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OUTCOME Series: “My Family/Myself.” Property of Central Toronto Youth Services.


This U-matic tape contains two episodes of the Coming Out! cable access tv program produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective:

Cut 1: Interview with Prof. Carl Ridd ordination of gays and lesbians in the United Church of Canada. 1988, 28:00 minutes.
Cut 2: "Impasse", a drama about the lives of gay and lesbian teenagers, produced/directed by the Gay and Lesbian Youth Group of Toronto. 1987, 28:15 minutes.

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective


Interview, taped 25.05.1990 at studio of Portage Community Cable, Protage la Prairie, during Annual General Meeting of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Conference of the United Church of Canada, of Bishop John Selby Spong (Episcopal/Newark, New Jersey), author of "Living In Sin?"

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective