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Markesteyn, Peter

The Peter Markesteyn file contains the following material:

  1. CV c1979 (4pp)

  2. “Death detective” interview with Markesteyn WFP June 13, 1993 (3pp+original)

  3. News items: WFP Nov 17, 1984; WFP Dec 31, 1982 (2pp)

  4. “Pete’s girls” Grand Rounds 2 (4) 1985 (1p)

  5. “City pathologist is heading to Kosova” WFP Jun 22, 1999; “Kosova atrocities sicken pathologists” WFP Aug 7, 1999; “Markesteyn back working in Kosova” WFP 2001 (4pp)

  6. “The same old question whenever a child dies” WFP 16 Sept 2007 (2pp+original)

  7. "Mining graves for evidence" Maclean's 27 Aug 2001 (1p)

Markesteyn, Peter

Mathewson, Francis Alexander Lavens

The Francis Alexander Lavens Mathewson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: WFP Jan 9, 1994 with letter from Man Follow-Up Study office; Prairie Med J 64:71 1994; CMAJ v150(5):728, 1994 and v150(9):1490, 1994 (5pp)

  2. Faculty questionnaire and copy of 5 x 7 card (2pp)

  3. CV c1985 and publication list incl 1st 2pp of "Medical Classification of RCAF Groundcrew on the basis of Functional Requirements" CMAJ v49:512-515 1943 (7pp)

  4. Brief biography from Segal Pioneers of Cardiology in Canada 1820-1970 1988 p.213-4 (1p)

  5. Clippings: (5pp)
    -Distinguished Physician’s Award: Grand Rounds 2(5) 1985, Alumni J 46:21 1986; Canad J Cardiol 2: v 1986; UMMJ v56(1) 1986;
    -Wilbur R Franks Award: UM Bull 26:7 1992; Man Heart Fdn 1986;

  6. Honorary Chair of the Museum of Man and Nature: WFP July 22, 1977; Tribune August 5, 1977 (1p)

  7. “Doctors prominent in museum development” photocopy from MMR 50: 18-19, 1970 (2pp)

  8. Items re Manitoba follow-up Study: Alumni J 44:8-9 1984; Can J Cardiol 3:378-82, 1987; Tribune 9 Sept 1976 (6pp)

  9. Corres re Mathewson Reading Room, Manitoba Museum (3pp)

  10. Bibliograph (may not be complete) first page of Trans Assoc Life Insur Dir of Am 1952 (signed) (1p)

  11. FALM bio Man Med 62: 157 1992 (1p)

  12. Picture and brief bio Faculty Med Annual Report 1999-2003: 24 (1p)

  13. Order of Canada from Gov Can website 6 January 1994 (1p)

  14. Manitoba Follow Up Study Reunion Man Med Winter 1999 (1p)

  15. “Good citizenship award from Manitoba” WFP 1 Nov 1973 (1p)

  16. Photo page of “One Foundation, one million hearts”; see file 17.1.11 for brief biog from this booklet; see also: LG Bell 21.9 #1 for further info on FALM from previous Heart Fdn booklet (1p)

  17. Cdn Cardiovascular Society request for photograph of FALM for their flash media presentation at the 60th anniversary of CCS. FALM was an early president of CCS (2pp)

  18. Staff record - restricted access (4pp)
    -Captain, Order of the Buffalo Hunt, 1980
    MPC 1.0 #253A-B

Mathewson, Francis Alexander Lavens

Mayba, Ihor Ivhen

The Ivor Ivhen Mayba file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1993; 2005 (5pp+9pp)

  2. Copy of student card (1p)

  3. Short biography from his book Bonesetters and Others p.193-7 (3pp)

  4. Letter, ads and review of his book (6pp)

  5. Copy of title page with inscription, list of biographies in book and review from UM Alumni J 199, p252-253 from book on group medical practice in Manitoba and 1st International Congress on Group Medicine (5pp)

  6. Historical articles: (13pp)
    -“60 years ago, a historical vignette ..." Man Med 61: 172-4 1991 (pp1-3)
    -“Manitoba’s earliest school of orthopaedics - typescript (pp4-10)

