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Stefansson, Jon

The Jon Stefansson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: source not given c29 Sept 1936; MMR 16(10):221, Oct 1936

  2. Copy of 5 x 7 cards (1p)

  3. Faculty questionnaire (1p)

  4. Title page of reprint “An operation for glaucoma’’Am J Ophthal 8(9) Sept 1925 (1p)

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Stanwick, Richard Stephen

The Richard Stephen Stanwick file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of letter to the Editor ?Wpg Sun 6 Sept 1987 (unsure if this was published) (3pp)

  2. “ATVs not child’s play, MDs say” WFP 19 Nov 1987; incl photo (1p)

  3. “Protecting children from danger, photocopy from UM Bull 24(5) 29 May 1990 incl photo (1p)

  4. “Garment safety…” UM Bull 17(20):3, 15 June 1983 (1p)

  5. Photo 8 Feb WFP Feb 1980; of Stanwick with scalded child (1p)

  6. Update sent in for 1978 reunion of Class of ‘73 (1p)

  7. Thank you letter for donation of his booklet “Keep your child safe” (1p)
    See also:
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    -File 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

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Speechly, Harry Martindale

The Harry Martindale Speechly file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 64(5):460, 1951 & appreciation; MMR 31(4)April:264 & 31(5) May:313, 1951; Appreciation WFP 19 March 1951 (3pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet with copy of 5 x 7 faculty card (2pp)

  3. Copy of faculty questionnaire (1p)

  4. Typescript & 2 copies “Reminiscences 1884 - 1937” HM Speechly MRCS (Eng.) LRCP (Lond.); these reminiscences are mainly of his experiences of medical education as a student in London in the 1880s and how different it was for the students of 1937; pub copy UMMJ v9(3), 1938; (33pp)

  5. Clipping “Exit Mosquito” by HM Speechly Health May-June 1947 19, 31-34 (6pp + original)

  6. “Mosquito fighting coroner” by C. Fairbairn Wpg Tribune June 9 1961 (1p)

  7. Typescript “Total mosquito control“ by HM Speechly LLD(Man) 23 April 1944 (3pp+original)

  8. Speechly “The coroner in rural and urban Manitoba” MMR January 1943 p.7-11 (8pp)

  9. “Manitoba doctors honored” (HM Speechly, NJMaclean, GS Fahrni, Montgomery) Wpg Tribune 26 Jun 1941 (1p)

  10. Typescript” Speechley “Boy immigration to Western Canada; a clinical example” 1930 BMA meeting in Winnipeg (12pp incl original)

  11. “Thumbnail sketches” with caricature UMMJ 10:53 1939 (2pp)

  12. “Sixty years and after” UMMJ 17: 19-24 1945 (no author given); reasons for attribution to HMS; same article with signature MMR 26: 24 1946 (6pp)

  13. “The grand old man” by JC Hossack MMR v29:593, 1949 (1p)

  14. “Speechly and Culex”[edit] MMR 31: 183 1951 (1p)

  15. “M Speechly” UMMJ (1946) 17: 44-5 (2pp)

  16. “Rickets on the Prairies with some other Observations on Practice” WCMJ v.3(2) Feb 1909 (4pp)

  17. “Milk in relation to health” Public Health Journal 1928 v.19:363-365 (3pp)

  18. The History Mediaeval and Modern of Quinine, MMR Nov 1929 v.29(11):587-591 (5pp)

  19. “Contacts with Nature in Medical Practice” CMAJ Dec 1925 v.XV(12):1191-1195 (5pp)

  20. Indexcat Print Record (1p)
    See also:

    • his Private Coroner Book May 1941-Apr 1942 (handwritten) (Rare Book Rm NJM Lib.)
    • photograph album donated by Mrs. HM Speechly: incl WH Smith, religious service & procession Aug 26, 1930, Indian Camp Aug 27,1930, Manitoba's 60th, July 15, 1930, also contains London Hosp Gazette Dec 1930, Icelanders, Dawson of Penn

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Snidal, Daniel Peter

The Daniel Peter Snidal file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: WFP Apr 22, 1998; Starlight Summer 1998, Echo 9(2) June 1999; Memorial service pamphlet, April 24, 1998; Naimark, A: “In memory of Daniel Snidal” eulogy given at Memorial service 24 Apr 1998; G&M 24 Apr 1998 (MISSING DEC 2011); WFP 15 Aug 2007 (wife) (8pp)

  2. CV 1977, 1988; list of positions & titles etc.; faculty card; Council on Med Ed - Information sheet, 1971; short biog Sigurjon Jonsson Snidal (10pp)

  3. Photocopy from CMAJ 11 Jan 1984:193 with notes on his radio show “Ask the Doctor”; Bull v12(8) 8 Feb 1978 (3pp)

  4. Invitation and info on the Deer Lodge gold tournament honouring Dr. Dan Snidal incl note on this from Man Med 63: 152 1993 (3pp)

  5. Letters re his work with Manitoba Heart Fdn, Can Med Assoc, Med Council Canada incl 1987 Annual Report as president of CMA (7pp)

  6. Article re his brother MJ Snidal "Association plans dental review board Wpg Tribune 22 Jan 1972 (1p)

  7. Interview with DPS re admissions to faculty in 1982 prob WFP cAug 1982 (1p)

  8. Corres etc re his work for the Faculty of Medicine 1967-1993 (14pp)

  9. Corres re his Fellowship in Medicine 1956-588, 1972 (4pp)

  10. Appt as Provincial Surgeon in the St. John's Ambulance and corres (4pp)

  11. Corres re his work and appts with the military incl.: CV re military work 1988; WFP photo 20 Nov 1970; corres re positions as: Int Med Consultant to Cdn Forces Med Council; as Honorary Pysician to the Queen; as Hon Lieut-Col 17th (Winnipeg) Med Company; re CFMS inscription on The Queen Elizabeth Gates in Hyde Park, London; also incl extract of Dress Instructions for Cdn Army (25pp)

  12. Paper by DPS: The Rise and Fall of the Canadian Forces Medical Services as Viewed by the Defence Medical Association" (6pp)

  13. Outreach awards: from the UM for his work in Continuing Medical Education, public education on health, and health services to the armed forces Bull v14(23) 19 Mar 1980; MMA Administrative Award Bull v31(2) 8 May 1997 (1p)

  14. Staff record - restricted access (49pp)
    See also:
    -File 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography
    MPC 1.0 #203 A-F
    MPC 4.3 #82-84

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Smith, William Harvey

The William Harvey Smith files contain the following material:
Folder 1:

  1. Obits and appreciations: Wpg Tribune May 16 1940 p.21 & 28; Wpg Tribune 18 May 1940 CMAJ 43(1) 69, 42(7)69, 86-87 1940; unidentified [possibly YMCA] appreciation dated 15 May 1940 MMR 20(6) 18 June 1940; unidentified [? WFP] 15 May 1940; “In memoriam” from the American College of Surgeons (hand done) (8pp+folder with In Memoriam)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Faculty questionnaire and notes, faculty card (3pp)

  4. Four letters from Dr R Tait McKenzie [classmate at McGill] to WHS 1931-34 (one handwritten); one is both congratulation on WHS's LLD from McGill 1931 & regret for non-attendance; also incl 4 photographs to go with the letters - Mill of Kintail & Mrs McKenzie in front of house; also incl penciled note re photos & printout re RTM. (6pp)

  5. Certificate of membership in the American College of Surgeons (hand done) (1p)

  6. Announcement from British Medical Assn of WHS’s election as Cdn President-Elect of BMA in 1930 CMAJ v21(5) Nov 1929; CMAJ 23: 134a 1930 with pictures of Smith, Burgess & Bazin (big wigs at 1930 meeting of the British Med Assn in Winnipeg (see folder #4) (3pp)

  7. Handwritten note about the framing of an engraving of Wm Harvey donated by WHS to the Library (1p)

  8. Letter from Dr A Naimark to Mrs. Muriel Turner, 5Mar 1974, re material on WHS (1p)

  9. "BMA Notes Reception to the President-Elect" at Royal Alex MMB 102:2-3 1930 (2pp)

