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Mary and William Craik fonds.

  • CMC A-24; A-25; A-31; C-118 (PHO Box #1).
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1865] – [ca. 1940].

Included in this fonds are 3 albums containing a total of 127 items. The album designated as A-24 contains 15 items: 1 carte de visite, 11 tintypes and 3 gift cards dating from 1865 - 1870. The album itself is dated by an inscription to ca.1869. None of the subjects in A-24 are identified, however, the album is stamped William Craik inside the front cover and likely belonged to him.

The album designated as A-25 contains 32 items: 14 cartes de visites, 11 tintypes and 7 gift cards dating from 1860-1875. Most of the subjects are not identified, however, they are consistent with those found in other family albums of the period. The identified subjects in A-25 include several with the surname Anderson and the album likely belonged to Mary. Many of the photographers imprints on photographs in this album are from studios in the United States.

The album designated as A-31 contains 80 items: 77 black and white photographic prints, ca.1914-1921, on 9 leaves. Also in the album is a newspaper clipping pertaining to the death of Corp. W. King, son of the minister of the Union Church in Glenboro, a silk postcard (ca.1914-1918), and a five mark note with the inscription "R. Johnston, Vimy Ridge, April 27, 1917" The subjects in this album are, for the most part, unidentified. However, most images are dated. A number of images feature WW I military personnel. The name of Craik family member who compiled this album is not known, however, William and Mary appear in a number of the photographs.

Also found here are 9 photographs designated as C-118. These include: a photograph of the store opened by William and Mary in 1909; a photograph of Bella (wife of Alexander) Craik and Jessie (Craik) McLellan, ca. 1910; 2 photographs of William and Mary, ca.1910; 3 photographs of a woman identified as Grannie Anderson, possibly the mother of Mary Anderson, ca.1910; and a snapshot photograph of four men and four women, possibly the Craik siblings, ca. 1940.

Craik, Mary and William

Leone and Ofelia Caetani fonds

  • CMC A-32; C-130 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • [between 1960-1984] - [ca.1915], copied 1993.

Items described here consist of an album containing 103 colour images. The album was compiled to serve as a record of Ofelia's wardrobe prior to its sale following her death and was likely created between 1960 and 1984. According to notes made by Museum curator Dr. Jane Fuller at the time of the donation the model, Mrs. Shirley Paine, was chosen for her resemblance to Ofelia. Also described here are 2 original black and white prints as well as 13 copies featuring Leone and Ofelia Caetani and their daughter Sveva. The originals of these copies have been accessioned by the Vernon Museum. In addition there are 4 colour photographs and 1 colour Polaroid of Ofelia's Louis Vuitton luggage, which has also been donated to the Museum.

Caetani, Leone and Ofelia

Cordelia and Ira Craik fonds.

  • CMC C-119 (PHO Box#1).
  • Fonds
  • 1917-1949.

Items described here consist of five black and white photographs including a collage print of the Brandon Normal School Fall Class, 1914; two portraits taken on the day of Ira and Cordelia's wedding in 1917, a snapshot of Donald Craik wearing his father's baby dress, and a snapshot of Russell Craik with two other people.

Craik, Cordelia and Ira

McFarland Family fonds.

  • CMC C-120 (PHO Box #2); Box 600-1.
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1865] - [before 1960].

Items that comprise this fonds primarily consist of photographs that feature members of the McFarland family and Howden families. Many of the photographs have notes written on the reverse identifying the subjects but it is not known who wrote the notes. The work of a variety of Manitoba photographers is represented, both from Winnipeg and from rural areas. A number of Ontario photographers are also represented and based on their stamps, it can be seen that a significant number of photographs originated in the Mt. Forest and Durham areas of Ontario. In addition to a significant number of 19th century photographs, the fonds also includes a large number of small format, black and white snapshots dating from ca.1915 to 1950. The subjects of these photographs include men, women, and children, largely unidentified.

Items also include a set of Stereo Cards dating from ca.1910 and depicting the Winnipeg operations of the T. Eaton Co. These cards have detailed captions on the reverse. The set would have included 50 cards and 3 cards are missing form the set.

Items found among this fonds also include miscellaneous family papers (a list may be found in the first folder) including a number of items which had belonged to Mary Janet (Saunders) Burnett. Her relationship, if any, to Lena and Sandford McFarland is not known and it is possible that these items were mixed in with the McFarland materials at the time of accession. These items include a certificate documenting the marriage of James D. Stewart and Jennie M. Saunders in Normanby, County Grey, in 1895. James and Jennie were the parents of Mary Janet (Saunders) Burnett's first husband, James Stewart. The subjects of a number of photographs are identified as members of the Saunders family who were relatives of Mary Janet (Saunders) Burnett.

McFarland Family

Anna Bauer fonds

  • CMC C-121 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1870] – [ca.1872].

Items consist of 4 black and white carte de visite type photographs of young women.

Bauer, Anna

Menzies Family fonds.

  • CMC C-122 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • 1939-1969.

Items consist of two photographs. This includes a copy print of a black & white photograph taken of Helen Irving Muir and Albert A. P. Menzies on the occasion of their marriage on 21 August 1939 as well as a newspaper clipping describing the wedding. Also found here is a colour photograph of Heather Muir Menzies on the occasion of her marriage in 1969.

Menzies Family

Catherine Line fonds.

  • CMC C-123 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1895] – [1945], copied 1998.

Items consist of photographic images featuring Hyma Helen Newland, Caryl Patricia Johnston, and (presumably) Catherine Haimes on the occasion of their marriages. Also found here is a photograph of Georgina M. Jury, from whom the donor's grandfather, W. S. Johnston, received a family Christening Robe (also donated to the Costume Museum in 1998).

Line, Catherine

Lily and Edward Schreyer fonds.

  • CMC C-124 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1979]-1983.

Items consist of three colour photographs dating from 1979 and featuring the Mr. and Mrs. Schreyer on the occasion of his investiture as Governor-General. Also described here is a brochure produced by Canada's Government House in 1983.

Schreyer, Lily and Edward

Viola McLean fonds.

  • CMC C-125 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1995-1998].

Items consist of 8 colour photographic images as well as a number of documentary items pertaining to Viola's death in December of 1997 and subsequent memorial service in February of 1998. Three of the photographs depict Viola wearing items of clothing donated to the Costume Museum.

McLean, Viola

Albert and Catherine Schreiber fonds.

  • CMC C-126 (PHO Box #2).
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1954.

Items consist of 2 black and white photographs of Catherine and Albert on the occasion of the wedding in 1899, 1 black and white photograph of Catherine and Albert on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary in 1949, and 2 black and white photographs of Catherine and Albert on the occasion of their 55th wedding anniversary in 1954. Also, described here is a wedding memory card dating from 1899 with additions noted in 1949.

Schreiber, Albert and Catherine.

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