    • Notice of his talk on Francis Lorne McKinnon (p11)
      -“Winnipeg Orthopaedic Society, a Short History" (pp12-13)
  7. 70th and 80th anniversary of the Ukrainian national Home" Wpg Sun 26 Sept 1983 & poster (2pp)

  8. 50th wedding anniversary notice WFP 9 Aug 2008 (1p)

  9. Re: donation by IIM and JM of the icon of St. Luke the Physician to the Medical College, also incl description of icon by the iconographer Vera Lazarowich Senchuk; also incl 4 col photos of icon presentation Man Lancet Winter 1998; Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Herald 15-30 Nov 1997 (6pp)
    See also:
    -Manitoba Clinic paper in file 17.1.13
    MPC 4.3 #128(A-D)

Mayba, Ihor Ivhen

Med Family

The Medd Family file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: MMR 26:521 1946, CMAJ 55:417 1946; v56:115-116 Jan 1947 (reprinted from WFP) (AE); WFP Aug 87; CMAJ v137:840 1 Nov 1987 (Dallas) (6pp)

  2. Reflections from Little Muddy Water; a history of Winnipegosis typescript & published copy of article on AE Medd by H Medd (pp+4pp)

  3. 1st 2pp of article by Lorna Medd on Education in Health Care in remote Communities UMMJ v48(1) 1978 incl photo of LMM; from Session V Influences on Health Care Delivery in the North UMMJ v49(1) 1979 incl photo of LMM (2pp)

  4. "Murder Hill Road no more” mentions AEM WFP 26 June 2004 (1p)

  5. Re Edna Medd & naming of a community (Wasagaming) 76 years earlier WFP 4 Jan 2009 (1p)

Medd Family

Mitchell, Rosslyn Brough

The Rosslyn Brough Mitchell file contains the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obits: WFP 12 &20 Dec 1972; Tribune 12 Dec 1972; CMAJ 108:621 1973 & burial from Anat letters; Bull v7(15) 10 Jan 1973 (6pp)

  2. Previous catalogue pages, Faculty questionnaire, faculty & student cards; display card (4pp+1 card)

  3. Dedication to RBM on his retirement, WCQ 23 (3-4) 1970 (4pp)

  4. 2 biog articles of RBM by Dr. Eleanor Black: typescript May 1973; UMMJ 51: 111-2 1981; “Profiles: Dr RB Mitchell" photocopies from San Brd Man News Bull Sept 1960; ad for draft biog sketch (6pp)

  5. "Dr. Ross Mitchell - Historical Bibliography" compiled by N Pohorecky 1966;see also: Folder 2 item 1 (3pp)

  6. "Life of Rosslyn Brough Mitchell", autobiography, typescript, incl note from JB Mitchell, WWI reminiscences; mentions: DA Stewart, JR Davidson, AM Campbell, JA Gunn, Digby Wheeler, SW Prowse, JR Mitchell, TG Hamilton, AA Murray; JD McQueen; MR MacCharles; AF Menzies; (13pp)

  7. Photocopies of title page & dedications from “Mitchell Room Catalogue” 1966; & Asklepios 1971 (5pp)

7.Material dealing with honorary fellowship in United College: WFP report 23 Oct 1968; typescript of presentation by CJ Robson; Program booklet for 1st Annual Autumn Convocation Oct 22, 1968; MMR v48(10) Dec 1968 (5pp+1booklet)

  1. Material dealing with honorary LLD, Univ Man: copy of presentation by CHA Walton; short summary of his career by Dean’s office; order of Proceedings; newspaper report; Wpg Trib and WFP both Jan 1956 (9pp)

  2. Material on Mitchell’s fight to save a green space: Mitchell, JR “Alexandra Park - Johnston Park” UMMJ 51: 61-9 1981; “One man’s fight for a park” Tribune 28 & 31 Jan 1967; (10pp)

