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Schroeder-Fast Letters from Ukraine Collection

  • Collection
  • 1930-1988, predominantly 1930-1934

This collection consists of 50 letters written by members of the Peter Schroeder and Johann Fast families from 1930-1988. These are letters which the David and Agatha Fast family of Manitoba received from members of the family who were left behin...

Johann and Helene (Warkentin) Fast Family

Peter B. Paetkau textual files

Volume 55721-37 Private Journals of Peter Paetkau. – 1961-1990.Volume 55731-17 Private Journals of Peter Paetkau. – 1991-2007.18-19 Travel Journals of Peter Paetkau. – 1965-1980.20-22 Seasons of Life - Peter Paetkau Autobiography. – 2004.23-24 Pet...

Ike Froese Native Ministry files

This series consist of the following files:Volume 56781. MPM / NM correspondence. – 1973-1992.2. Newspaper clippings re. Native Ministry issues and news. – 1963-2003.3. About MPM and Native Ministry personnel (clippings, reports, listings). – 197...

Ike and Margaret Froese Photograph collection

This series consists of the following photographs:696:1 Retirement of Jeremiah Ross. - 23 Aug 1998. - 15X10cm;col.. This photo show a group of four men and 2 women, including Jeremiah Ross, Mennonite minister at Cross Lake, Manitoba for thirty yea...

Isaac "Ike" Froese fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1963-2003

This fonds consists of a sampling of key documents which Ike Froese preserved from his life’s passion and work related to how he worked within the Mennonite Church to relate and minister amoung North American aboriginal people. Correspondence, ne...

Froese, Isaac "Ike", 1927-2010

Family documents and genealogies

This series consist of 3 volumes of files. They are:Volume 56701. Indexes to Pioneer Section of Steinbach Cemetery (numerical, alphabetical and by status).2. Todesbericht der kleinen Gemeine nach Gerhard D. Doerksen Register [report of deaths in ...

Ed Schellenberg photograph collection

This series consists of 83 photographs. They are:694:1 Ed Schellenberg. - 2000?. - 10X15 cm;col.. This photo shows Ed Schellenberg, smiling, arms crossed, standing behind some flowers indoors with people in the background.694:2 Ed Schellenberg. -...

Heinrich Riediger fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1908-1933

This fonds contains a series of journals begun in Russia in 1908 and continued in Canada after 1923. Parts were written while the writer was still living in Nikolaifeld, then Arkadak, and finally in Hanley, Saskatchewan. There are transcriptions ...

Riediger, Heinrich, 1884-1954

Peter B. Paetkau fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1961-2011

This fonds includes the personal papers of Peter Paetkau such as the journals he kept from 1961-2007, his autobiography entited "Seasons of my Life", letters received, sketches drawn, poetry and letters written. There are genealogical f...

Paetkau, Peter B., 1940-2011

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