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Halpenny, Jasper

The Jasper Halpenny file contains the following material:(br>

  1. Obits: Wpg Tribune 19 Dec 1931; UMMJ 2:57, 66-69 1931; MMB (1931) 113:19-20; "Master Surgeons of America" SGO (1932) 55:527-8 (9pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Copy from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Biographies: See also: Item 0. above (28pp)

    • Notes from "Medical History of Manitoba" attributed to R.Monk (original in file 21.10.3) (p1)
    • Biog note from GS Fahrni’s 1980 "Recollections of Medicine and the Manitoba Medical School 1906-1946" (pp2-4)
  5. "Intestinal anastomosis. A new operation". Preliminary report. Typescript (7pp)

  6. 2 publications lists and reprints (incl picture of JH as a young man on p.1 of article on "Sarcomatous abdominal testicle in a hermaphrodite"; Presidential address to CMA) (p1 and p24); (28pp)

    • Nursing, its past, its present and its future (complete booklet) (p2)
    • Duodeno-Choledochotomy with case report (complete booklet) (p3)
    • A method to facilitate the avoidance of infection during intestinal anastomosis - preliminary report (p4 - both sides) (p4)
    • Provincial registration of trained nurses (pp5-8, both sides)
    • Extirpation of the thyroid gland in monkeys (complete booklet) (p9)
    • The training of the surgeon (complete booklet - 2 copies)(pp10-14)
    • The contribution of the hospital to the surgery of to-day - 2 copies (complete booklet) (pp15-23)
    • Tetanus (p24)
    • Sarcomatous Abdominal Testicle in a Hermaphrodite (p25)
    • Notes on drainage in surgery (p26-27)
    • An address on clinical and laboratory methods of diagnosis (p28)
  7. Interview with Halpenny by Alison Craig Man (Wpg)Free Press May 22, 1925 (1p)

  8. Corres Kerr/Hanks re copy of Halpenny’s "How to be healthy" (see Manitoba Authors in NJM) incl copy (8pp)

  9. Clipping with picture and brief biography from Ferguson’s One hundred years of surgery (3pp)

  10. "A trip to Mexico" by JH MMB #55:7-9, 1926 (2pp)

  11. Kerr, A. "The Manitoba CM degree..." Man Med (1993) 63: 145-147 (2pp)

  12. Corres re teaching load, resignation (originals in 1.4.1 under Halpenny); retirement to Texas MMB 58:4 1926, 59:5-6 1926, 80:2 1928; (8pp)

  13. Biog from Pioneers and Prominent People of Manitoba pub 1925 (1p)

  14. Brief report re MMA 7th annual convention & opening address by JH (President) on "Medical Education"; incl resolution advocating general use of typhoid fever vaccine CMAJ v4(7) July 1914 (2pp)

  15. Notes from a paper by Carr and Kerr, Can Soc Hist Med 1996 (5pp)

  16. Corres Leonard & Philip Halpenny/Ian Carr incl family biography, anecdotes (Winnipeg strike; Detroit Lakes, commune at Headingley); 2 newspaper clippings 1910 & 1914; (10pp)
    See also:

    • file 19.0.3 (1) Halpenny brief, 1908 to Manitoba Hospital Commission.
    • See book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM How to be healthy. 1911

MPC 1.0 #116 A-H

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Patricia Martens Collection

  • Fonds
  • 1952-2015

The Patricia Martens collection is divided into thirteen series:

  1. Research
  2. Grants and Funding
  3. Committees
  4. Awards
  5. Conferences
  6. Historical (Manitoba Centre for Health Policy)
  7. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy Reviews
  8. Correspondence
  9. Graduate School
  10. Calendars
  11. Church Directories
  12. Photographs
  13. Legacy Media

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"Stoughton Studies"

This file contains photographs taken of a young Elinor Black by Arthur Stoughton, architecture professor at the University of Manitoba.

