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British Columbia--Vancouver
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Bishop Severian Ordained

Bishop Severian Stefan Yakymyshyn, O.S.B.M., ordained in Vancouver, BC. B. Yakymyshyn was ordained by Archbishop Ivan Bucko, consecrated by Metr. Michael Bzdel, with co-consecrators being Bishop Myron Michael Daciuk and Bishop Basil (Wasyl) Filevich. Back, from left: unidentified, Bishop Filevich, Right Reverend Michel Hrynchyshyn, and unidentified.


This U-matic tape contains two episodes of the Coming Out! cable access tv program produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective:

Cut 1: Interview with Shawna Dempsey, award-winning lesbian filmmaker and performance artist. Taped August 31, 1992. 27:45 minutes.
Cut 2: Interview with Jackie Haywood, Vancouver lesbian comic who performs as "Love Sizzle," Part 2. Taped April 7, 1990. 28:00 minutes.

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective


"St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, B.C." Colour retouched postcard.

Josephine Andrews fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1952-1991

The Josephine Andrews fonds includes: newspaper article (1952); alumni questionnaire (1991); and photographs (1951-1952).

Leslie Fields fonds.

  • Fonds
  • 1980-1991

The Leslie Fields fonds includes the following series: Alumni questionnaire (1991); biographical information (1986-1988); newspaper articles (1985-1988); and photographs (1980-1988).

Michael Hodges fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1990-1992

The Michael Hodges fonds includes biographical information (1990-1992).

Naomi Kimura fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1958

The Naomi Kimura fonds includes an excerpt from the souvenir programme (1958).

Patricia McKibbin fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1961-1962

The Patricia McKibbon fonds includes excerpts from souvenir programmes (1961-1962).

Paul Blakey fonds

  • Fonds
  • [1990]

The Paul Blakey fonds includes an Alumni questionnaire [1990].

Sarah Slipper fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1980-2009

The Sarah Slipper fonds includes the following series: biographical information (1980-[1985]); newspaper and magazine articles (1986-2009); and photographs (1982-1989).

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