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Turner, Edith Evelyn Anglais
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Edith Evelyn Turner Collection

  • CA HSCA/M C7
  • Collection
  • [190-?] - [2013]

The collection reflects Edith Evelyn Turner’s career at the Children’s Hospital, the Winnipeg General Hospital and the Health Sciences Center. Her records document her work as a student, a nurse, a supervisor, a staffing co-ordinator, a designer, and an advisor. The collection has been arranged into seven series and includes textbooks, photographs, pins and name badges, yearbooks and a graduation programme, silver spoons, and design patents.

Turner, Edith Evelyn


Series documents Edith Evelyn Turner's achievements in nursing, her job titles, and her time at the Children's Hospital, the Winnipeg General Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. Series consists of nursing uniform pieces, commemorative spoons from the Children's Hospital and the Winnipeg General Hospital, name badges and pins received by Edith Evelyn Turner throughout her training and career.

Turner, Edith Evelyn

Honours and Certificates

Series consists of invitations, speeches, poems, cards, certificates, and memberships which record Edith Evelyn Turner’s professional achievements including her graduation from the Children’s Hospital Training School for Nurses, her certification as a registered nurse, her forty-five year service to the Winnipeg General Hospital, and her retirement.

Turner, Edith Evelyn

Nursing Career

Series consists of newspaper and journal clippings, articles, cartoons, advertisements, correspondence, poems, a place card, an invitation list and administrative records. The series provides information on employment policies, nursing philosophies, work ethics and practices, events and anniversaries, and retirements. The records were created or collected by Edith Evelyn Turner throughout her employment at the Winnipeg General Hospital and the Health Sciences Centre.

Turner, Edith Evelyn

Children's Hospital of Winnipeg Training School for Nurses

Series consists of correspondence, poems, grades, newspaper clippings, exams, and notes on emergencies in infancy and childhood, and a program which document Edith Evelyn Turner’s acceptance, training and graduation at the school of nursing.

Turner, Edith Evelyn


Series consists of a photo of Edith Evelyn Turner in front of the William Avenue Entrance of the Winnipeg General Hospital.

Turner, Edith Evelyn

SIMPLEX Nipple Sterilizer

Series consists of correspondence, receipts, a patent, advertisements, a newspaper clipping, and a blueprint related to a sterilizing tool invented by Edith Evelyn Stewart. The invention was created for the purpose of sterilizing catheters, nipples, and rubber surgical equipment. It allowed instruments to be entirely submerged in boiling water while lessening the risk of burning the instruments in the process.

Turner, Edith Evelyn