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Doyle Sermon List 2012 1

This MS Word document contains two lists of Doyle's sermons - one is sorted alphabetically by title, the other is sorted by the biblical passage examined.

Rev. Robert Stiven fonds

  • CA UCA Acc: 97-15, ID# 3540
  • Fonds
  • 2008

The surviving records of Rev. Robert Stiven include a Sermon, letter, and order of service pertaining to the closing service of Robertson Memorial United Church in Winnipeg, dating from 1997. Autobiography "Well Breads and Yeastie Beasties" (revised 2008).

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This series is made up of only one folder, which contains records pertaining to the curatorial history of the Johns fonds. Such records include biographical and curatorial material gathered by Pipe Creek Christian School, correspondence between Pipe Creek Christian School, John’s relatives and the United Church archives and two congregational letters written by Johns that could not appropriately be placed elsewhere. The folder comprising this series is labelled 121-14 in the fonds.

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Rev. Esaias Beardy fonds

  • Pièce
  • c. 2003

The fonds contains one published book, "Residential School Survivor: True story of a young Aboriginal man on his journey in search of his true identity," written by Rev. Esaias Beardy.

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Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Church and Community Inquiry into Unemployment, 1993

Items include briefs and submissions made to the Inquiry and two copies of the Inquiry Report "Much Work to Do" and the Summary Report as well as Inquiry correspondence, press releases, the Inquiry schedule and other miscellaneous materials.
Items also include eighteen 90 minute audio cassette recordings of Inquiry submissions (numbered); three KSP-30 video tape dubs of Spirit Connection television programs featuring the Inquiry; one T-130 video tape (unlabelled); as well as an undetermined number of negatives and 37 photographs.

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Families 2000, 1991-1993

Items described here include correspondence and memos that pertain to planning for attendance by Conference representatives at the Families 2000 event and reports and other items pertaining to follow-up events to 'Families 2000'. Also found here are notes pertaining the "Here are My Sisters and My Brothers" event. Items also include ten colour photographs of participants and events at 'Families 2000' taped to four pages within a file folder.

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Oral History

This series contains five audio recordings pertaining to the life of Wilfred Lockhart and his brother Fraser. Tape A1 (“Conversation with Wilf and Wendy, May 1991”) takes the form of Wendy Duncan (Wilfred Lockhart’s daughter) interviewing Lockhart about his early years, and Tape A2 (“Wilf Reminisces, May 1991 and August 1991”) contains Lockhart’s continued reminiscing about similar subject matter. Tape B1 (“#1 Wilf and Fraser, Jan. 15 1991; Side 2 Wilfred Lockhart”) and Tape B2 (“#3 Wilf and Fraser”) contain recordings of Wilfred Lockhart interviewing his older brother Fraser about his life and the two reminiscing. Tape C (“Wilfred Lockhart, Dec. 1990”) contains a recording made by Wilfred Lockhart sent in lieu of a telephone call from his winter holiday in Florida – the recording was presumably intended for a family member and contains commentary on his childhood and life. All five tapes are estimated to run 90 minutes in duration and are copies of original cassette tapes.

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