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Hermaniuk, Maxim, 1911-1996 With digital objects
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Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1911-1996

The Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk fonds is comprised of papers from all phases of his life, study, and vocation in Europe and in Canada. The textual material includes extensive studies of local, national, and international importance in wide-ranging areas of social interest; official documents of the pre-Vatican and Vatican II Councils; correspondence from the private to the official level throughout his lifetime; material tracing preparation for the Papal visit to Canada in 1984, and the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine celebrated in 1988; and numerous publications either written by Metropolitan Hermaniuk, or of interest to him.
The fonds is comprised of numerous reports, appeals, media articles, and documents both preliminary and officially created in the course of decision-making, in the course of guiding, supporting, teaching, and inspiring clergy as well as lay people in the Church. As the spiritual and administrative head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada and an influential participant in the councils of Vatican II, Metropolitan Hermaniuk lived through a time of change at the highest levels, illustrated by his papers. Spanning much of the twentieth century, the papers at the same time extraordinarily document life itself, especially during the last half of that century

Hermaniuk, Maxim, 1911-1996

Mykyta Hermaniuk

Metropolitan Maxim's father poses in a photo studio in this black and white photo postcard. Hand-written on the back, in Ukrainian: "Nove Selo, Mykyta Hermaniuk, born in 1880". At the time of this picture in 1936, he is 56 years old. At the time of his death (January 16, 1942), he was 62 years old. Unidentified location.

Reverend Maxim Hermaniuk

Portrait print of Father Maxim Hermaniuk, in his horn-rimmed eye glasses. One print is loose; two others are affixed to cardboard frame/folders. He has signed his name in ink in Ukrainian on the front of one print, MMHP0028ii. Unidentified location, c.1945.

Reverend Doctor Maxim Hermaniuk

In this black and white photo postcard, Father Hermaniuk poses with his scholar's hat in his hand, wearing the graduate's robes. There are three copies, the first encased in a cardboard folder. He has written on the folder in French: "Louvain, 1948, Belgique", however, on the second copy he has written on the front and the back in Ukrainian: "Reverend Dr. M. Hermaniuk, Louvain, 14/7/1947" adding on the back this is his aggregate degree in theology. On the back of the third postcard, Reverend Hermaniuk wrote in French: "Master of Theology, Louvain, 1947".

Arrival for Consecration of Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk

Procession of clergy crossing the street before entering Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with faithful waiting nearby, for the consecration of Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop to Archbishop Basil Ladyka. Among the clergy in the procession are Reverends Semen Izyk, John Sholdak, Wasyl Kushnir; Bishops Andrew Roborecki and Isidore Borecky; Maxim Hermaniuk; and the Apostolic Delegate to Canada, Archbishop Ildebrando Antoniutti.

Arrival for Consecration of Bishop Hermaniuk

The procession of clergy is entering Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the consecration of Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop to Archbishop Basil Ladyka, led at this point by Reverend Semen Izyk, and followed closely by Bishop Maxim. Bishop Andrew Roberecki, Bishop Isidore Borecki, Monsignor Wasyl Kushnir, and the Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Ildebrando Antoniutti cross the street, a distance behind.

Consecration of Bishop Maxim Hermaniuk

During the Consecration ceremony of Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop for Archbishop Basil Ladyka, Bishop Neil Savaryn stands to the right, behind the Apostolic Delegate. Proceeding around the altar of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral in Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 29, 1951. Bishop Hermaniuk leads, followed by Bishop Andrew Roberecki, and Archbishop Basil Ladyka.

Consecration of Bishop Hermaniuk

Consecration of Reverend Maxim Hermaniuk as Auxiliary Bishop, led by Archbishop Basil Ladyka, on the altar of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Reverend Semen Izyk stands to the left of Bishop Isidore Borecki, who holds the mitre, left of Archbishop Ladyka.

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