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Winnipeg, St Martin-in-the-Fields fonds

  • CA DRL W.029
  • Fonds
  • 1904-2013

The records of St Martin-in-the-Fields held at the Diocese Archives include: Canonical Documents (1920, 1945); Titles (1920, 1922, 1939, 1945); Building Plans/Blueprints; Sacramental Registers (1909-2001); Marriage register (2003 - 2013); Burials register (1962 - 2013); Confirmation register (1965-2011); Baptism register (1962-2012); Vestry Books (1907-2002); Minute Books (1904-1979); records of the Woman's Auxiliary (1958-1969); records of the Ladies Aid (1936-2005); a cash book (1920-1930); records of the Anglican Young Peoples Association (1926-1967); records of the Altar Guild (1924-1928); records of the Chancel Guild (1929-1971); records of the Girls Auxiliary (1935-1946); records of the Young Wives (1959-1964); records of the Mothers' Union (1961-1975); and photographs. Research File.

Winnipeg, St Martin-in-the-Fields

Winnipeg, St Barnabas fonds

  • CA DRL W.012
  • Fonds
  • 1913-2014

The records of St Barnabas include: Canonical Documents (1921-1981); Titles (1937-1961); Plans/Blueprints (1959); Sacramental Registers (1913-2001); Records of Service (1917-1982); Vestry Minutes (1926-1993); Vestry Minute Book (8 Aug 1982--29 June 2014); Burial register (Jan. 2001- May 2014); Financial Records (1921-1960); Records of the Woman's Auxiliary (1923-1955); Records of the Men's Club (1985); and "The Barn Chryer" (1967-1970 n.i.). Research File.

Winnipeg, St Barnabas

Lac du Bonnet, St. John's fonds

  • CA DRL K.006
  • Fonds
  • 1906-2018

The records of St. John's parish include Vestry and AGM minutes (1994-2016), finance committee and reports (1960-2014), bequest information (2016), Vestry book (2014-2018), and inventory and property information (1993-2018).

Lac du Bonnet, St. John's fonds

Fort Alexander, Christ Church fonds

  • CA DRL OW.030
  • Fonds
  • -

Records of Fort Alexander held at the Archives include one research file.

Fort Alexander, Christ Church

Winnipeg, St Alban fonds

  • CA DRL W.008
  • Fonds
  • 1910-2007

The records of St Alban include: Canonical Documents (1912-1957); Titles (1951-2008), includes Mortgage (1951) ; Plans/Blueprints (1951); Sacramental Registers (1910-2007); Records of Vestry, including Annual Reports and Meetings (1916, 1922-2007); Annual Meeting Sign-in Sheets (1961-2002); Record of Service Books (1920-2007); Records of the Woman's Auxiliary (1911-1970); Records of the Ladies Guild (1966-2002); Records of the Altar Guild (1954-2007); Records of the Anglican Church Women (1991-2000); Records of the Badminton Club (1950-1993); Records of the Sunday School (1937-1957); Declaration of Church Membership (1926-1985); Insurance Policies (1971, 1986-1988, 1991-2007); Book of Memorials; Church Building Campaign (1928-1929); Building Committee Minutes (1937-1946, 1949-1957); New Parish Hall (1960-1961); Building (Repairs) (1955, 1985-1993); St Alban's Church Monthly (1928-1934); Year End Financial Statements (1935, 1936); Order of Service Leaflets, Special Occasions; 75th Anniversary Material (1982); 90th Anniversary Material (1997); Sunday School Material (1940-1965 n.i.); Sunday School Adoption of Native Child in Residential School (1942-1962); Woman's Auxiliary Study Program (c. 1950); History of St Alban's Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary (1938-1962); Woman's Auxiliary President's File (1948-1952); Woman's Auxiliary Branch (1950-1960, 1966); Estate of Mrs. Lyle Bell Wilson (1962); Memorials (1963-1965); Bequest of Jean Dyne (1989); Estate of W.W.R. Baker (1992); Helen Lyon â€" Stations of the Cross Appraisal (2005); Photo Directories (1984, 1989, 1994, 2003); Parish Profile (1993); Synopsis of Financial Information (1992-1995); Correspondence (2002-2006); Parish Statistics (2001-2006); Solicitor's file re: Sale of 486 Rathgar Ave and new owners (2008); Winding Up Committee email (2007-2009); Inventory of Church Furnishings (2007); Parish Assignments and Transfer forms (2007); Note paper and stationary; Correspondence with Gail Singleton re: personally held St Alban records; Pages from Memorial books and prayer requests; and photographs. Research Files.

Winnipeg, St Alban

Winnipeg, St Francis

  • CA DRL W.047
  • Fonds
  • 2011-

The records of St Francis include a Research File.

Winnipeg, St Bede (St Stephen & St Bede) fonds

  • CA DRL W.014
  • Fonds
  • 1955-2000

The records of St Bede's include Canonical Documents (1955-1956); Titles (1955-2000); Sacramental Registers (1956-1991); and Records of Service (1955-1983). Research File.

Winnipeg, St Bede

Winnipeg, Brooklands, St David fonds

  • CA DRL W.018; A.129
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1972

The fonds contains three file of correspondence and blueprints for the chapel and furnishings. There is a file of canonical documents and a MS letter of petition to relinquish the western portion of the then present parish of Winnipeg, St Thomas (A.95). File list. Research File.

Winnipeg, Brooklands, St David

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