  3. Material re Dedication of Ross Mitchell Room in the Medical Library, 1965: “U of M’s rare book room named for Ross Mitchell” Wpg Tribune 4 Nov 1965; no source 1965; “Provincial news - Manitoba” CMAJ v93, 11 Dec 1965; Invitation card; Programme; “Dedication of the Ross Mitchell Room” MMR 45: 662-3 1965; “The Ross Mitchell Room” address by IM Thompson (11pp)

  4. List of rare books donated by RB Mitchell to Medical Library (1p)

  5. Hall of Fame award from the Red River Valley Historical Society - Alumni J Winter/69 (1p)

  6. “Mitchell named head of medical association” WFP Sept 10, 1931

  7. Reviews of his book Medicine in Manitoba and article on "Dr. Cheadle in Western Canada (1862-1863)" Bulletin of the History of Medicine (2pp)

  8. 1969 Letter from RBM to A Kerr re donation by Dr A Gowron of photographs (MPC 2.0 #12 and MPC 3.6 #36) (1p)

  9. Letter from Editor, BMJ to RBM re photographs to illustrate articles on Canada 1930 (1p)

  10. Corres Mitchell/Tyre re Dr. M O’Brien (Saddlebag Surgeon) (2pp)

  11. “Report of Committee on Archives [MMA] from MMR 20:183 1940 (1p)

  12. “Notes on early medical men of Manitoba by Archbishop Matheson” typescript with handwritten note from Matheson “Make what use you like of this” on back of p2**. incl brief biographies of Drs. J Bunn, Beddome, JT Cowan, CJ Bird, JC Schultz, JS Lynch, AG Jackes, HH Higginson, D Young (2pp)

  13. Copies rec’d from Jim Mitchell of RBM’s handwritten notes on: (19pp)
    -Alexander Ross - extensive biography, incl early Winnipeg history, also mentions John Black, John Wesley Bond, a number of the Ross children, land deed to City of Winnipeg with its proviso (pp1-9)
    -Lord Dufferin, - extensive biography incl account of official visit to Manitoba , also mentions Ambrose Lepine (pp10-19)

  14. Letter from Jim Mitchell re RBM’s material (2pp)

  15. “Newly-elected president of MMA” MMB (1931) 123:3 (1p)

  16. Cover with his picture MMR v48(10) Dec 1968 (1p)

  17. 2 letters of thanks from MJ Ormerod 1955 and AM Kerr 1969 (2pp)

  18. Note on RBM's literary skill re series of articles on Winnipeg BMJ May 1930, 1:834 (1p)

  19. "The Honorary Presidents' Competition" established by RBM UMMJ v14(1) 1942 (1p)
    See also:

    • **Letter Archbishop Matheson/Mitchell re CJ Bird in CJ Bird file 21.9
    • HH Chown common book with additional notes by RBM in HH Chown file #21.9
    • Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
      -RBM's war diary, WWI
      -winner of Dr JS Hutchinson Gold Medal, 1906
    • his son is James Rosslyn Mitchell
      Folder 2
  20. Bibliography (2pp)

  21. Typewritten bibliography with ticks indicating reprint in file-250 entries 15 in files, 51 ticked. (8pp)

  22. Typescripts:
    -"William Hunter", read 2 Feb 1927 to The Osler Society, Winnipeg (pp1-9)
    -"John Hunter" possibly a speech in 1928 (pp10-18)
    -"Remembrance Day - Manitoba Sanatorium, November eleven, 1938 (pp19-20)
    -"Medical Amenities in the Eighteenth Century or The Hunter-Monto Controversy" read before the Winnipeg Medical society (1939?) (pp21-33)
    -"New Old Books" 1958 (pp34-42)
    -"Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Early Winnipeg" read before the annual meeting of the Section of Obs & Gyn, Winnipeg Medical Society 15 Feb 1960 (pp43-48)
    -"Dr. Speechley and Mosquito Control" (1965?) (pp49-57)
    -"Manitoba Anatomists" (pp58-74)
    -Dr. John Christian Schultz, Patriot of Troublemaker?" red before the Meridian Lodge No 140 AF & AM 18 Sept 1969 (pp75-82)
    -"50th Anniversary of the Coming of Shoal Lake Water to Greater Winnipeg", 29 March 1969 (pp83-93)
    -"Report of the Maternal Mortality Committee" 11 September 1928 (pp94-98)
    -"Histories of Canadian Hospitals; Winnipeg General Hospital" (pp99-100)
    -"Safeguarding Motherhood The Winnipeg Genreal Hospital Maternity Wards 1888-1950 Official Opening og the Maternity Pavilion 26 April 1950" (pp101-107)
    Folder 3:

  23. Manitoba Reprints:
    Manitoba Medical Association Bulletin (MMB) v13 1933
    -"Winnipeg's First Murder Trial" v13(1):373,375 (pp1-2)
    -"Smallpox among the Indians" v13(1):375-376,378-379 (pp2-4)
    -"The late Dr. H.A. Husband" v13(2):403 (p5)
    -Guy's Hospital and Canada v13(3):421-422 (p6)
    -"Troops on the Red" v13(4):48-449 (pp7-8)
    -Address to Graduates in Medicine, University of Manitoba" v13(5):483-484,486 (pp9-10)
    -"The Rebellion of 1885, Medical Arrangements of the Campaign" v13(6):498-500 (pp11-12)
    -"Dr. John McLoughlin" v113(7):522-523; v13(8):552, 554,556 (pp13-17)
    -"The Doctors of the First Red River Settlers" v13(9):579-580 (p18)
    -"Alexander Mackenzie as a Doctor" v13(10)1933:594-595 (pp19-20)
    -"First White Child in the North-West v13(11)1933:621-622 (pp21-22)
    -"Medical Relief for Indigent Patients One Hundred Years Ago" v1312)1933:650-653 (pp23-26)
    Manitoba Medical Association Review (MMR)
    -"Student from Red River Colony Awarded Edinburgh Medical Degree!" (Alexander Rowand) v15 1935:18-20 (pp27-28)
    -"The Obstetrical Forceps" v17(5) May 1937:85-87 (pp29-30)
    -"Life Piled on Life 2nd Annual David A Stewart Lecture on 12 Feb 1941" v21(5)May 1941:85-89 (2 copies) (pp31-40)
    -"Maternity Hospitals of Greater Winnipeg" v26(5)May 1946:274-277 (pp41-42)
    -"Trends in Manitoba Group Practice" Part 1 v47(12) Dec 1967:567-570 (pp43-46)
    -"Trends in Manitoba Group Practice" Part 2 v48(2) Feb 1968:62-64 (pp47-49)
    -"A Centennial Medical Calendr (Manitoba) 1867-1967", v49(3)Mar 1969:86-89 (pp50-53)
    -"How Winnipeg Waged War on Typhoid Fever" v49(5) May 1969:166-167 (pp54-55)
    Winnipeg Clinic Quarterly (WCQ)
    -Manitoba Medical Journals 1967:pp9-19 (1 booklet of 11pp) (p56 )
    Folder 4
    Other Journals:

  24. Canadian Medical Association Journal:
    -"The Use of Pituitary Extract and Scopolamine-Morphine in Obstetrics", May 1921 1st2pp (p1)
    -"William Hunter's Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus" 1927 v16:1379-1383 (6pp booklet) (p2)
    -"The Prevention of Maternal Mortality in Manitoba" 1928 v19:292-296 (6pp booklet) (p3)
    -"The Hospitals and Nursing Missions of Greater Winnipeg" 1930 v22:861-866 (8pp booklet) (p4)
    -"Manitoba's Educational Institutions" 1930 v22:705-708 (4pp booklet) (p5)
    -"British and Canadian Medical Associations Annual Meeting: Winnipeg, August, 1930, Historical Sketch of Manitoba" 1930 v22:466-468 (4pp booklet) (p6)
    -"Dr. John Rae, Arctic Explorer, and his Search for Franklin" 1930 v28:85-90 (8pp booklet) (p7)
    -"The Manitoba Medical College 1883-1933" 1933v29:549-552 (4pp booklet) (p8)
    -"The Early Doctors of Manitoba" 1935 v32:690-693, and v33:89-94 (12pp booklet) (p9)
    -"Medical Services in the North-West Rebellion of 1885" 1949 v60:518-521 (2pp booklet (p10)
    -"Sir James Hector" 1952 v66:497-499 (2pp booket) (p11)
    -"The Progress of an Idea: The Story of the Winnipeg Clinic Research Institute" 1966 v94:132-137 (6pp booklet) (p12)

