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Archibald Historical Museum - Nellie L McClung Fond

A collection of articles and news clippings, books, photographs, and memoirs related to Nellie Letitia McClung and Wes McClung focusing especially on their lives from 1896 to 1911 when they lived in Manitou. The majority of these documents have been digitized and included on the Pembina Manitou Archive web site at

Pembina Manitou Archive

Nellie Letitia McClung - Bette & Walter Mueller Collection

in support of the efforts of the Pembina Manitou Archive to recognize the role in social advocacy played by Nellie L and Wes McClung. many documents, photographs, and other memorabilia have been donated to the archival collection. Memorabilia has been photographed, and digital copies of the documents and photographs have been added to the Pembina Manitou Archive web collection which can be found at

Pembina Manitou Archive

Children's Hospital Guild of Manitoba Inc.

This sous-fonds contains records related to the creation and running of the Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba including meeting minutes, by-laws, incorporation papers, events, membership, promotional materials and records of the Chown Operating Division.

Children's Hospital Guild of Manitoba

Linda Dixon

Sous-fonds contains a University of Winnipeg Student Services Report and the inaugural issue of the library newsletter Infoedge.

Linwood Delong

• Sous fonds 97.022 contains the Collective Agreement for 1995-1997 between the Board of Regents of the University of Winnipeg and the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association.
• Sous fonds 06.012 contains two copies of program for the Memorial Service for Professor Victor L. Leathers at Theatre 3C00.
• Sous-fonds 09.004 contains records related to the Religion and Life Week lecture series, including correspondence and program organizational details. Publications related to the Religion and Life Week lecture series are also included. One record contains the SIN numbers of participants to Religion & Life Week lecture series, to which access is restricted.
• Sous-fonds 11.013 is comprised of the contents of a scrapbook. Contents in the scrapbook were removed and placed in file folders. The records are predominately photographs and articles from newspapers and newsletters. The photographs are of a “Prairie School Days” exhibit; the last manual expansion of the Card Catalogue before automation; the new automation system for the library; Archives Week at the Provincial Archives; displays of the University's Athletics from 1883 - 1985 at the University of Winnipeg Homecoming Weekend; the renovations that took place in the library in the summer of 1986; I-29 Red River Valley Group meeting in the board room of Wesley Hall; the Newspaper Project Reception held at the Legislative Library Reading Room and a Voltaire Display. The articles are about cutbacks to libraries and the renovations at the University of Winnipeg Library and the controversy over the lack of student input.

Ed Johanson collection

The Ed Johanson collection consists of a word processed document by Ed Johanson and Jim Atkins regarding the electrical history in The Pas from 1900 – 1963, and data regarding Rev. E. Eves, including photocopies created 1991, of articles on the death of Rev. Edward Eves, Minutes of the Manitoba and North-West Methodist Conference, pages from Ministers and Probationers, photographs of Rev. Eves tombstone, Rev. Eves biography by his daughter Viola (Eves) Bacon, etc. The data was collected to designate the gravesite sporting Rev. Eves’s tombstone (with questionable dates) as a historic site, to protect it during Manitoba Hydro dam construction in the area.

Johanson, Ed

Michael Dudley

Sous-fonds contains a VHS videocassette titled "The University of Winnipeg Library Video Project." The film features Blake Taylor, Theatre and Film professor, discussing the history of libraries while in the University of Winnipeg Library. Running time is 16.5 minutes.

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