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Jacob J. Klassen fonds

  • CA MHCA Vol. 2113-5
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1952, predominant 1949

This fonds contains 18 individual sermons which were preached on a variety of occasions between June 1949 and June 1954. Also included is a journel record of the 1952 Mennonite Conference meetings in Ontario.

Klassen, Jacob J., 1893-1964

Jacob J. Nikkel fonds

  • CA MHCA Vol. 2116-3
  • Fonds
  • 1965-1975

This fonds contains a 57 page commentary on the book of Ephesians and a folder containing a selection of Nikkel's notes and sermons including his last sermon which he preached at the funeral of a friend just minutes before his own death.

Nikkel, Jacob J. 1905-1977

Jacob P. Wall family fonds

  • CA MHCA Photo collection 649 and 650; Volume 5346; Map nos. 1229, 1230.
  • Fonds
  • 1889-1978, predominant 1889-1924

This fonds consists of photographs of the Tokmak railroad, the Wall estates, and the extended Wall family. Maps showing the railroad including a Russian map of the Crimea and southern Ukraine and a memoir by George Wall recounting the family's experiences in Russia and early life in Canada. This fonds uniquely highlights the life and times of a wealthy Mennonite family involved in the transportation and farming industries and how that changed with the Russian Revolution forcing the family to emigrate.

Wall, Jacob P., 1870-1922

Jakob Klaassen fonds

  • CA MHCA Vol. 2113-1
  • Fonds
  • 182?

This fonds contains two small pages of preaching notes.

Klaassen, Jakob, 1793-1879

Johannes Dyck family fonds

  • CA MHCA Volumes 4817-4818; Artifacts 1-2
  • Fonds
  • 1851, 1871-[198?]

This fonds consists of 1) diaries, 2) correspondence, 3) poetry collection, 4) A Pilgrim People research files and 5) several artifacts. The fonds includes the diary of Johannes D. Dyck (1826-1898) kept from 1871-1898, the diary of Johannes J. Dyck ( 1860-1920) kept from 1907-1908, the diary of Renate Dyck (1885-1963) kept from 1909-1927, and the diary Johannes J. Dyck (1885-1948) kept from 1922, 1937-1938. The correspondence is primarily letters from the friends and family of Johannes and Renate Dyck from the United States, Russia, and Canada as well as correspondence with the Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization. The collection does include one letter written by Helene Janzen in 1851 to Johannes D. Dyck, the gold miner in California. The poetry is a collection of newspaper clippings and hand copied poems which were used to include in correspondence to give encouragement to family members left in the USSR who were living under very difficult circumstances. This fonds also includes the files created while preparing the family history books published in 1987 and 1994 entitled, A Pilgrim People and, A Pilgrim People Volume II.

Dyck, Johannes

John B. Braun fonds

  • CA MHCA Vol. 2104-7
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1979, predominant 1977-1979

This fond contains a collection of sermon notes in which Braun looks at a wide variety of New Testament scripture passages. It also contains a book entitled "Teile das Wort der Wahrheit recht" in which Braun wrote some notes.

Braun, John B.

Johann Kroeker fonds

  • CA MHCA Photograph Collection 679
  • Fonds
  • 1914- 1930

This fonds consists of eight photographs primarily of the activities of Mennonite conscientious objectors in the forestry service in the Asov region of Imperial Russia around 1915 where Johann Kroeker served. The photos provide information on the activities, tools and environment in which the alternative to military service took place.

Kroeker, Johann, 1892-1936

Johann Wall fonds

  • CA MHCA Volume 642, 1086, 1706
  • Fonds
  • 1824-1932, 1972 , predominant 1924-1920

The records document Mennonite life in Russia through a diary, school note books and copied reports and speeches of early Mennonite and Hutterite leaders such as Heinrich Donner and Johann Wiebe. The material also adds to our knowledge of early Mennonite life on the West Reserve in Manitoba through financial records, school material and legal documents such as land, mortgage and income tax documents. Of special interest are portions of a blue print for the mill that Johann Wall built and operated in Blumenort, Manitoba.

Wall, Johann 1850-1909

Johann Warkentin fonds

  • CA MHCA Vol. 2122-7
  • Fonds
  • after 1895

This fonds contains at least 15 sermon outlines and sermon notes. Some of the scripture passages they are based on include: John 7:15, Psalm 73:28, Psalm 139:23-24, Isaiah 42:25, and Matthew 5:16.

Warkentin, Johann, 1859-1948

Osler Mennonite Church fonds

  • CA MHCA Vols. 68, 1623, 2723, 3261, 3815, 4316, 4317, 4625; Microfilm 348.
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1997

The fonds contains bulletins (1965-1997), annual reports (1963-1988), anniversary history books (1968-1988), directories (1974-1972), programmes (1928-1990), minutes including congregational meetings, church council meetings, and various committees (1928-1991), brief congregational histories (1975-1988), correspondence (1928-1984), financial records (1928-1982) and more included in the finance committee minutes as attachments to 1991, registers (1928-1970), youth society documents (1928-1975), newsletters (1983-1985), journals (1930- 1963), Gemeinde constitution (1950), and legal documents (1928-1963). The records pertain to the founding and development of this congregation.

Osler Mennonite Church (Saskatchewan)

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