  10. Copies of letters one re an appt; one re a promotion in WHS style (2pp)
    See also:
    -Alberta's Medical History, "Young and Lusty and Full of Life" by Robert Lampard Call no.: HISTMED WZ 70 DC2 L237a 2008

Folder 1a:

  1. Framed citation from the Winnipeg Medical Society re presidency of the British Medical Assn (hand-done) (2pp in leather covers)
    Folder 2:
    Typescript addresses by WHS; some have handwritten corrections:

  2. “Quacks and quackery” given to Medical History Club 3 Feb 1936 (32pp)

  3. “Address on the restoration fund Saint Matthew’s Church” Sunday, 16 Feb 1936, 11 am (8pp)

  4. “Address. Commemoration Day, Saint John’s College” 1 Nov 1933 (17pp)

  5. “The doctors of 1800” an address given by WHS in connection with the Nat’l Council of Education [radio] programme dealing with ‘The world of 1800’ incl two good accounts of John Hunter and Edward Jenner 10 Nov 1932 (13pp)

  6. [to] "The National League for the Blind" 28 Mar, 1932 (9pp)

  7. “State and other forms of health insurance” to the Wpg Med Soc 20 Feb 1931 (15pp)

  8. “Address to the Council of the Canadian Medical Association” Vancouver 22 June 1931 (21pp)

  9. “Address to the graduating class of nurses, Selkirk Hospital” 29 May 1934 (18pp)

  10. “Report of the Committee on the cost of medical care” CMAJ Feb 1933 (2pp)

  11. “Present day problems affecting the physician’s practice and prosperity” source unidentified (12pp)

  12. Address to Winnipeg Medical Society on retiring from office of President c1929 (14pp)
    Folder 3:
    Papers and addresses:

  13. “Article for the Canadian Nurse, attached are letters requesting submission, letter from Smith in reply; notes on telephone discussion with Ms.Wilson on scope and character of paper (9pp)

  14. [to] “North Western Medical Association” 23 Oct 1929 (26pp)

  15. [to] “American College of Surgeons. Hospital Conference” 2 Sept 1924 (8pp)

  16. “Obituary notice BMA Journal - Sir Jenner Verrall” (2pp)

  17. “Group practice” Medical Society 18 Mar 1921 (9pp)

  18. “Vincent’s Angina” (19pp)

  19. [to] St. John’s [College ]Alumni about 1910 (10pp)

  20. [to] Manitoba Medical Assoc - original and copy: original dated "2nd year 1907?" ,copy dated "2nd meeting RW Kenny says 1910" (10+10pp)

  21. “Life of Sir John MacDonald” to Alpha Psi Chapter of Zeta Psi fraternity of McGill, about fall 1891 (15pp - in 2 protectors)

  22. “A lecture on the care of the eye” "to the YMCA about 1896” (45pp)

  23. “Medical ethics” (6pp)
    Folder 4:
    All of the items below are in connection with the 98th annual meeting of the British Medical Association (BMA) in Winnipeg in 1930:

  24. Presidential address BMA 26 Aug 1930, typescript with handwritten note re date (25pp)

  25. Draft of no.1 above with handwritten annotations and corrections (39pp)

  26. Presidential address reply to motion of thanks - 2 versions typescript (2pp)

  27. “The medical missionary breakfast” speech (2pp)

  28. “Presentation of shields to Ukrainian and Polish Clubs" (thanks for folk songs & dances) speech (1p)

  29. “My lunch” speech (1p)

  30. “At the cenotaph” presentation of wreath (1p)

  31. “The lesson” - typescript (2pp)

  32. "Buffalo Head" speech re RB Bennett's presentation of Buffalo Head to the BMA (1p)

  33. “Medical temperance league breakfast” speech (2pp)

  34. “Executive Committee CMA” welcome to Winnipeg - draft (1p)

  35. What appear to be drafts of #6 and #9 above (6pp)

  36. “Scientific exhibit Opening - speech (1p)

  37. “The commercial exhibit” 2 versions (2pp)