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Maclean, Neil John

The Neil John Maclean files contain the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: WFP Nov 14, 1946; MMR Dec 1946; Tribune? cNov 14, 1946; CMAJ 56:115 1947; News item on funeral WFP Nov 18, 1946 with picture; “In memoriam Dr. Neil John Maclean” pamphlet, which includes obituary and funeral address by Rev E Crossley Hunter Nov 16, 1946 - 5 copies; WCQ v1(1) Sep 1948 "Memorial Issue Neil John Maclean” ; MMR v49 1969 (nephew: AP Cameron) (7pp+6booklets)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Faculty questionnaire and copy of faculty card (2pp)

  4. Short sketch by Dr. Gordon Fahrni and corres with him about it 1988 (original in GS Fahrni 21.9 file) (8pp)

  5. GS Fahrni “Reminiscences of Dr. Neil John Maclean 1870-1946” Man Med 59(1) 37:38, 1989 (1p)

  6. Nobel, B: “Do you remember?” [with notes on NJM] WFP May 9, 1964 (1p)

  7. Notes on Neil John Maclean and letter from CC Ferguson to Dona and Ian Maclean asking for information on their father (3pp)

  8. Announcement of Neil John Maclean Memorial Award for Clinical Investigation UMMJ 28(3): 99, 1957 (1p)

  9. Pamphlets on the Neil John Maclean Library; Proposals and Official Dedication; corres AMKerr to NBMaclean (3 items+1pp)

  10. Letters Kerr/NB Maclean [son] of thanks for reprints - see Folder #2 (1p)

  11. Letter Mathers/Fahrni 1944 re NJM’s depression over his loss of his youngest son and wish for the discharge of Ian S Maclean (4pp)

  12. State of California license to practice 1924 and 1932; handwritten note on receipt for payment to Board of Med Examiners, California; memberships Man Motor League 1925, Canadian Club [nd] (5 items)

  13. Notes on portrait, with photograph of it, by Grandmaison (portrait is in NJM Library) (5pp)

  14. “Manitoba doctors honored” Wpg Tribune Jun 26, 1941(1p)

  15. Letter from Ian Maclean (Neil’s eldest son) to PHT Thorlakson Oct 31, 1943 (3pp)

  16. Note by PHT Thorlakson about NJM as a 14 year old WCQ (1970) 23: 35 (1p)

  17. Short biog by MH Ferguson (original in 2.21.2(1)) (1p)

  18. Birth announcement of son WCMJ v0(8):367 Aug 1915 (1p)

  19. NJM house, 67 Middlegate WFP 17 May 2009 (5pp+original)
    See also:
    -file 12.1.10 Neil John Maclean, 1945-69: File deals with two separate items: (a) NJMbequest of about $5500 corres (1948-51); (b) NJM Memorial Award for Clinical Investigation (1947-69)
    -Historical equipment: #25 Aspiration set and #26 Buggy Bag (MPC 4.1#068 is colour photo of this item);
    Folder 2

