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Brandon Normal School Second Class – 1930

Portraits of the students and staff of the Brandon Normal School Second Class June 1930.
Top row (l to r): R. Porter, K. Jessett, R. Roberston, C.T.G. Bailey, E. Tapp, I. Campbell, M. Loiver, D. Westaway, F. Doherty, K. McTavish, K. Musgrave, G. Leader, A. Huybrecht, J. Graham, L.J. Bruneau, E. McArter, G. Aylsworth, T. Balmer

2nd row (l to r): N. Popkes, M. Becker, F. Duprey, M. Barrett, R. Mckinnon, H. Robinson, Z. Mills, E. MacRae, J. Grieve, M. Guest, D. Scott, M. Cresswell

3rd row ( l to r): E. king, A. Antonichuk, F. McAuley, I. Matthews, B. Bastard, W.B. Beer Vice Principal, B.J. Hales Principal, N. Pearen, G. Lauze, H. Paetkau, A. Bowman, L.H. Kennedy

4th row (top l to r): I. Switzer, A. G. Hickling, M. Stewart, A. Merryweather, M. Hicks, D. Bailey, B. Patterson, V. Maxwell, P. Clark, M. Martin, H. Reid, G. Touzin, (bottom l to r): M. McGilvary, A. Arbuckle, M. Collins, W.B. Wachra (Class Pres), Mrs. D.R. Dois, B.A. B.Sc (H.E.), Miss B.A. Pilling (Asst Teacher), Miss M.A. Yeomans (Physical Culture), M. Highfield (Clas Press), I. Douglas, F. Fraser, M. David.

5th row (l to r): M. North, J. Kyle, I. Gillespie, K. Boydak, A. Hunter, E. Morgan, R. Bullock, M. Goucher, M. Johnston, H.A. Johnson

6th row (l to r): G. Watson, F. Lowe, M. Talpash, C.O. Motheral, B. Alexander, L. Bastard, M. Hickling, J. Gemmell, F. Goodwin, I. Virtue, G. Mayhew, F. Bardwell, V. Boyd, H. Teresko, E. Jury, I. Cannon, W. Steen, A. Hutton.

7th row (l to r): W.G. Cooper, J. Cullen, J. Drake, E. Surby, B. Bradshaw, M. Berry, M. Pearson, F. Fisher, D. Maguire, I. Hatch, M. Henderson, M. Hazelwood, E. Mackie, B. Poole, L. Smart, W.C. Hawn, M. Thomas, L. Nowe

8th row (l to r): M. Odey, P. Lauze, B. Lawson, A. Wilman, J.A. Taupin, R. Campbell, R. Maitland, K. Smith, E. Kelly, D. Jackson, E. Fleming, J. Beattie, T. Lawrence, G. Beaudry, E. Workman, E. Hiebert, W.B. Lowe

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon Golf and Country Club - c.1930

Group photograph of members of the Brandon Golf and Country Club (ca. 1930). Photograph was taken by Clark Smith Studios. Identified members in the photograph are D.H. Scott (second person second row); Sinclair Laughton (6th row from top on end); Dr. R.C. Jones (Bottom row 6th from right).

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council, 1931

Composite photographof the members of the Brandon City Council in 1931. Pictured are: J. Giddings, A.B. Patterson, H. Spafford, F.H. Young, H.R. Davis, Dr. P.C. Hughes, W.V. Oglesby, D.E. Clement, B.L. Patterson, J.H. Donnelly, Mayor H.W. Cater, A.M. Carnahan (asst city clerk), and Geo. F. Sykes (city clerk).

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council,1931

Composite photograph of the members of the 1931 Brandon City Council. Pictured are: Ald. J. Giddings, Ald. A.B. Patterson, Ald. H. Spafford, Ald. F.H. Young, Ald. H.R. Davis, Ald. Dr. P.C. Hughes, Ald. W.V. Oglesby, Ald. D.E. Clement, Ald. B.L. Patterson, Ald. J.H. Donnelly, Mayor H.W. Cater, Asst. City Clerk A.M. Carnahan, and City Clerk Geo. F. Sykes.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council - 1938

Composite photograph of the 1938 Brandon City Council members. Pictured are: W. Forsythe, F.J. Clark, Mayor F.H. Young, B.L. Paterson, H. Spafford, A.B. Patterson, J. Kirkaldy, C.F. Smith, W.R. Webb, City Clerk G.F. Sykes, F.H. Johnson, and W.H. Boreskie.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon Normal School June 1940

Portraits of students and teachers from Brandon Normal School June 1940; names include (l to r; top to bottom): H. Hannah; W. Coulthard; E. Holditch; H. Tennant; F. Williams; J. Pettipher; H. Peterson; A. Ambury; I. Campbell; J. Hainsworth; I. Vig; M. Townson; L. Thornton; W. Lochhead; M. Ardrow; D. Archibald; Miss. M.A. Yeomans; Mr. C. Moore; K. Watson; J.S. Caldwell; S. Bradley; J. Christie; M. Witt; H. Mikkelsen; O. Scott; M. Scharff; D. Duncan; Miss B.A. Pilling; I. Duchesneau; E. Hawson; M. Simpson; D. Strath; B. Wiggins; E. Henderson; C. Smithson; M. Nelin; J. Campbell; M. Young; V. Brown; G. Wenman; I. Turcotte; E. Sommerville; M. Reid; I. Henderson; M. Lychacz; E. Duncan; M. Taylor; J. McPhail; D. Irwin; T.V. Cole; J. Regner; M. Skuce; P. Osman; G. Pue; A. Berkhold; D. Pue; B. McLean; E. Nash; J. McFarland; J. Bonner; D. Cousins; E. Pratt; N. Boake; K. Middleton; I. Goldie

Clark J. Smith Studio

Model T Ford in Brandon's 75th Anniversary Parade

Photograph of a Model T Ford in Brandon's 75th Anniversary Parade. An unidentified woman is s sitting at the wheel and a man is working the crank at the front; spectators are standing in the background.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council 1961

Photograph of the 1961 Brandon City Council sitting at their desks. Picture are: Ald. Flora Cowan, Ald. J.M. Shurb, Ald. R. Kitchen, Ald. C.E. Webb, Ald. C.R. Wilson, Mayor J.A. Creighton, Asst. Clerk Mr. L. Thomson, City Clerk A.J.M. Bell, Ald. W.H. Boreskie, Ald. A.D. Burneski, Ald. G.D. Box, Ald. J.H. Campbell, and Ald. A. Cook.

Clark J. Smith Studio

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