  25. Canadian Journal of Surgery
    -"History of Canadian Surgery: Manitoba Surgical Pioneers: James Kerr (1849-1911) and HH Chown (1859-1944)" 1960 July v3:281 (5pp) (pp1-5)
    -"Iceland's Gift to Canadian Medicine" 1961 Jan v4:145-151 (4pp) (pp6-7)
    -"Alexander Hugh Ferguson 1853-1911" 1963 Jan v6:1-4 (2pp booklet) (p8)
    -"Dr. Clarence Webster (1863-1950)" 1963 Oct v6:407-413 (4pp booklet) (p9)
    -"James Kerr, 1848-1911 and Harry Hyland Kerr. 1881-1963: Pioneer Canadian-American Surgeons" 1966 July v9:213-220 (6pp booklet) (p10)
    -"John Harrison O'Donnell, M.D. (1838-1912)" 1967 Oct v10:399-402 (2pp booklet) (p11)
    -"Manitoba Anatomists" 1968 April v11:123-134 (8pp booklet) (p12)

  26. The Beaver
    -"Doctor John Bunn" Dec 1938 (2pp) (p1)
    -"Acorus Calamus" Spring 1968 (3pp) (pp3-5)

  27. Canadian Public Health Journal
    -"The Development of Public Health in Manitoba" (5pp) (pp1-5)

  28. Canadian Public Health Association
    -The Development of Public Health in Canada, 1940 "Public Health in Manitoba" (12pp) (pp1-12)

  29. Historical Bulletin (Calgary Associate Clinic Quarterly)
    -Physicians in Canadian History- V: "Doctor Alexander Rowland 1816(?)-1889" v7(4) Feb 1943 (8pp booklet) (p1)
    -"The History of Canadian Medical Schools II: Manitoba's Medical School" v12(4) Feb 1948 (6pp) (pp2-6)

  30. Bulletin of the History of Medicine
    -"Doctor Cheadle in Western Canada 1862-1863" v8(1) Jan 1940 (pp1-5) (pp1-5)

  31. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    -"The Measuring Line, The Decline in Maternal Mortality in Canada and Reasons Therefor" v73(6):June 1997:1201-1205 (4pp booklet) (p1)
    MPC 1.0 #169; (35mm slide of this photo found in JR Mitchell 21.9 file)
    MPC 4.3 #137

Murphy, Liam

The Liam Murphy file contains the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obit.: UM website; WFP 12 July 2006; Corydon Osborne Living Newsletter 17 July 2006; CMAJ 175(6):705, 12 Sep 2006; Man Med Winter 2006 (5pp)

  2. “Dr. Murphy inspires students” MRC Scientist: Honouring our best 1994 with picture (1p)

  3. CV c1994 (23pp)

  4. “Donors and researchers honoured at 2003 HSCF Grant Awards Reception" HSCF Fdn v2(6) 2003 (2pp)

  5. “New weapon in diabetes fight” WFP Feb 2002 (1p)

  6. Notice of public lecture: Diabetes in the 21st Century: Facts, Myths and Mysteries, UM Bull v38(17) 27 Jan 2005 (1p)

  7. Diabetes research fellowship awarded in wake of $1 million anonymous donation Bull 14 Jan ‘93 (1p)

  8. Research award from Charles H Best Fund for Research, Education & Discovery WFP 15 May 1996 (1p)

  9. Picture and notes from HSC “Doctor at home” Calendar 2003 (MISSING May 2009)

    • his wife is Leigh Murphy
      Folder 2
  10. Staff record: restricted access (90pp)

