021.

This interview was conducted in 2021 by Emily McPherson as part of a practicum at the OHC, undertaken in the context of the Master’s of Human Rights Program at the University of Manitoba. After indexing and processing the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities Oral History Project as part of her practicum work, McPherson identified that a significant omission to the collection was an interview with Carlos Sosa, who due to his role as Project Coordinator, had not himself been interviewed. The interview was intended to be a compliment to the original collection, and followed the original intention: “to better understand ‘the formation and development of the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities and its contribution to the national and international movement to secure legal and social equality for persons with disabilities.’”

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Nellie Letitia McClung Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2020

The Pembina Manitou Archive holds three collections of records pertaining to Nellie Letitia McClung. The largest collection is a digital copy of the Nellie L McClung Fond held at the Royal British Columbia Archive in Victoria.
The second is the Archibald Historical museum collection of photographs and documents collected in association with their preservation of the Hasselfield Log House in which McClung boarded when she first came to Manitou and the McClung House in which Nellie and Wes McClung resided and raised their family during their time in Manitou.
The third includes documents donated directly to the Pembina Manitou archive relating to the lives of Nellie and Wes McClung during their time in the Manitou area.

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