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Anton Kirk Fonds

  • CA UCECA A2004-000
  • Fonds
  • 1916-2005, 2006

The fond contains a small selection of materials regarding the life and works of Anton Kirk including a copy/reproduction of a Winnipeg Telegram article covering the opening of the Pantages Theatre, a copy of the opening pages of the Winnipeg Evening Tribune covering the 61st Overseas Battalion and excerpts from the diary of soldier. There is also 1 prayer service programme , 1 book detailing the history of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, and 2 photographs depicting the artwork for the book cover.

Kirk, Anton

Cornelius Prodan Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1981-000
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1965

The fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, postcards and publications related to Prodan’s volunteer work for the St. Raphael’s Ukrainian Immigrants Welfare Association of Canada and to his job as a Manitoba provincial agronomist. They also include reports by and correspondence with Ivan Bobers’kyi (1873-1947), a very prominent Western Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian activist, who was employed by the Cunard Steamship Company ca. 1924-32, and miscellaneous notes and letters, including a note from Olena Kysilev’ska (Kysilewska; 1869-1956), a prominent Western Ukrainian parliamentarian and editor. Among the photographs in the fonds are still images of Prodan, family members, early Ukrainian Manitoba pioneers, and “Maslosoiuz” – the Ukrainian Dairy Co-operative in western Ukraine.

Prodan, Cornelius

Dokia Humenna Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1948-000
  • Fonds
  • 1939-1959

The fonds consists of 2 published works and 9 draft typescripts authored by Dokia Humenna.

The two published works are:
1/Dokiia Humenna. Dity Chumats’koho Shliakhu: roman u 4-okh knyhakh
Kn. 1. U Zapashnykh Poliakh. Munich: Ukrains’ka trybuna, 1948. 139 p.
Kn. 2. Bramy Maibutn’ioho. Munich: Ukrains’ka trybuna, 1948. 196 p.
Kn. 3. Rozp-iate Selo. Munich: Ukrains’ka trybuna, 1948. 165 p.
Kn. 4. Nich. New York: Vyd. avtora, 1951. 248 p.
2/Dokiia Humenna. Vichni Vohni Al’berty. Edmonton: Vyd. zakhodom Petra A. Pausha, 1959. 183 p.

The nine draft manuscripts are:
1/Dokiia Humenna. “Sosna Chekaie Chuda: Zbirka opovidan’” (The Pine Tree Waiting for a Miracle: A Collection of Short Stories) including the following stories: “Plach Dokii Humennoi”; “Abstraktna vprava”; “Kimnata z prymusom”; “Dvi”; “Vyfleiems’ka zvizda”; “Na natiahnenii struni”; “Krylate pys’mo”; “Dva vechory”; “Nevil’nyk”; “Chorne tse bile”; “Liusyne horlo”; “Prekrasna anomaliia”
2/Dokiia Humenna. “Velykyi Tsabe” (The Big Shot)
3/Dokiia Humenna. “Roman syn’oi panchokhy” (A Romance of Blue Nylons)
4/ Dokiia Humenna. “Materialy do romanu Hnizdo nad bezodneiu” (Materials for the novel Nest over the Abyss)
5/ Dokiia Humenna. “Hnizdo nad bezodneiu” (Nest Above the Abyss)
6/Dokiia Humenna. “Dity Chumats’koho Shliakhu” (Children of the Milky Way)
7/ Dokiia Humenna. “Mana” (Delusion)
8/Dokiia Humenna. “Romashky na Skhylakh” (Daisies on the Hill) including the following stories: “Kaitarma”; “Niiaz i Hiuller”; “Problema hlechykiv”; “Romashky na skhylakh”
9/Dokiia Humenna. “Epizod iz Zhyttia Ievropy Kryts’koi” (An Episode in the Life of Europa of Crete)

Humenna, Dokia

Donna Grescoe Collection

  • CA UCECA A2012-42
  • Collection
  • [1934?]-2007

This fonds contains records related to the life and career of violinist Donna Grescoe. It is predominantly made up of newspaper clippings – both individual and contained within scrapbooks – that contain interviews with Donna, reviews, advertisements for upcoming shows, etc. The fonds also includes correspondence, programmes for concerts and recitals, a journal Donna kept during several tours, three bound scrapbooks, and two large, unboxed portfolio-style scrapbooks. The scrapbooks contain a variety of photographs and news clippings related to Donna and her life and musical career. Also part of the fonds is a unique (non-commercial) album of 78 rpm recordings of Donna Grescoe’s 1947 Towne Hall concert performance.

Grescoe, Paul

Eugene Deslaw Fonds

  • CA UCECA A0000-000
  • Fonds
  • 1903 - [ca. 197-?]