MPC 1.0 #1

Murphy, Liam

Musgrove Family

George Stuart
The George Stuart Musgrove file contains the following material:

  1. Obit (GS) MMR Dec 1950: 699; Newspaper (no source) 1950, CMAJ 64:86, Jan 1951 (3pp)

  2. Copies of student cards (all three Musgroves) (1p)

  3. GS Fahrni's Recollections of the three Musgroves (2pp)
    James Edward
    The James Edward Musgrove file contains the following material:

  4. Obit.: CMAJ v146(2):264, 15 Jan 1992 (1p)

  5. Copy of student card (see item 1(1) above for GS Musgrove)

  6. Corres CC Ferguson /JE Musgrove re material on his father (see item 2(1-14) WWL Musgrove) (2pp)

  7. Letter re 1963 re 1963 reunion of his class of ‘39 (1p)

  8. GS Fahrni's Recollections of the three Musgroves (see GS Musgrove item 2(2pp) above)
    William Wesley Lorne
    The William Wesley Lorne Musgrove file c0ontains the following material:

  9. Obit: photocopy from WFP c Jan 6, 1946; MMR (1947) 27:108; CMAJ v56:349, Mar 1947 (3pp)

  10. Faculty questionnaire and copy of 5 x 7 card (2pp)

2 Typescript of “Address delivered at meeting of the Winnipeg Medical Society by W.W. Musgrove - Retiring President May 1935” (14pp)

3 Photocopy of biography from Scholfield’s Story of Manitoba 1913 (2pp)

  1. GS Fahrni's Recollections of the three Musgroves (see GS Musgrove item 2(2pp) above)

Musgrove Family

O'Donnell, John Harrison

The John Harrison O’Donnell files contain the following materials:
Folder 1

  1. Obits: Wpg Trib Oct 26 1912 & Oct 28, 1912, Mb Free Press Oct 28, 1912 (3pp)

  2. Biographical material: (39pp total)

    • “John Harrison O’Donnell” handwritten, no author, nd (gift-see 2 below); copy (4+4pp) (pp1-8)
    • “John Harrison O’Donnell” typed carbon copy, no author, nd (gift-see 2 below) + copy (5+5pp) (pp9-18)
      -Photocopy of pages from notebook compiled by ?Miss Ruth Monk (original in file 21.10.3) (2pp) (pp19-20)
      -Biography from Bryce, G: History of Manitoba: its resources and people. 1906; p.428-29 (3pp) (pp21-23)
      -Mitchell, Ross: “John Harrison O’Donnell, M.D.” WCQ 20: 63-71 1967; Pioneers and early citizens of Manitoba 1971; Medicine in Manitoba 1955 p.53-4; Can J Surg 10:399-402 Oct 1967; Bryce, G: “John Harrison O’Donnell” History of Manitoba 1906 p.428-429 (5+1+1+1bk of 4pp) (pp24-31)
    • Copy of biography from Scholfield’s Story of Manitoba 1913:667-668 (2pp) (pp32-34)
    • “Granddaughter tells tales of Red River’s first MD” WFP August 31, 1968 (1p - 2copies) (p36)
    • “Old Timers’ big banquet” typed copy of newspaper article? nd;
    • “20 Years Ago Today” MMB #102, 1930 (2pp) (pp37-38)
    • Typed note with quotes from “Strange Empire” re JHO’D (1 card) (p39)
  3. Letters Fyles, Waugh, Kerr, Henderson re gift of papers from the family (See folder #2 for list) (15pp)

  4. "An early invitation to the British Medical Assoc" MMB 393:2-3 1929 (1p)

  5. "Doctors as politicians in Manitoba's '''early History" MMB v108:28-29 1930 (1p)

  6. "John Harrison O'Donnell, a Life in Flash Lights" Presentation and notes by A. Naimark 2003 (16pp)

  7. Chart showing connection to Oliver Sayles Waugh (1p)

  8. "Reforming the Senate - Manitoba abolished its upper chamber in 1876" WREB News 23 Nov 2007 (6pp)

