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Hildes, John Arthur

The John Arthur Hildes file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: WFP 30 Nov 1984; WFP obit nd (incl description of memorial service by MH Ferguson); "Son of Paratracks" Cdn Paraplegic Assn Feb 1985 p6; CMAJ 132:63, 1 Jan 1985; CentroScope 13(1):2; Jan 1985; Musk-Ox 34 1986; Can Doctor v51(5):81 May 1985; fragment of eulogy [author unknown]; (8pp)

  2. Eulogies: Lorna Medd; L Mitchell; Rev Jim Strachan, Michael Kusugak; (8pp)

  3. Letters of condolence 1984 (4pp)

  4. CV 1979 and reprint (21pp)

  5. Copy of 5 x 7 faculty card (1p)

  6. Order of Canada: gg website; UM Bull 13(37):4, 8 Aug 1979; CMAJ 121:678 8 Sept 1979; News Release 5 July 1979; UMMJ 49:103 1979; incl corres with A Naimark (10pp)

  7. 2 unattributed biographical sketches plus: Personality-Dr Hildes UMMJ 111 Feb 1951 (7pp)

  8. Man who led polio fight named Top Citizen of ‘53 Wpg Tribune 31 Dec 1953 (4pp)

  9. Ralph Campbell Outreach Award 2 letters; UM Bull v17(18) 25 May 1983; UMMJ 53:57 1983 (4pp)

  10. Commissioner of the NW Territories Award Grand Rounds 1(1):2 Winter 1983; UMMJ 53(2) 1983 (2pp)

  11. PARIM Award (1p)

  12. Four appear in ‘Top 50” list UM Alumni J 46(1) Autumn 1985 (1p)

  13. Scientific trek to Arctic to study effect of cold. Letter re trek from JAH to MH Ferguson; article from Anchorage Times 18 Aug 1958 (6pp)

  14. JA Hildes Medal in Circumpolar Health UM Bull v21(22):5, 15 July 1987; WFP 8 July 1987 (2pp)

  15. JA Hildes Memorial Court Grand Rounds 3(2) Summer 1986 (1p)

  16. JA Hildes Northern Medical Unit Grand Rounds 2(2):6 Winter 1985; Can Doctor v51(5):81 May 1985; Letter from BD Postl 1985 (2pp)

  17. Copy of "the silent language of medicine" Inaugural lecture 1963 (3pp)

  18. "Man shivers in the Arctic" The Unbelievable Land ed IN Smith Queen’s Printer 1964 (5pp)

  19. "Health Care Keewatin District Presentation to Keewatin Councils" Repulse Bay 27 May 1976 (16pp)

  20. Appt as Assoc Dean, Community Medicine UMMJ 46: 68 1976 (1p)

  21. "Harry Medovy Lecture in Social paediatrtics - Northern paediatrics" UMMJ 52:10-11 1980 (1p)

  22. Letter re donation from Eskimo Pt Council to Hildes art collection (2pp)

  23. Staff Record- restricted access (32pp)

  24. Plaque to JAH dedicated 27 Sept 2007, Churchill Hosp the caribou heard v6(1) 2008 (1p)

  25. 3 typescript articles: (20pp)

    • some aspects of gastric physiology; (pp1-4)
    • applied physiology of liver - hepatic circulation (pp5-9)
    • hepatic circulation (pp10-16)
    • reprint on neoplastic disease CMAJ v130 1Jan 1984 (pp17-20)
  26. John A Hildes Circumpolar Health Awards notice incl list of Hildes Medal winners to 2006 (2pp)
    -Order of Canada 1979
    MPC 1.0 #120 A-L
    MPC 5.3 #8 (award)

