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Snack Foods: A Canadian Social History

This oral history collection includes the interviews that resulted in the book Snacks: A Canadian Food History (University of Manitoba Press, 2017). The Series includes interviews with owners, managers, workers, and consumers of independently owned Canadian snack food manufacturers including Old Dutch Potato Chips, Hawkins Cheezies, and Paulins, among others.

A Project Documents File includes all documentation submitted with the project including: the original project proposal, interview protocol and question guide, consent form and archival release agreement, and a project description (written after completing, including resultant publications).

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Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

1 series comprised of 6 interviews (05hh 08mm 40ss) conducted as part of the Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Project. The interviews have been indexed and transcribed in full. Some interview files include photographs, correspondence, and archival material.

The project began in response to Janis Thiessen’s involvement on the planning committee for the 1919-2019 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference. In late 2016, she interviewed six descendants of those involved on both sides of the 1919 Strike, asking them to share stories they heard about the strike from their relatives, the lessons they learned from those stories, and how those stories shaped their own understandings of labour issues, unions, and social and economic justice.

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Janis Thiessen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2011–

Fonds consists of oral history projects completed by Janis Thiessen as the Primary Investigator, or projects/interviews completed by students under Dr. Thiessen's supervision as a Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg. Research areas include Food History and Labour History in Canada.

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Allen Mills fonds

  • CA UWA 04.02, 23.30
  • Fonds
  • 1911 - 2014

The 2004 accession of the fonds consists of records, mostly publications, pertaining to Canada Waffle, a radical-left political movement within the NDP that grew in popularity in the early 1970s. Included are newspapers, position papers and research reports on social, economic and political issues of the day.

The 2023 accession of the fonds consists of research material, correspondence, and records related to Dr. Allen Mill's career as a University of Winnipeg Political Science professor. Included is correspondence with historian Ramsay Cook about Mills’ biographies of Pierre Trudeau and J.S. Woodsworth; correspondence with David and Joyce Milgaard; the controversies around Mills’ review of David Matas’ book and animal testing on campus; correspondence regarding Mills’ appeal of being refused tenure; political files related to Mills’ run for office with the NDP in 1979; notes from an interview with Ed Schreyer; presentations to government including voting rights for inmates; records related to his effort to construct a monument to Marshall McLuhan; records and research material about J.F. White and Fred Dixon; and Mills’ involvement in the controversy over the results regarding Israel "Izzy" Asper's election to the Manitoba Legislature.

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Interview with Kelly Houle

Oral history interview with Kelly Houle (01hh 04mm 20ss) conducted by Jenny Foidart in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Wednesday 19 October 2022. Records include wav and mp3 recordings of the interview and digital textual records including the interview informed consent form, summary, transcript, index, waiver and consent form, and metadata.

In this interview, Kelly Houle narrates her life story, beginning with childhood in residential schools, then a move to Winnipeg, where she endured abuse at home and in public school. She recounts how as a teenager, Houle began working in the sex trade on Winnipeg's streets. She explains how she transitioned from a client of community outreach services to a provider of outreach. Houle details how her cross-Canada travels lead her to Two-Spirit self-realization, celebration, and continued advocacy for trans and Two-Spirit people, leaving a profound and lasting impact for generations to come.

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Interview with Lorne Olson

Oral history interview with Lorne Olson (01hh 39mm 35ss) conducted by Jenny Foidart in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Friday 14 October 2022. Records include wav and mp3 recordings of the interview and digital textual records including the interview informed consent form, summary, transcript, index, waiver and consent form, and metadata.

During the interview, Lorne Olson recounts his life journey, from the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation in Manitoba to a career in filmmaking, and the personal growth experienced and societal changes witnessed along the way. Important subjects discussed include Indigenous sovereignty in the film industry, his chosen family, access to both male and female perspectives, and Two-Spirit enlightenment.