  9. A Naimark's powerpoint presentation on JHO'D for 125th Anniversary Symposium (3pp)

  10. 1st Superintendent Wpg Gen'l Hosp WFP 12 May 1938 (1p)

  11. 1st Inventory sheets and listing of contents of two folders (4pp)
    See also:
    -O’Donnell Manitoba as I saw it in Manitoba Authors in NJM Library

    • Mitchell’s “Early doctors in Manitoba” CMAJ 33:91, 1935; Generator (WGH) Jan 1967;
    • File 21.10.15 “Doctors as politicians ...” under JH O’Donnell” MMB 108:38-39, 1930;
      -Mitchell: “A good Samaritan” MMR 42: 107 1962;
      -HH Chown’s file Folder #3
      Folder 2
      N.B. Permission to copy required:
      Gift items from Mrs. H. Waugh (see letters in Folder #1):
  12. Financial statement, July 24, 1866 to W. Little, Cornwall Admin Battalion, signed by O’Donnell (1p)

  13. Letter to the officers of the Royal Mail, Lake Superior from H. Swinford requesting assistance for Dr. JH O’Donnell, Oct 8, 1883 (1p)

  14. Letter from Dr. W.J. Mayo to O’Donnell thanking him for his book, June 7, 1912 (1p+envelope)

  15. Letter of resignation from 6th Hochelago Light Infantry, 13 Dec, 1866 (1p)

  16. Letter of appointment as Coroner for the County of Provencher, Manitoba, 26 June 1871 + copy (1-16x13.75p folded in 2+ 3pp copy)

  17. Letter of appointment as consulting physician and member of Medical Board, WGH, 27 June 1882 (1p)

  18. “True copy” of letter of Tribute to O’Donnell (Surgeon of the Cornwall Admin Battalion) from Dr. SMW Smyth, Surgeon Major, Upper St. Lawrence District. Aug 29, 1866 (1p)

  19. Typewritten list of Prisoners in Ft Garry confined by Riel & Assocs. (lists O’Donnell) 7 Dec 1869 (2pp)

  20. Deed of Land (at Pt Douglas) between Emile and Suzanne Bourette and JH O’Donnell, 17 August 1874 2-7.5x9.5 pages originally formed one long page - very fragile)

  21. Certificate of Entitlement to a Grant of Crown Land, 1 June 1903 (True copy?) + copy (2pp)

  22. Certificate of membership in the Amer Public Health Assoc 25-28 Aug 1908 (1p)

  23. Typewritten carbon copy of article by O’Donnell “Diseases found in the interior of the North-West of Canada: sanitary precautions and results” nd plus 1 copy (7pp+7pp)

  24. Letter Geo Scott to JJ O'D 8 Oct 1883 (1p)

  25. Copy of title page of O'Donnell's "Manitoba as I Saw It" (1p)

  26. List of certificates held in Holder #7 in Archives Cupboard (1p)
    -M.D. Victoria College 1861
    -Upper Canada License to Practice Physic, Surgery & Midwifery 1862
    -Letter Patent re Office of President of the Legislative Council of Manitoba, 1875
    -Trinity College (Honorary?) Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery, 1888
    -Province of Ontario Land Allotment for serving in the 1866 Fenian Raid May 16, 1905

O’Donnell, John Harrison

Ormerod, Melville Joseph

The Melville Joseph Ormerod file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ 139:431, 19881 (1p)

  2. Brief position history prepared by Marion Ferguson (1p)

  3. Bibliography [may not be complete] (2pp)

-Pharmacological and Toxicologial Aspects of Thallium - 1st 2pp (p2)

  1. Faculty questionnaire form c1930?

  2. Letter from Marion Ferguson to Dr. Ormerod in Lindsay Ont. Nov 24, 1967

  3. Staff record - restricted access (3pp)
    See also:
    -Valedictory address 1932 reprint found in 21.9(Gilmour, CR)
    MPC 2.0 #42
    MPC 2.0 #48
    MPC 2.0 #34 ‘Ecartoon

Ormerod, Melville Joseph

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