Hildes, John Arthur

Ferguson, Robert George

The Robert George Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ v90 18 Apr 1964; v90 9 May 1964; UM Alumni J 1964 p14; MMR 44:239 1964; Lives Lived G&M 1 Aug 2003 (re son), Lives Lived G&M 19 July 2005 (re daughter); G&M 26 Nov 2006 and Lung Assn (son) (10pp)
  2. The Valley Echo v29(9) Sept 1948. Issue devoted to RGF’s career and retirement. It was "published monthly by patients and staff of the Sanatoria operated by the Sask Anti-Tuberculosis League, being their voluntary contribution to the campaign aganist tuberculosis" (132pp booklet)
  3. Dr "RG Ferguson, Manitoba 1916" The country doctors by Henri Chatenay, Mattrix Press 1980 (10pp)
  4. Entry from Univ Sask Archives website re honorary degree from Univ Sask, 1946 (1p)
  5. Publications list: "Changes in the Epidemiological Conception of Tuberculosis" (1p+7pp reprint)
  6. "Tuberculosis and Dr. R.G.Ferguson" & "The war on tuberculosis: Saskatchewan physician leadership" looking back Saskatchewan Medicine looking forward 1905-2005 (3pp)
  7. RGF on the treatment of children with TB CMAJ v9(49) September 1919 (1p)
  8. People Profile of RGF from CDC Team, Sask Lung Assn, produced under contract to Canada’s Digital Collection Program, Industry Canada (2pp)
  9. Tuberculosis Control by GD Barnett - article found in the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan on its website 2008 (2pp)
    See also:
    21.9 G Fahrni file Folder 3 Item 9 p.9 recollections

    MPC 1.0 #75

Ferguson, Robert George

Grant, W Wallace

  1. Obit.: WFP 17 & 18 Dec 2003; CMAJ v170(12):1879, 8 June 2004 (3pp)
  2. Copy from student and faculty card files (1p)
  3. Updates (with family picture) sent in for 55th anniversary reunion of ‘44 class, 1999 (7pp)
  4. Copies of two letters re Acting Headship 2 Nov 1970 and 2 Apr 1971 (5pp)
  5. Retirement reception Children’s Hosp Res Fdn Newsletter 4(1) Winter 1976 (1p)
  6. "Medical staff specializes in child care" photocopy Wpg Trib 1 Dec 1956 (1p)
  7. "Results of research promising" Wpg Trib 2 Dec 1960 (1p)
  8. Note that he won the Alumni Jubilee Award in 1970 (1p)
  9. Grant, WW: "A sabbatical year in Britain" UMMJ 46: 18-22 1976 (3pp)
  10. "From polio to pediatrics" Med Post May 14 1991, copy & original (2pp)
  11. Note on his fellowship at Yale U MMR Oct 1950:549, copy & original (2pp)
  12. "A study of the role of the school physician as an active member of the school staff" typed report 1953 (11pp)
  13. Alumni Jubilee Award UM Alumni Journal v35(2) Winter 1975 (1p)
  14. Staff record: restricted access (31pp)

    MPC 1.0 #351 A-C (C is with update #13 below)

Grant, W. Wallace

Houston, Clarence Stuart

The Clarence Stuart Houston file contains the following material:

  1. Copy from student card files (1p)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet; Manitoba author (1p)

  3. Corres re CSH’s books 1975-1994 (16pp)

  4. Book review: Birds of the Saskatchewan River Wpg Tribune 19 Sept 1959 (1p)

  5. Miscellaneous corres (volunteering to speak, 1983; on libraries with AM Kerr 1980) (4pp)

  6. Review by CSH of The Birds of Alberta in The Blue Jay 17(1):43 Mar 1959 (3pp)

  7. Reports of bird sightings at Yorkton by CSH The Blue Jay 17(2):58 June 1959 (3pp)

  8. 3 articles by CSH in The Blue Jay 17(3):93-94,106-107, Sept 1959 (5pp)

  9. "The Birds of the Yorkton District, Saskatchewan" Can Field Naturalist 63(6) Nov-Dec 1949 (1 booklet pp215-241)

