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Sheptytskyj, Andrei Avec objets numériques Anglais
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Commemoration of Metr. Andrij's Visit to Ukrainians in Yugoslavia

Commemorative card in black and white is a portrait of Metropolitan Andrij Sheptytckyj (Andrei Sheptytskyj) shortly after his release from Russia in 1917. The black and white print bears Metropolitan Andrij's name and dates, at the bottom of the front of the print. Also on the front, on the top are the dates of his visits to Yugoslavia and the identity of the celebration.

Metropolit Andreas Szeptyckyj 1865

This 10 page German black and white booklet includes a short biography of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskyj and prayers to his memory. The booklet is sanctioned by Pope Pius XII, and Johannes, Titular Bishop to Leucade.

Fiftieth Anniversary of Ukrainians in Canada, Group Photo in Mountain Road

A large group, including adults of all ages and children, are gathered close to the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church, known at the time as St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Mountain Road, Manitoba. Father Joseph Pulak stands behind the children, slightly left of centre. An unidentified priest stands to his right. Superimposed above the crowd are Bishop Nykyta Budka, to the left, Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskyj, centre; Bishop Basil Ladyka, to the right. Superimposed in the bottom foreground are the word printed in Ukrainian: "Fiftieth Anniversary Jubilee of Ukrainians in Canada, Mountain Road, Man. 1941". The black and white print is in excellent condition.

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