Most of the materials in the fonds reflect Slabchenko’s/Deslaw’s interest and participation in Ukrainian diplomatic activity, best exemplified by his unpublished manuscript Dyplomatychna Istoriia Ukrainy (Diplomatic History of Ukraine) and the artefacts and images he collected which relate to UNR diplomatic missions. Images, documents and labels collected by Deslaw were part of an exhibition in the late 1970s. The fonds also contains items relevant to Deslaw’s film career, including newspaper clippings about the films he directed.

Deslaw, Eugene

John Yuzyk Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1997-000
  • Fonds
  • c.1920-1976

This fonds contains materials regarding the life and work of John Yuzyk. This includes newspaper clippings and correspondence related to Yuzyk’s work in real estate, veteran’s affairs, and activities within the Ukrainian community. There are newsletters from Branch 141 of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Also included are a variety of miscellaneous papers and booklets related to Yuzyk’s personal business endeavours, Legion branch operations, and programmes for holiday and celebratory events. There are also numerous membership cards to local real-estate associations, and buttons and ribbons relating to his involvement in the Legion and events within the wider Ukrainian community. The fonds also contains a number of photographs of family, friends, and fellow servicemen.

Yuzyk, John

Konkurs Spohadiv Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1947-000
  • Collection
  • 1928-1958

At least 65 memoirs were submitted. Some participants requested the return of their manuscripts after the competition. As a result, only 57 of 65 numbered entries remain in the fonds. They range in length from several hand-written pages to typescripts of several hundred pages. The memoirists describe the following topics in their memoirs: exile, German work camps, conditions under the Soviet regime, famine, sporadic mentions of the Holocaust, and childhood experiences. 25 memoirs depict the Ukrainian experience of World War II. A few of the files also include photographs, newspaper clippings, supporting documents, and correspondence (although in most cases the latter consists of little more than formal letters of introduction). Most of the files are dated according to when the memoirs were received, which may not correspond with the date when they were actually written.
The following (8) submitted memoirs are not in the fonds:
No. 2. Iurii Fiala, “Moi spomyny”
No. 7. P. Pliuiko [pseudonym Pol’ Polovets’kyi], “Zapysky Krigsferbrekhera”
No. 9. Mykola Uhryn-Bezhrishnyi, “’Moloda Hromada’ v Peremyshli”
No. 13. Stefan Fedorivs’kyi [pseudonym Danylo Mirshchuk], “V obiimakh smerty: iz shchodennyka uchasnyka UPArmii”
No. 34. A. Buravchuk, “Prosperity (Spomyn z prokliatoho mynuloho)”
No. 44. Petro Kachura, “‘Kyiv’ – novelia ta ‘Petro’ – poema”
No. 47. Oleksii Boiko, “Notatnyk – u Krem-ianets'kykh lisakh: z dii UPA, opys ochevydtsia i uchasnyka podii”
No. 60. Vasyl' Strons’kyi, “Moi spohady”

Spohadiv, Konkurs

Michael Hethman Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1981-000
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1937

The fonds consists primarily of correspondence with individuals, in Canada and abroad, who belonged to or sympathized with the Hetmanite movement, and with various local Canadian branches, or more accurately, paramilitary units, of the Hetmanite movement [see the glossary below]. Some correspondence with Ukrainian newspapers, as well as speeches, articles and verses are also found in the fonds.
Glossary of commonly used terms: komanda – command; rada – council; okruh – (military) district; kish – (military) unit; hurtok – patrol; oboznyi (military) – quartermaster/commander; holovnyi oboznyi (military) – commander-in-chief; orhanizatsiia – organization.

Hethman, Michael

Peter Kuch Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1980-136
  • Fonds
  • 1919-2014

This fonds contains hundreds of news clippings consisting of editorial cartoons created for the Winnipeg Free Press between 1952 and 1980. This collection is non-exhaustive and includes miscellaneous clippings from other papers and sources. In addition, there are other artistic works provided for the Free Press and artwork from additional projects including illustrations for books, magazines, and teaching manuals. Photographs of himself, friends, and other individuals are also included in addition to other artwork. Several personal sketchbooks depicting examples of his portrait and landscape works, can also be found within the collection.

Kuch, Peter

William Ewaskiw Fonds

  • CA UCECA A1980-151
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1975

The fonds consists primarily of textual records concerning the period from the late 1920s through the 1950s when Ewaskiw was an active member and leader of the Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita. They include the CUIP’s constitution and by-laws; minutes of several annual meetings; historical sketches; membership lists; a bound scrapbook of newspaper clippings, and loose newspaper clippings chronicling events and activities at the Institute (1910s-1970s); a sampling of correspondence; event posters, invitations and programs; promotional materials; several photographs; commemorative ribbons and buttons; and Ewaskiw’s CUIP membership certificate. Issues of several contemporary Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian almanacs are also included.

Ewaskiw, William