  38. “Welcome to those in attendance Tuesday morning 26th August” (1p)

  39. “Introduction of Mr. Burgess and welcome to Winnipeg Friday 26 August” (2pp)

  40. “The British Medical Association” typescript with handwritten note “Article 1st [ ] [ ]1930. Paper outlines proposed program for BMA meeting in Winnipeg (6pp)

  41. “Wind up meeting of the British Medical Association November 20th, 1930” (5pp)

  42. Carbon copy to Mr. Healy from Smith re his Presidential speech 10 March 1930 (1p)
    Folder 5:

  43. Draft of address to the Medical Students’ Assocation Sept 30, 1929 typescript with handwritten Amendments - (very fragile paper in two protectors) (35pp)

  44. “Address to the Manitoba Medical Students’ Association” 30 September 1929 - typescript (35pp)

  45. “Medical Students Association February 11th, 1931” typescript draft; with handwritten note “as delivered 55 minutes” incl handwritten amendments. This is a surprisingly modern analysis of the problems facing the practice and delivery of medicine in 1931 and of WHS's solutions. (56pp)
    Contents listed as:

  46. The economic future of medicine:
    He gives an overview of existent practices which incl municipal physicians on full-time salaries in Saskatchewan; travelling clinics to service country and remote areas in Alberta; again in Alberta legislated requirements for specialists; laboratory medicine in municipal hospitals as part of the Public Health Service; health insurance system;

  47. Medical ethics:
    WHS deals with proprietary medicine advertising; fee-splitting (ie commissions for referrals); rebates and commissions from places such as opticians, drug businesses, surgical supply houses and "even undertakers"; over-prescription of medicines and narcotics; malpractice; the CMA Code of Ethics; when a physician has the right to refuse a patient;

  48. The physician as inventor

Scrapbooks of the 1930 BMA Annual Meeting in Winnipeg 1930
Found on top shelf of 1st stack of shelves in Archives storage room 3 volumes: ALL FRAGILE

  1. Scrapbook: inscribed 'To my dear daughter Muriel Harvey Turner "A Book of Remembrance" from Mother April 1952".
    This scrapbook holds many newspaper and other clippings from many sources (not all stated) that cover WHS's being made head of the British Medical Association in 1930. It also covers much of the news of the preparations for the BMA to hold its annual meeting in Winnipeg in August 1930. The coverage includes photos of many of the wives involved in the activities. Incl are outlines of the many events and photos of those in charge of them. Also incl are photos of many (usually identified) of those who attended.
    Many of the activities are reported on extensively. There is excellent coverage of the processions, the ladies' events, the Indian presentations, sports demonstrations, the honourary degree presentation; incl later commentaries of those who had attended, Winnipeg procession & events of King George V's Silver Jubilee; also incl a number of obits of WHS

  2. Scrapbook: Inscribed ‘To my dear Son Henry Gordon Harvey Smith “A Book of Remembrance” from Mother Volume - I”
    Includes more programs & leaflets from various BMA Annual eneral Meetings. Some are the same but many different from no. 1 above. Both include good newspaper photos & description of the Winnipeg flag. Incl official invitation to the meeting booklet. Articles incl stories on faculty & medical personnel current & past (ie JA Devine story in article in Morning Free Press 25 Aug 1930; Dr Bunn 26 Aug 1930). Also incl 30 Aug 1930 MMA Bulletin; photos of BMA president’s badge & his wife’s badge (designed by Mrs. Smith), & of plaque placed in Man Legislature to commemorate the 1930 BMA. Many news articles are from local papers.