  10. Brief CV sent in for his class reunion 1979 (2pp)

  11. Update sent in for his class reunion 2001 and letter to MMCF (1p)

  12. Announcement of three awards Man Med 61: 114 1993 (with picture) (1p)

  13. Note about his work on TA Patrick, M.D. UMMJ 48: 49 1978

  14. Announcement of his new book: Steps on the road to Medicare: Why Saskatchewan Led the Way 2002 (1p)

  15. Letter re gift in honour of his parents Sigga and Clarence (2pp)

  16. Reprint of his article on "TB training for med students" Man Med (2pp)

  17. CV Dec 10, 2001 (35pp)

  18. Letters nominating him for the Distinguished Alumni Award (not awarded) (11pp)

  19. Advertisement re CSH publication: Tommy's Team: The People Behind the Douglas Years WFP 9 Oct 2010 (1p)

  20. Entry in Canadian Who’s Who 2001, vol XXXVI: 614 (1p)

  21. Corres with J Lovell, 16 May 2001; 11 Oct 2001 (2pp)

  22. List of All-Time Recoveries by Species - birds banded by CS and MI Houston to 2000 (1p)

  23. Letter CSH to AM Kerr 21 Sep 2002 re BJ Brandson portrait; letter re 2002 Breeding Bird Survey on back (see BJ Brandson file 21.9) (1p)

  24. Article on CSH in "Heart & Soul", CMAJ, 19 Sept 2000, 163(6) (1p)

  25. Christmas letter, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 (8pp)

  26. "The Houston Clan: A long & enduring line of medical genes" looking back Saskatchewan Medicine looking forward 1905-2005 (2pp)

  27. Order of Canada, OC, 21 Oct 1992 Gov Gen website; CMAJ 1993,148(6):1036 (latter also incl. Order of Merit from Saskatchewan) (2pp)

  28. "Win-Win... Stuart & Mary Houston" Nature Canada News Fall 2008 (with picture) (1p)

  29. "Heartening look at bleak message - re birding; book review WFP 1 Mar 2009 (1p)

  30. Biog by J Frank Roy from University of Regina website (1p)

  31. News releases etc. of CSH’s part in various books (5pp)
    -See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    -Son of Clarence Joseph and Sigridur Christianson Houston

Houston, Clarence Stuart

Jackson, Frederick Wilbur

The Frederick Wilbur Jackson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: CMAJ 78:298, 15 Feb 1958 (with picture); MMR 38(2):127, Feb 1958 (2pp)

  2. Faculty questionnaire 1932; copies of student and faculty cards (2pp)

  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Article announcing FWJ awarded 1950 gold medal of Prof Institute of the Civil Service, no source (1p)

  5. Publications list incl papers on TB, polio, encephelitis, maternal mortality & medical care (most in Manitoba) c1920-30; incl following complete reprints:(15pp)
    -"Morbidity Survey in the Municipal Doctor Areas in Manitoba" May 1 1938- April 30, 1940",Can Public Health Jour 1941:32:491-502 (pp1-3)
    -"Manitoba's Encephalitis Epidemic, 1941" Question Mark, Dec 1941:4-10 (pp4-7)
    -"Maternal Mortality in Manitoba 1933-1937" (2nd five-year period) (1 reprint pp307-321) (p8)
    -"The Program of Medical Care in Manitoba" (1 reprint pp479-487) (p9)
    -"Medical and Public Health Services in Canada their Recent Extension and Future" (1-8pp reprint) (p10)
    -"The 1936 Epidemic of Poliomyelitis in Manitoba - Control Measures" (1 reprint pp363-375) (p11)
    -"Tuberculosis Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" MMR v36 March 1956 (pp12-15)

Jackson, Frederick Wilbur

Pennefather, John Pyne

The John Pyne Pennefather file contains the following material:

  1. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  2. Biographical notes from ‘a medical history of Manitoba’ by Ruth Monk(?) (file #21.10.3) (2pp)

  3. Photocopy of note from RB Mitchell Medicine in Manitoba 1955 (1p)

  4. List of references to Pennefather in the Manitoba and Northwest Lancets some copied (9pp)

  5. Photocopy of excerpt from a book on the history of Holland MB with brief bios of father and son, incl photo of son (2pp)

  6. Letter 1948 from Ruth Monk indicating that JPP learned otology from Oscar Wilde’s father (1p)

  7. Biog from Pioneers and Prominent People of Manitoba pub 1925 (1p)

  8. On tuberculosis: re Sanatorium in Spruce Hills, Minnedosa Tribune 22 Nov 1906; opinions on TB by JPP; James Patterson, Drs. Inglis & Hinman, F Torrence, , Dr England, Dr. Dunbar Daily Nor'Wester 12 Mar 1895 (5pp)

  9. Letter to the editor by JPP re The Burton Murder Daily Nor'Wester 28 May 1898; (4pp)

  10. re City Lighting Morning Telegram 12 Feb 1900 (4pp)

  11. Re Decoration Day 1898 Daily Nor'Wester 16 May 1898; The Ninetieth 1st Winter "At home" Morning Telegram 8 Dec 1898 (4pp)

  12. Two accidents Daily Nor'Wester 10 Dec 1898; Morning Telegram 13 June 1905 (3pp)

  13. Treating a patient Daily Nor'Wester 31 Mar 1897 (2pp)

  14. Social event Daily Nor'Wester 9 Mar 1895 (1p)

  15. Two article re son: Percival William P of the NWMP Morning Telegram 10 Jan 1907; Obit Wpg Evening Tribune 12 Nov 1942 (2pp)
    -John Pyne is the father of Richard Fitzgerald

Pennefather, John Pyne

Peirce, Sydney James Shepard

The Sydney James Shephard file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 65:277 1951 (2pp)

  2. Copy of student card; incl ref to biog in file 2.18.2 (1p)

  3. Note on his suggestion re anti-typhoid vaccine for militia West Can Med J 8: 473-4 1914 (1p)

  4. Class & honours list from Manitoba Medical College Calendar 1904-05

  5. Bibliography (may not be complete) (1p)

  6. "Caesar and Robinson Crusoe", Address at Manitoba Sanatorium, Ninette 11 Nov 1937” incl memorials to Dr. David A Stewart and his wife, typescript, (5pp)

  7. Reprints: (20pp)
    -"Considerations concerning the identity of Landry's paralysis and anterior poliomyelitis" West Can Med J 4(2):494-500 1910 - in file (pp1-4)

-"Pathology of gall-stones" West Can Med J 5(9) 390-409 1911 - in file (pp5-15)

-"Typhoid fever in the middle West" read before the AM Publ Hlth Assoc mtg at Winnipeg August 1908 - in file (1-16pp booklet) (p16)

-“Antityphoid Inoculation at the Winnipeg General Hospital” CMAJ v4(10), Oct 1914 (pp17-20)
See also:
-file 2.18.2 for rough copy of presentation by J Hoogstratten to Centennial Pathology Symposium 1983, incl biog of SJSP

Peirce, Sydney James Shepard

Cadham, Frederick Todd

The Frederick Todd Cadham files contain the following materials:
Folder 1:

  1. Obits.: WFP Jan 30/61; WFP Jan 31/61; MMR 41:193 Mar/61; CMAJ 84:673 1961 (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, copy of faculty card and previous file sheet; cartoon (4pp)
  3. Delaat: Dr. Fred Cadham; a profile from history Man Hlth Newsletter 6(3) 1988 (3pp+copy)
  4. Retirement from Prov Lab Wpg Tribune Dec 23,1947; WFP Dec 26, 1947; UMMJ v19(2) 1948; from Board of Health WFP Apr 29, 1960 (5pp)
  5. CV with bibliography [n.d.], other CVs (10pp)
  6. “Biography: Story of Manitoba; History of Manitoba pp493-494 (4pp)
  7. Nomination for the Medal of the Prof Inst of the Civil Service 1938 (6pp)
  8. LLD (Man) 1958 - request letter, presentation speech by LG Bell; Tribune May 26/58; WFP May 30/58 (11pp)
  9. Senior membership in Canad Med Assoc - programme & brief bio; (1p)
  10. Life membership in Wpg Med Soc - presentation May 16, 1952 by Dr. D. Nicholson (2pp)
  11. Provincial Lab named after him - Dept Hlth MDH News March 1964, Bell letter re lectures (2pp)
  12. Cadham Provincial laboratory 1897-1980 history by Fox offprint from UMMJ (5pp booklet)
  13. Notes on Infantile paralysis serum credit ?Tribune 1929 & WFP Oct 2/29; on Asthma JAMA 99:453, 1933 & Werff’s Moule fungi ...1958 p.12-13 (5pp)
  14. Letters of thanks and praise re treatment by Dr. McCormack of Dr. Markley in Teaneck, N.J. (9pp)
  15. Historical note re Stanley Cup game in 1903 where Cadham played WFP May 17, 1975 (1p)
  16. Corres to Dr. Cadham: Jun23/24 - appt as Consulting Bacteriologist, WGH; Nov 24/48 - appt as Chairman of the Board of Health 1948; Jun 30/41 - thanks for presentation to CMA (3pp)
  17. Corres from FTC: 1939 - with CMAJ re article on vaccines; (4pp)
  18. Corres from FTC: 1947 - with Dr. A.R. MacLean re arthritis and vaccine (2pp)
  19. Corres from FTC: 28 Nov 1947 - to Hon. Ivan Schulz re Bacteriological laboratory (20pp)
  20. n.d.-to the Cte re "the laboratory and the proposed Govt Medical Services" specifically re laboratory technicians; 6pp)
  21. Corres 1965-67: Roper G Cadham with Dr. Loeffler et re FTC, arthritis and vaccines (6pp)
  22. Note re a Cadham ‘first’ (first description of spore asthma) 1980 (1p)
  23. Copy of letter of recommendation of Emeritus status (1p)
  24. 2 handwritten notes from Nina Cadham Smith to LG Bell re her father, & re his LLD presentation; (2pp)
  25. Note by grand daughter re the tomato juice explosion recorded in the cartoon, & hunting companions at Delta (Wild Bill Cody, Annie Oakley & Houdini) (1p)
  26. note re Founder Ducks Unlimited plus 3 publications re wild life:
    • “Manitoba; a morning on the duck march” Wpg Evening Trib Oct 23, 1931;
    • "The pinnated grouse in Manitoba” Wildlife Crusader Sept 1957,
    • “The sharp tail grouse in Manitoba” Game & Fish Sept 1954 (6pp)
  27. Staff record - restricted access (9pp)
    Folder 2:
  28. Corres 1961-67 from Robert W. Loeffler, M.D. re accomplishments & lack of recognition re FTC's breakthroughs (note: material is not in good shape because it was copied by Dr. Loeffler on a pre-Xerox copier; photocopies have been made but are difficult to read) (80pp plus copies for preservation)
    Folder 3:
    Typescripts, some annotated, of speeches and presentations; dates are given where known:
  29. "Psoriasis" read before the Wpg Med Soc (5pp)
  30. "Public health and preventive medicine" (4pp)
  31. "Lake Manitoba and water levels" (6pp)
  32. "Bacteriology of the War" read before MMA 1919 (4pp)
  33. "Pandemic influenza" read to Wpg Med Soc 1919 (8pp)
  34. "Bacteriophage" given to the Scientific Club 1929 (11pp)
  35. "Research and Dentistry" Wpg Dental Soc Jan 1931 (15pp)
  36. "Address to public health nurses" read July 8, 1931 (9pp)
  37. "On the Discovery of the Tubercle Bacillus by Robert Koch" Wpg Med Soc 1932 (7pp)
  38. "Acute bacterial infection and dental practice" read at Wpg Dent Soc 21 Mar 1934 (7pp)
  39. "Amebiasis" read before Postgrad clinic on gastroenterology 7 Feb 1936 (1p)
  40. "Subacute bacterial endocarditis" read MMC May 15, 1934 (6pp)
  41. "The submitting of specimens to the Laboratory" address to MMA Sept 3, 1935 (10pp)
  42. "Arthritis" to public health nurses Sep 5, 1935 (4pp)
  43. "Puerperal sepsis" to Sect Gynec & Obstet, Wpg Med Soc Feb 13, 1936 (10pp)
  44. "Immunity problem of poliomyelitis" to Wpg Med Soc Sept 17, 1936 (10pp)
  45. "Tissue immunity” to Wpg Surgical Club Dec 19 1938 (19pp)
  46. "Some general considerations of immunity" to Postgrad course 22 Feb 1940 (7pp)
  47. "The use of vaccines and serums" Postgrad Course Feb 23, 1940 (9pp)
  48. "Interpretation of reports on the serological examination for syphilis" PG Course Feb 24/43 (8pp)
  49. "The Disease, Chronic Arthritis Prevalent in all temperate ones..." Deer Lodge Hosp Feb 23, 1944 (8pp)
  50. "Chemo therapeutic agents and bacterial resistance" Wpg Med nd (8pp)
  51. "Correct methods for ... specimens for laboratory examination" MMA nd (6pp)
  52. On the [Distribution of biological products] ?Free Press? nd (7pp)
  53. On [Immunity and bacteriophagy] nd (8pp)
  54. "Some phases of elective localization of bacteria" to ENT Assoc, Wpg nd (6pp)
  55. "Treatment of poliomyelitis in the acute stage" Wpg Med Soc nd (6pp)
  56. [Ulcerative stomatitis] to the Dental Soc nd (10pp)
  57. "Vaccine therapy" nd (7pp)