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Two-Spirit Oral History Collection

  • CA UWA 22.14
  • Collection
  • 2022

This collection consists of four interviews in total (04hh18mm58ss), conducted by Jenny Foidart and Nicole Murdock, coordinated by Corser du Pont and initiated by the University of Winnipeg Archives.

The objective of the Two-Spirit Oral History Project was to record Two-Spirit histories for future generations by sharing their lived experiences, with an emphasis on Elders and Knowledge-Keepers. The stories of Two-Spirit people have been mostly absent from history owing to white settler colonization and discrimination within communities, including within Indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities. These stories will help to provide source material for new histories, research, and creative works about Two-Spirit people, and they may also assist young people who are struggling to come to terms with being Two-Spirit through these examples.

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Roz Usiskin: A Life Lived

A video (31mm 32ss) created by Nolan Reilly (with technical assistance from the Oral History Centre) for Roz Usiskin’s memorial service held on October 16, 2023. The video is created using clips of the 7 interview sessions in this collection.

Interview with Roz Usiskin, Session 6

Oral history interview session (51mm 32ss) with Roz Usiskin, conducted by Nolan Reilly, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2018. Interview is indexed and transcribed in full.

Nolan Reilly, the interviewer, outlines the objectives and procedures for the interview with Roseline (Roz) Usiskin. Usiskin agrees to be recorded. Usiskin begins with a description of personal changes she confronted in the early 1960s with the death of her parents and several other individuals to whom she was close. Her children were more independent by this time and all these changes led her to consider what she might do going forward in her life. She decided to return to school and continue onto university. Her husband supported this decision. The small business they owned was doing well, which meant they could afford Usiskin’s desire to attend university. She describes in detail her experience at university, including the lifelong friends she made there among the students and professors. Usiskin did exceptionally well in her undergraduate years at the University of Winnipeg. She next describes the completion of her MA degree in Sociology at the University of Manitoba. Her research that she describes here focused on the history of the political, religious, and cultural diversity of Winnipeg’s Jewish community, a subject she continues to work on to this day. Usiskin provides a detailed description of being a married woman of thirty-nine with three children attending university with students much younger than herself. The feminist debates of the time led her to reflect on her view of the world. Her generation was politically radical but conventional in their personal lives. Discussions of gender and sexuality, for example, she explains introduced her to new and exciting perspectives. She concludes with a lengthy reflection on the fact that progressive changes are being made on issues of gender and sexuality but they made not be as radical as some think them to be.

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Interview with Roz Usiskin, Session 5

Oral history interview session (01hh 14mm 22ss) with Roz Usiskin, conducted by Nolan Reilly, Winnipeg Manitoba, 2018. Interview is indexed and transcribed in full.

Nolan Reilly, the interviewer, outlines the objectives and procedures for the interview with Roseline (Roz) Usiskin. Usiskin agrees to be recorded. Usiskin begins the session with a description of Sid Bagel, her brother in law, being forced to abandon a doctoral programme in the United States during the Cold War, because Usiskin’s best friend whom he was marrying was associated with the Communist movement. They instead moved to Vancouver where he completed a doctoral programme at the University of British Columbia. Usiskin then provides a detailed description of her marriage to Larry Usiskin. The wedding was small with the ceremony held at the rabbi’s home and the reception at her family home. They initially resided in the home of her parents but moved after several years to a newer house in West Kildonan. Their son Michael was born in 1951. They would have two other boys in the next few years. Roz Usiskin’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1950 and suffered greatly until his death in 1965. He was a great letter writer and conversationalist who grew increasingly frustrated with his declining ability to do either because of the disease. Usiskin describes the impact this had upon their family. Her mother died in 1966 from cancer. Usiskin continues the interview with her recollections of raising three boys in a busy household amidst the expectations of their extended families and the society of that era. She describes how her community activities involved many evening meetings, but her husband happily spent time with the children. The interview session closes with Usiskin reflecting on their hopes and expectations for their children as they grew to adulthood.

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