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Interview with Stan Rossowski

Oral History Interview with Stan Rossowski, conducted by Karen Clements in 2017 (1hh04mm58ss).
The interview includes discussion of: Rossowski's motivation in being a mental health activist, personal and family connection to this issue, and his work in the community, including his peer support work with various organizations.

Clements, Karen

Interview with Mitch Bourbonniere

Oral History Interview with Mitch Bourbonniere, conducted by Karen Clements in 2017.

Discusses work as a contract social worker assisting the most vulnerable of our community—people with mental illness, addictions, homelessness, gang involved, and/or sexual exploitation. Experience with mental health system from a number of perspectives: treated for ADHD as a child; father of a son with schizophrenia; youth mental health worker; social worker; collaborator with and supporter of grassroots community organizations. Works to cultivate a team of people to help give the marginalized a voice and access to services. He feels frustrated by barriers to family involvement in the circle of care, and the lack of services for mental illness in general.

Clements, Karen

Interview with Henry Peters

Interview with Henry Peters, conducted by Karen Clements in 2017.

Topics include: importance of his lived experience (suffering and difficulties) in supporting others and in his art. -- founder and editor of the Kaleidoscope magazine (Winnipeg, 2009), a magazine featuring literary and visual art of individuals with lived experience of mental illness (–– began by submitting his art (paid by the piece) to Transitions thirty years ago. -- inspired by the ability of art to express suffering and turn it into something beautiful. -- importance of being part of the mental health community — Artbeat Studio, Studio Central, Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba, Café Central, and public awareness marches.

Clements, Karen

Interview with Ron Buchanan

Oral History Interview with Ron Buchanan, conducted by Karen Clements in 2017.

Topics include: mental health awareness and peer support in rural northern Manitoba, at the national level on committees, and in Winnipeg; dedication to promoting psychologically safe work places. Discusses involvement in numerous mental health activism and advocacy activities partly to support his own well-being and leaving professional career to work part time and as a volunteer doing public speaking to raise awareness, provide direct peer support, and work for system change through sitting on committees and involvement with organizations. Involvement in numerous committees and organizations, for example: HOPE North Suicide Prevention Committee, ‘Recovery Champions’ provincial advisory committee for recovery-oriented mental health services, and the Canadian Depression Intervention Network (CDRIN).

Clements, Karen

Interview with Lisa Walter

Oral history interview: Dana Naismith interviewing Lisa Walter in 2017 (55mm38ss). Topics include: Walter's experience with mental illness, and mental health activism. Work with “psychiatric survivors,” academics, and public speaking and work with grassroots organizations, primarily in Toronto, Ontario before moving to Winnipeg, MB.

Clements, Karen

Interview with Chris Summerville

Oral History Interview with Chris Summerville, conducted by Debra Dusome in 2017 (2hh 02mm 55ss).

Summerville speaks about advocacy/activism as a tradition (related to civil rights), as a calling, and as a job, and the personal, philosophical, political, and spiritual aspects of activism. Although he works at a national and provincial level for system change, his fundamental goal is to make a difference in individual lives. He is a leader in mental health system transformation as a strategist, inspiration, and ‘holder of hope’ for others working for change. He discussed the history of collaboration of various advocacy groups—the difficulties and the successes. He also discussed how the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society adopted the recovery philosophy and became an exemplar of a recovery-oriented organization.

Clements, Karen

Community Mental Health Activists/Advocates in Manitoba

  • Collection
  • 2017

Collection consists of one oral history project for which Karen Clements was the Primary Investigator. The Community Mental Health Activists/Advocates in Manitoba Oral History Collection consists of 18 interviews (from a total of 25 interviews in the overall project) with mental health activists/advocates in Manitoba, conducted between August and October, 2017. All interviews are fully transcribed, and 17 have available audio. The research project was funded through a Brandon University, Faculty Health Studies Research Grant. The definition of activist/advocate for the purposes of recruitment was an individual who identifies (by self or others) as a mental health activist/advocate in Manitoba working for social and system change in the area of mental health. This did not include individuals whose advocacy is limited to advocacy for conventional services for one individual or individuals whose advocacy is limited to advocacy for clients as part of professional clinical work.

Interviews are conducted by various interviewers who were part of the research team:
• Principle Investigator - Karen Clements (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatric Nursing, Brandon University or DPN BU) – conducting interviews and data analysis
• Research investigators – Debra Dusome (Assistant Professor, DPN BU); Kristen Hardy PhD (c) York, (instructor at University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, and Teaching Affiliate, Centre for the Support of Teaching, Learning & Technology); Dana Naismith (Assistant Professor, DPN BU); Stan Rossowski (peer support worker, community activist) - conducting interviews and data analysis
• Transcriptionists – Sara Groleau; Jacqueline Saurette; Kirsten Surovy
• Copy editor – Sara Groleau

Clements, Karen

Debby Lexier fonds

  • CA WAF CA WAF Debby Lexier
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1990

Fonds includes textual and graphic records collected by Debby Lexier throughout the course of her interior design career. The records reflect her involvement and interest in the Manitoba Design Institute (MDI), the Design Management Centre (DMC), the Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba (PIDIM), Design Canada, and the National Design Council. The collection contains internal materials (such as MDI Board of Directors minutes, program evaluations, and financial information) and correspondence, as well as external and promotional content (such as brochures, newsletters, and various publications).

Lexier, Debby

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