Cadham, Frederick Todd

Cadham, Roper Galloway

The Roper Galloway Cadham file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: newspaper Apr 22, 1988; CMAJ 139(1):77, July 1988; also his wife’s from 1976 (2pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, 1948 (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Publications list and 4 reprint (1 on tuberculosis, 1 on communicable diseases, 2 on polio, all in Winnipeg) (6pp+1-4pp & 1-10pp booklets)
  5. An interview with RGC by N Pohorecky 18 June 1979 plus additional info from Med Coll calendars (2pp)
  6. Copy of letter from WA McIntosh to Dean Mathers re Cadham’s appointment as Prof of Bacteriol (1p)
  7. Staff record - restricted access (9pp)
  8. Note from RGC's daughter re RGC's class of 1938 50th reunion (1p)

Cadham, Roper Galloway

Cherniack, Louis

The Louis Cherniack file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP cSept 1982; "Appreciation" by ES Hershfield UMMJ 53:49 1983; (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, 1947; incl letter re questionnaire & WWII service (2pp)
  3. Copy of cards from faculty and student card files (2pp)
  4. Notice of special faculty dinner honoring retired staff, LC amongst those honored (1p)
  5. Manitoba Authors reference sheet plus three cards for displays (1p+3 cards)
  6. Copy of letter to MH Ferguson from LC giving his cv, 1982 (1p)
  7. "The New Medical Line against TB and RD; Introducing our New Associate Medical Directors San Board of Man News Bull 9(1), Jan 1968 incl good photos of LC, Reuben Cherniack, Earl Hershfield & CB Schoemperlen (4pp bulletin)
  8. "Malignant Neoplasms of the Lung; Bronchogenic Carcinoma; Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease" by LC (21pp)
  9. "Physiotherapy in th management of chronic respiratory disease" Therapeutic Notes Illustrated #6, 1970 (2pp only)
  10. "Pathologic Physiology of the Lung" by LC MMR 28(3), Mar 1948 (1p)
  11. Book Review: Respiration in Health & Disease (with RM Cherniack) CMAJ v86(3) 20 Jan 1962 (1p)
  12. Staff record - restricted access (12pp)
    See also:
    See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    His brother is Reuben Cherniack
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