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David John Black
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Horse Cart

Photograph of a horse pulling a cart with three unidentified girls in it in a farm yard.

Alex Smith's Sod House

Photograph of a sod house at Pope, Rural Municipality of Hamiota, Manitoba built by Alex Smith in 1887

Smith, Alexander

Gas Threshing Outfit

Photograph of a threshing machine in a field in Deloraine; described on the back of the photograph - "Threshing Outfit 1908 Deloraine first gas out fit in a wide area" and "DA Brown 443-17th St. Bdn"

Woman in Ford Touring Car

Black and white photograph of a woman at wheel of a Ford Touring car - farm yard - wood buildings - farm

Harvest - Threshing Scene

Photograph of threshing outfit - horse drawn racks of straw - straw pile - two racks - steam engine

Automobile Liscense Transfer

Letter pertaining to money used for transfer of automobile license by John Clark Esq. of Brandon, Manitoba issued by the Municipal Commissioner of Manitoba.

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