  20. Bibliography (may not be complete) (1p)

  21. Reprints:
    -Unilateral Kidney Lesions. Trans Wpg Med-Chir Soc (1906-07) v2:25-31 (pp1-7) (7pp)
    -Transduodenal Choledochotomy, report of case with comments on the clinical & operative features. Annals of Surgery Dec 1909:1273-1277; (5pp booklet) (p8)
    -Cancer of the Stomach. WCMJ Aug 1914:3-12; (6pp booklet) (p9)
    -The Extreme Pendulous Abdomen and its Surgical Treatment by a New Three-flap Operation. SGO Feb 1919:190-194 (7pp booklet) (p10)
    -The Surgical Treatment of Exophthalmic and Thyrotoxic Goiter with Special Reference to Bilateral Resection. SGO Nov 1919:475-480 (8pp booklet+1 7pp loose copy) (p11-18)
    -Cancer of the Rectum and Pelvic Colon. Can Med Quarterly nd but read before Surg section, CMA, Quebec 1919:433-446 (7pp booklet) (p19)
    -Duodenal Ulcer. CMAJ Jan 1921:1-6 (3pp booklet) (p20)
    -The Indications for Nephrectomy in Real Stone. The Journal Lancet, Minneapolis MN:1-8 (4pp booklet) (p21)
    -Some Phases of Thyroid Disease. CMAJ, Dec 1922:1-7 (4pp booklet) (p22)
    -Diverticulum of the Duodenum. SGO July 1923:6-13; (4pp booklet plus signed title page) (pp23-24)
    -Observations of the Treatment of Goiter. Illinois Med J May 1925:1-11; (6pp booklet) (p25)
    -Master Surgeons of America: Alexander Hugh Ferguson. SGO May 1926:721-723 (3pp booklet+3pp typescript) (p26-29)
    -Some Problems in Intestinal Surgery. Trans of West Surg Assn Wichita Kansas (pp3-19) (10pp booklet) (p30)
    -Duodenal Diverticulitis. Annals of Surgery Jan 1927:73-83 (6pp booklet) (p31)
    -Intra-thoracic Goiter. Minnesota Medicine May 1928:286-290 (2pp booklet) (p32)
    -An Improved Incision for the Radical Operation for Carcinoma of the Breast, SGO Dec 1939 v69:816-817 (3pp booklet plus 1p) (p33)
    -The Late Sequelae of an Aseptic Abdominal Operation. CMAJ v25, 1931:159-163 (6pp booklet) (p34)
    -The Curability of Cancer. SGO Feb 15, 1933 v56:419-421 (4pp booklet) (p35)
    -Endometriosis of the Large Bowel. CMAJ v34, 1936:253-258 (7pp booklet) (p36)
    -Technique for the Repair of Postoperative Abdominal Hernias. SGO v83 Aug 1946:200-204 (3pp booklet) (p37)
    -Some Complications following Abdominal Operations. CMAJ v38. 1938:50-53 (5pp booklet) (p38)
    -Errors in Surgery. MMR v22(4) April 1942:79-82 (complete 12pp journal) incl notes on the front of the issue (p39)
    -Reprints - gift of NB Maclean, NJM’s son
    MPC 1.0 #155 A-H
    Box of oversized materials:

MPC.1.0.155I - watercolour of horse by F.A. Sharmon, 1935.

MPC.1.0.155J -Neil John Maclean and wife?

American College of Surgeons degree

Royal College of Surgeons of England degree, May 10, 1906

MPC.1.0.155K - Dr. Thorlakson and medical students

MPC.1.0.155L - Manitoba Medical Association, November 1921 (handwritten on back: "Dr. Neil John Maclean front row, far right in grey suit" "Manitoba Medical Convention, St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, 9-11 November 1921"

MPC.1.0.155M -"Surgeon's Club, Rochester, Minnesota, March 26, 1914. Front Row--Drs. N.J. Maclean, President, Winnipeg, Canada, C.H. Mayo, Rochester Minn., W.S. Wiatt, St. Louis, Ill. Others from left to right--A.C.F. Halford, Brisbane, Australia, Drs. G.A. Leland, Jr., Boston, Mass., H.C. Lefurgey, Dolores, Colo., J.S. Rankin, Dekalb, Ill., B.J. Branton, Willmar, Minn., Paul Oliver, Secretary, Chicago, Ill., B.J. Johnson, Denver, Colo., O.T. Clark, Keokuk, Iowa, H.E. Robertson, Hengchow, China, A.J. Bausman, Pleasant Hill, Ohio, H.J. Dampsey, Belfast, Ireland, J.J. Walker, Cavalier, N. Dak."

Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics (1971), correspondence from CMA general secretary (January 22, 1971) introducing Code of Ethics.

Scrapbook: including photographs of relatives, correspondence from D.A. Stewart (superintendent of Ninette Sanatorium, medical degree (Manitoba), approval by state of California to practise medicine (April 3, 1876).

MPC 4.1 #68 (Historic equip - medical bag owned by NJM)

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Legacy Media

Legacy media, consisting of 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks and CDs containing photographic material.

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