  3. Scrapbook: Vol II of the above, to the son.
    This scrapbook also includes the journey after the BMA meeting in Winnipeg to Banff & the mountains, published articles of the Wpg meeting from sources in & out of Canada. Incl official report of the BMA meeting in Wpg by Hon. Local Secretary, JD Adamson; George V Silver Jubilee, WHS news photo (shown operating in Montreal). Incl several accounts of his practical jokes.
    Scrapbooks donated by the family
    See also:
    -Alberta's Medical History, Young and Lusty and Full of Life by Robert Lampard Call no.: HISTMED WZ 70 DC2 L237a 2008
    MPC 1.0 #202 A-D
    MPC 4.1 #57 (of his house); MPC 4.3 #61 in Speechly 1930 album is very good

Sans titre

Smith, Hugh C

The Hugh Cadham Smith file contains the following material:

    1. 5 x 7 student card (1p)
  1. Article in WFP 24 Mar 1996 D5 (photocopy & clipping) with good picture (3pp)

  2. News items on his appt as Chair of the Board of Governors, Mayo Clinic WFP 8 Mar 1999 and UM Bull 11 Mar 1999; UM Annual Report (with picture) 1998-99; UM News Release 1999 (5pp)

  3. Abbreviated CV from 2007 Factiva with two dates (7 Dec 2001 and 2 Mar 1999) attached (4pp)

  4. News release and mini biog of HCS from Mayo Clinic website (3pp)

  5. AAASP Annual Conference. HCS was a keynote speaker (short summary from website) (2pp)

  6. Mayo Clinic National Symposium on HealthCare Reform from website (1p)

  7. Biography from 35th anniversary reunion, 2000 incl picture (2pp)

  8. Short biographical article re HS on his election to the board of Blue Cross-Blue Shield, 17 Jul 2007 (2pp)

  9. Citation from 2008 Convocation program for honorary DSc and from 2008 Convocation booklet (3pp)

  10. “Hugh Smith Tells Grads” at award of DSc(Hon) 2008 Man Med v1 Spring 2008; UM Annual Report 2007-2008; WFP May 2008 (3pp)

  11. Joe Doupe Lecturer 2008 Man Med Spring 2009 (see also poster located on Stack 1 Shelf 2A in the Archives Room, NJM Library) (1p + 1 poster)

    • DSc(Hon) 2008, University of Manitoba
      MPC 1.0 #266 A-B

Sans titre

Smith, Francis Hartley

The Francis Hartley Smith file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP cMar 1986 (1p)

  2. Program to unknown event, FHS Chairman (1p)

  3. Letter from Carol Macoomb (daughter) to II Mayba 2 April 2010 (1p)

  4. WWII Attestation paper, and Service record (10pp)

  5. Discharge report, incl medals awarded list, Army Certificate of Service (4pp)
    -Material received courtesy Dr. I.I. Mayba

Sans titre

Sinclair, Archibald Connell

The Archibald Connell Simpson file contains the following material:

  1. Corres about Dr. AC Sinclair following request from Mrs. Margaret Detwiller; this includes a letter from Dr. JB Morison dated August 23 1973 enclosing the photocopy of the entry in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba Register

Sans titre

Simpson, Robert Mills

The Robert Mills Simpson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: 2 with sources not given 1945; MMR 25:112 1945; CMAJ 52:315, Mar 1945 (5pp)

  2. Copy of 5 x 7 faculty and student cards (1p)

  3. Biog note from G Fahrni’s 1980 "Recollections of Medicine and the Manitoba Medical School 1906-1946" (4pp)

3 Reprint “The President’s address” J Publ Hlth Jan 1912 [President of Am Pub Hlth Assoc] (6pp)

  1. Photocopy of biography from Scholfield’s The Story of Manitoba 1913; from Bryce's History of Manitoba (3pp)

  2. RMS's involvement in the Legislative Buildings construction scandal Real Estate News 20 Mar 2009, 27 Mar 2009, (5pp)
    -D.S.O.; C.B.E.; mentioned in dispatches 3 times WWI
    MPC 1.0 #201; also in group photographs and collages

Sans titre

Simpson, James Wendell

The James Wendell Simpson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits from WFP? and UMMJ 53(3):166 1983 (1p)

  2. Copy of 5 x 7 student card (1p)

2 Corres re gift of photographs from his daughter, Mrs. Janet Gustafson (1p)

  1. Specialist Certificate in Diagnostic Radiology (1 certificate)

  2. Membership in Masons’ Grand Lodge of Manitoba (1 certificate)

  3. List of material donated 1 March 1994 by J Gustafson (1p)

  4. Staff record: restricted access (6pp)

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